Okanagan Office Hours

Tuesday, August 1, 2017 - 8:30am
Okanagan Campus
Sciences Building, Room 393
AAPS Office Hours - By Appointment



AAPS is hosting regular monthly Office Hours at UBC Okanagan Campus. Our next dates are Monday, July 31st and Tuesday, August 1st.

Executive Director Joey Hansen will in room 393 of the Science Building. Please email him directly at joey.hansen@ubc.ca to make your appointment. 

You can make an appointment to discuss a workplace issue, drop by to ask a quick question about AAPS, or provide some feedback on the association’s initiatives. Remember, your conversations with AAPS are confidential, we offer professional workplace advice that is in your best interest, and no question is too small.

Our hope is that monthly Office Hours will give you a chance to have your questions resolved promptly, learn more about your professional association, and get to know the AAPS staff.

Don’t DIY Workplace Issues: Talk to Us First

You can confidentially discuss a variety of workplace questions with Joey and get clarity on how articles in the Collective Agreement should apply to you.

For example:

·         The Investigatory Processes

·         Disciplinary Meetings

·         Conflicts in the Workplace

·         Bullying/Harassment Issues

·         Salary Progression and the Salary Grid

·         Hours of Work/Workload

·         Negotiated Benefits

·         Taking a Leave of Absence

·         Performance Reviews / Job Classification

·         University policies such as Conflict of Interest / Whistleblower

·         Before signing termination, appointment, or disciplinary letters

Make an Appointment

Please contact Joey directly at joey.hansen@ubc.ca to schedule your appointment.

 Our goal is to create convenience and consistency at UBC Okanagan by offering regular office hours. Naturally, if the dates and times do not work for you, please contact the AAPS Office to schedule an appointment.