AAPS Awards and Bursaries

AAPS Education Awards

Supporting members and their families to continue their education is an important historic part of labour relations organizations, and it is particularly meaningful to AAPS members working at UBC. Established by the AAPS Board in 2019, the AAPS Education Awards replaces the previous AAPS Scholarships Program. The new program will be more accessible to more members and their families.

Each year, AAPS offers fifteen awards up to $1,000* each in memory of Rick Byers who served on the AAPS Board in 2009. Apart from his service on the Board, Rick was also a key participant on AAPS' Income Replacement Plan Working Committee. Rick's work on this committee was informed by his many years of experience in worker rehabilitation. His knowledge, empathy, and understanding assisted the committee in adopting a new Disability Benefits Plan.


  • The AAPS Education Awards program distributes up to 15 awards valued at up to $1,000 each for each academic year
  • AAPS members, their children (dependent), spouses, and common-law partners are eligible to apply
  • Applicants must be taking at least one course through a recognized post-secondary institution or recognized professional association during the upcoming academic year 
  • Award recipients will be determined through a random draw
  • Recipients will need to provide proof of enrollment before receiving their award
  • Award recipients will be announced at the Annual General Meeting and shared via AAPS communications materials
  • A person can only receive the award once per program they undertake

If you have any questions about the new AAPS Awards Program. Please contact aaps.engagement@ubc.ca.

The 2021 AAPS Education Awards now closed

Recipients will be announced at the AAPS Annual General Meeting on Friday, October 29, 2021.


In 2002, the Association also established bursaries totalling $5,000 for UBC students in any year or faculty who are in need of financial assistance. For more information on how to apply for a UBC Bursary, please visit the bursary section of the UBC Student Services website.

2020 AAPS Education Award Recipients

AAPS Members

Paul Blazey, VGH
Kristi Carter, Okanagan Campus
Sarah Henderson, Point Grey Campus
Marito Ilaga, Point Grey Campus
Krista Knechtle, Point Grey Campus
Sheryl Lim, Point Grey Campus
Catherine Pui Yin Mok, St. Paul's Hospital Site
Aidin Niavarani, Point Grey Campus
Frishta Safi, Point Grey Campus

Children of AAPS Members

Emily Deutsch, child of Meir Deutsch, Point Grey Campus
Cameron Lee, child of Shirley Lim, Point Grey Campus
Katherine Rich, child of Cheryl Dumaresq Point Grey Campus
Ellisha Simon-Jantz child of Christine Simon, Okanagan Campus
Amanda Wong, child of Paul Wong, Point Grey Campus
Alyssandra Yamamoto, child of John Yamamoto, Point Grey Campus


2019 AAPS Education Award Recipients

Wendy Atkinson, AAPS Member, Point Grey Campus

Ethan Austin, child of Stephen Austin, VGH

Sebastian Camargos, child of Jenna Scott, BC Children's + BC Women's Hospital Site

Lindsay Cashin, AAPS Member, Point Grey Campus

Joshua Cox, child of Michelle Byrne Cox, VGH

Tyler Leversage, child of Ivan Leversage, St. Paul's Hospital

Jarrett MacFarlane, child of Ken MacFarlane, Point Grey Campus

Gerhard L. Maynard, spouse/partner of Marwan Taliani, VGH

Connor McKeown, child of Deborah Howorko, Point Grey Campus

Julia Nyberg, AAPS Member, Okanagan Campus

Sandra See Toh, AAPS Member, Point Grey Campus

Maria Victoria Zalamea, AAPS Member, Okanagan Campus