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AAPS Dues Holiday

Upcoming AAPS Dues Holidays for 2016/2017:

September 2016
October 2016
December 2016

Your current dues rate is 0.45% (or $4.50 per $1000.00) and is evaluated by the AAPS Finance Committee on an annual basis. You can claim your dues on your taxes. You can view your pay online by accessing the Management Systems Portal. Read more about AAPS Dues Holiday

GWI—July 1 2016

Your negotiated General Wage Increase (GWI) is on July 1, 2016

The July 1, 2016 GWI is 0.5% and should be reflected on your July 15, 2016 paycheque. All AAPS members receive GWIs regardless of if you are in your initial probationary period, at Maximum, or in a grant funded area. General Wage Increases are separate from performance-based pay. GWIs should not impact the amount of performance-based pay you receive. Read more about GWI—July 1 2016

UBC's Annual Chef Challenge —July 21


UBC's Campus and Community Planning is pleased to bring back the popular UBC Chef Challenge.

Okanagan Campus: Members Meeting

Dear AAPS Members,

All AAPS members at Okanagan Campus are invited to gather together on Tuesday, May 17, 2016, at 12:00pm for an Okanagan Members Meeting.

Lunch will be provided, please RSVP

The purpose of the meeting will be to discuss ways in which AAPS can serve members in the Okanagan better. Possible discussion topics include: Read more about Okanagan Campus: Members Meeting

Spring General Meeting Highlights

A warm thank you to all the members who made time to participate in the AAPS Spring General Meeting.

General Wage Increase—May 1, 2016

As noted in a previous memo members, an additional General Wage Increase of 0.45% will be implemented as the result of the Economic Stability Dividend, negotiated on your behalf as part of your 2014–2019 Collective Agreement. 

AAPS members will receive the increase on May 1, 2016. Read more about General Wage Increase—May 1, 2016

Okanagan: UBC Sexual Assault Panel Consultations


Okanagan Campus: Sexual Assault Panel Consultations
Thursday April 28, 12:00pm–2:00pm
Friday April 29, 9:30am–11:30am

  • To attend a panel disucssion, please email your name and preferred time to and you will be notified of the location of the meeting
  • You can also send to that email address any written submissions to the Panel
  • Your contributions will only be shared with those present and with the Panel members, and your participation is confidential