August Bargaining Update

The current collective agreement with the University expired on June 30. Bargaining for a new agreement began in June with both parties exchanging proposals. As outlined in a prior bargaining update our non-monetary proposals focused on professional development, assistance for terminated employees, and ensuring a transparent, accountable system of performance management prior to termination. While there are areas of disagreement, the dialogue thus far in bargaining has been productive and collegial. Read more about August Bargaining Update

Bargaining Update

By Michael Conlon

The current collective agreement between AAPS and the University expires on June 30, 2012. Negotiations for a new agreement started June 13 and will continue through July. Read more about Bargaining Update

What kind of advocacy issues can you help me with?

We can support you through a variety of advocacy issues. We frequently assist members with issues such as leaves, performance reviews, and terminations without cause. Read more about What kind of advocacy issues can you help me with?