2017 AAPS Board Candidate Statements


All AAPS members are eligible to vote for the AAPS Board of Directors. Elections will  close on October 16, 2017, and the results will be announced at the AAPS AGM on Wednesday, October 18, 2017.

Please read each candidate's statement before casting your votes.

You will be voting for 3 Member at Large, 2-year term, positions on the AAPS Board of Directors:

  • You will need to cast ballots for 3 out of the 13 nominees
  • Please read all of the candidate statements carefully before casting your votes

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2017 Canadidate Statements for the AAPS Board of Directors: Member at Large


UBC is a great place to work, and my main impetus for putting my name forward for your consideration is to ensure it maintains and builds upon that standing.  I am entering my fifth year of employment at the Okanagan campus of UBC. I have worked in IT, Media and Classroom Services before recently moving into a Communications role with the Faculty of Applied Science School of Engineering.  Since I started at UBC, I have been an active member of AAPS and continue to participate in Association activities and exploratory groups. I would like to see our members continue to have a strong voice to ensure administrative and professional staff at UBC are acknowledged for the important work that we do.  If you have any questions or comments about my candidacy, please don’t hesitate to reach out. Thank you for your consideration.


I have worked at UBC for 10 years; my current role is Facilities Manager at the Michael Smith Building and Networks of Centres of Excellence. My wife also works at UBC and our family has been living on campus for the last 4 years. My family and I are vested in UBC and care about the future of the APPS membership. I have been the co-chair of my department’s safety committee for the last 8 years; I also sit on the space committee. I have been a strong contributor to the Green Labs program where my building has developed and tested many initiatives. I would be delighted to join the Board of Directors as a Member at Large.


I am interested joining the AAPS Board because I have a great deal of drive and strong desire to improve systems and conditions for my colleagues. My energy and life experiences will help me to understand and represent the needs of the members. My current role involves directing the Master of Engineering program in Mining Engineering at UBC, a role I have held since 2011. Prior to this I worked at the University in the early nineties with administration roles with the Faculty of Science and Orthopedics. I have three degrees from UBC with an M.Ed degree completed last year to compliment my role at the University. 

Volunteer work has always been a part of my life. My efforts always aim at supporting and representing people whether as a President of the UBC Science Undergrad Society, a Victim Services Volunteer in Guelph, Ontario, or as communicator to parents for the GSL, a youth football league. I am the mother to 3 kids (ages 16, 12 and 9) and partake in their many events and activities.

I love working at the University and I want to make working conditions the best that they can be for our members



Thank you for considering me for a Member at Large position on the AAPS Board of Directors. I have enjoyed the benefits of AAPS for over ten years, and believe it is now an appropriate time to give back. I started at UBC Okanagan in April of 2007, as a Research Officer charged with developing research administration capacity on campus.  Since then, my role has evolved to Associate Director of ORS, reporting directly to our Vice Principal of Research, Okanagan campus.  In 2016, I received a Master’s in Public Administration from the University of Victoria, completed while working in ORS. I have an undergraduate degree from UBC (V), and am very proud to be both an alum as well as a current staff member—it feels like a natural progression.  Prior to arriving at UBC as a staff member, I worked in leadership positions at three different non-profit organizations, reporting to a Board of Directors, and I am now eager to serve in this capacity myself.  I feel especially drawn to the work that AAPS does in the areas of Advocacy and Professional Development, as I feel it is crucial to feel supported and valued in an environment as massive and complex as UBC, and continuing to add value to oneself through professional development is key in one’s career. Thank you again for your consideration.


Over the last eight years, it has been my pleasure to work at UBC within a number of departments including UBC IT, The Sauder School of Business, Internal Audit and Risk Management Services. During my time in these positions, I have collaborated with staff and faculty across a significant segment of the University at both campuses. After all these years, I honestly believe that UBC Management and Professional staff are some of the most diverse, talented and engaging people to work with. They are in no insignificant way, one of the key assets that will enable UBC to move from Excellence to Eminence.

