Robson Square: Fearless Facilitation (encore)

Presented by: 
Charles Holmes
Wednesday, March 28, 2018 - 9:00am
Robson Square
UBC Robson Square, Room C685
Focus Area: Leading in the Workplace

Program Summary

How many hours have you spent in meetings that simply did not engage people? Designed for experienced managers and team leaders, this workshop provides practice and guidance in the art of effective facilitation. You will learn how to help any group think and work more productively together, to build community and accomplish results. You will gain hands-on experience facilitating various exercises and receive feedback on your facilitation skills.


This program is designed to be useful for members who regularly facilitate meetings as well as for those would like to develop this skill. This session is HIGHLY participatory and involves pre-work and group work.


  • Facilitate dialogues that build trust and commitment
  • Keep group discussions on a focused and productive track
  • Identify and overcome barriers to participation
  • Encourage people to contribute their knowledge and ideas
  • Employ key decision-making techniques
  • Assess and manage the effectiveness of meetings
  • Increase accountability for ongoing results
  • Foster a collaborative environment

Course Content

  • Engaging participation: managing dynamics within a group, techniques for large and small group interaction, creating the right meeting context
  • Facilitating effective decision making: increasing accountability, best practices for effective decision making, conditions for building consensus
  • Leading productive meetings: matching the meeting type to the desired result, creating agendas that lead to the right outcomes, action planning that gets results
  • Fostering constructive conflict: identifying sources of conflict, encouraging constructive conflict
  • Facing challenges in facilitation: initiating risky conversations, responding to silence and interruptions, generating trust and commitment rather than compliance

About Your Facilitator

Charles Holmes is a skilled facilitator and educator whose 25 years of experience has honed a passion for creating meaningful dialogue among groups whose diverse opinions would otherwise work against a common understanding of desired outcomes. Charles has facilitated projects with clients from health care to forestry and mining, software and pharmaceutical companies, educational institutions and utility firms, government and not-for-profit sectors. The meetings he has designed and facilitated have focused on innovation, conflict resolution, community engagement, long range scenario planning and hundreds of strategic planning sessions and other team and group engagements. He has worked with multi-national corporations in many settings throughout North America, Mexico, Asia, Europe and Saudi Arabia. Charles is also a co-founder of the Academy for Systemic Change, a collection of global thought-leaders committed to advancing the capacity for awareness-based systemic change worldwide. They are deeply involved in developing living examples of biological, social, spiritual and economic well-being.

Event Details

Fearless Facilitation
Presented by Charles Holmes
Wednesday, March 28, 2018

Building: UBC Robson Square
Address:  800 Robson Street
Room: C685 (HSBC Hall)


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