AAPS Meets With UBC President

AAPS President Jacqueline Smit and AAPS Executive Director Michael Conlon met with University President Stephen Toope and Associate VP, Human Resources, Lisa Castle, on February 15, 2012 to discuss several trends in the employment relationship between UBC and AAPS members. In particular, AAPS raised the increase in terminations of AAPS members over the past 5 years, and the low UBC rehire rate for AAPS members who have been terminated for reasons of reorganization or financial exigency. AAPS gave a comprehensive presentation that outlined areas where UBC is out of step with comparator institutions and areas for improvement in UBC’s HR practice.

Following this meeting, Professor Toope met with the Executive Board of AAPS. Each meeting featured a lively, respectful and cordial exchange. The University has committed to follow up with us about next steps in working together to improve UBC as a workplace for all of our members. We will provide a further update at the Spring AGM on this ongoing dialogue.