My global experience in the UK and Canada, diverse roles across varied departments, as well as my professional qualifications make me an excellent candidate for the position. I am a Chartered Accountant, a Project Management Professional and hold a degree in Computer Science. I have engaged in the UBC community by participating in UBC’s Ride to Conquer Cancer team in 2013, the Leave for Change Program in 2012 where I volunteered my skills and experience to aid disadvantaged children in Northern Vietnam. I am a current member of the Managing@UBC advisory committee, a program designed to support managers in their role, recognizing the significant responsibility they hold for employee performance, engagement and achievement of UBC and personal goals. I’m married to a member of the University community who has held Faculty, Staff and Student roles, which uniquely positions us as a true UBC family.

I seek a position of Member at Large to best represent the needs of this community. My priorities in representing AAPS members include the principles of equality, workplace flexibility to support all UBC families, fair value based wages that recognize regional living costs.


I am looking forward to contributing my time and expertise as an AAPS Member at Large. I have worked at UBC for over 15 years, and over this time I have benefitted from UBC, AAPS, the support and wisdom of other AAPS colleagues. I wish to return some of that benefit to the organization and its members.

In particular, I have a strong interest in lifelong learning, mentoring, and professional development. For me, that is what makes working in an educational institution so compelling.  The path for self-improvement is different for everyone, and I look forward to helping however I can in connecting members with opportunities that work for them to further their goals and growth.

I am currently the Assistant Principal at Green College and have oversight over areas of administration, finance, facilities, residence life, IT and others. There, I have also served as a Director-at-Large for over 10 years for the student-run Green College Dining Society. I have a Master’s degree in Public Administration and believe my combination of experience and education would be of benefit to the AAPS Board of Directors. I look forward to serving, and I thank you for your consideration and support.



I am running for the AAPS Board of Directors to advocate for our members across the university, to ensure we continue to enjoy a fair, rewarding and respectful working environment.

I have been working in online media, journalism and communications for almost 15 years and have seen incredible change and transformation in the industry, much of it driven by social media and the Internet.

I have experience in several capacities that I believe would be beneficial to AAPS, including serving as treasurer and strata president and operating a small business.

At UBC, I am employed in Public Affairs as Digital Editor and Social Media Strategist, a role that touches many corners of the university.

I want to ensure our colleagues across UBC are well-represented in AAPS and ask for your support in my nomination.


Dear colleagues,

Earlier this year I became part of the AAPS community, after 5 years with UBC. I worked my way up, earning promotions by proving my commitment, dependability, and flexibility, and always striving to go above and beyond. I hope to do the same as a member of the AAPS Board of Directors, contributing my service to represent my fellow UBC colleagues across the province. As some of you may know, my current role managing the UBC Body Donation Program demands a keen moral compass, sense of tact, clear, effective communication, and a calm, composed personality. My position is also at a unique intersection of research, healthcare, and education, affording me the opportunity to liaise and collaborate with various Faculty, staff, students, and professionals external to UBC. I value lifelong learning and professional development not only for myself, but for my staff and my colleagues as well, because I believe the empowerment of our peers benefits us all. I look forward to working together with the other Board members to maintain the standards of excellence and fairness the members of our organization deserve.

Thank you for your time and consideration.

Sincerely, Matthew Tinney


I am both excited and humbled by the opportunity to represent AAPS as a Member at Large. I came to UBC in 2014, and have been very fortunate to have had the experience of working as an Excluded Employee, CUPE 2950, and now a member of AAPS. This mosaic of experiences has provided me with a unique, multi-faceted perspective on what it means to be a UBC staff member, and how we all contribute to the growth of this amazing organization.

During my time at UBC, I have supported the development of two new curricula. As such, I have been acutely aware of the changes that have impacted staff at UBC. However, I firmly believe that change brings with it a stronger vision, a chance for innovation and possibility. My professional background in project management and communications will be an asset as we continue to grow and evolve.

My degree is in History and International Relations from UBC.  Outside of work, I have been an active member of TEDx Vancouver executive team for the past three years. I am also an avid cyclist and tech enthusiast. It is my goal to create a positive impact for our members while serving on the Board.  Thank you for your consideration.


It would be my pleasure to serve the AAPS community as a Member at Large on the Board of Directors. I have a huge respect for AAPS and its membership and would love the opportunity to help continue the amazing things this organization has accomplished. As an AV Analyst with MedIT I spend my days helping Faculty, staff and students by empowering them through technology. I love finding solutions to complex problems and working on improvements both big and small. I am truly passionate about working with people and improving the lives and work of others. I studied Sociology and Applied Ethics in my undergrad and have put that education to use not only in my day-to-day work, but as a founding member and current co-chair of MedIT’s Staff Engagement Working Group. I believe I can bring a fresh perspective to the AAPS board and leverage both my education and experience to become a valuable member of the team.


After serving my first one-year term as a Member at Large, I am excited by the opportunity to continue my work on the AAPS Board and to continue to represent AAPS members. I came to UBC in 2011 and became a member of AAPS in 2012. As the Manager, Learning Applications for UBC IT I am in the unique position of working in close collaboration with AAPS colleagues across UBC in central and academic units. That collaboration has the allowed me to see first-hand the opportunities and challenges that we all face as members of the UBC community.

AAPS members have been acutely impacted by the wave of change at UBC, however I believe that change brings the chance to articulate a strong vision and to reconfirm our shared commitment to continue to improve UBC and to make it a great place to work and to study. My professional background in communications and change management would be beneficial as we work with the University on making this progress.

I have a degree in Political Science and since coming to UBC, have worked for the Faculty of Dentistry; the Centre for Teaching, Learning and Technology; and UBC IT. Outside work, I can be found curling, playing softball, or exploring Vancouver. Thank you for your consideration.

To vote for the three Member at Large postions, please follow the voting instructions. The election closes on Monday, October 16, 11:59:59pm.                                     

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Paul de Leon

 Term ending 2019

604 822 6414

I have worked at UBC since 2004 in various financial, administrative, and operational positions in the Faculties of Science, Applied Science, Graduate Studies, and CFIS. I have an Accounting Diploma and am currently the Director, Finance and Operations, in the Department of Physics and Astronomy. Prior to UBC, I was employed by several non-profit organizations and the CRA in financial, operational, and audit capacities as well as having my own accounting and taxation business.

I have been involved with AAPS since 2012, first as a member of the Finance Committee and then as Treasurer. Besides the normal duties of working with the Board to achieve its goals of protecting your resources and providing value for your contributions, the past couple of years have been concentrated on reducing AAPS’ accumulated reserves down to the level recommended by our tax lawyer and actuary. This goal has been achieved.

I would like to continue my association with AAPS to ensure that our financial position remains strong and defensible as well as providing you—the membership—with the confidence that your assets are being carefully monitored and managed.

Afsaneh Sharif
2nd Vice President

Term ending 2019

604 822 8411

It’s been my pleasure to serve on your Board and Executive since 2015. During this time, the Board has made significant progress in policy review, connecting with members and shaping a positive strategic direction for AAPS. I am looking forward to continuing this exciting and challenging work and seeking your support in the AAPS Board of Directors election as Second Vice President of the board. UBC is a wonderful place to work and is one of the largest and most complex employers in the province; Management and Professional staff play critical roles in every function of the University. I plan on dedicating myself to improving the UBC experience and look forward to doing so through the combined efforts of AAPS members and the AAPS executive team. I am inspired by our members’ dedication to our workplace, our community and our professions and I believe in continuous improvement.  Please don't hesitate to contact me with any issues or ideas that can improve our procedures and association: afsaneh.sharif@ubc.ca . Thank you for your continuous support!


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