2006 Annual General Meeting

Tuesday, October 17th, 2006
12:00pm – 2:00pm
SUB Theatre & Remote Sites via Webcast

Videos from the live webcast. scroll_down

This is your notice of the AAPS Annual General Meeting which will be held on Tuesday, October 17, 2006 from 12:00 to 14:00. The meeting is scheduled for the SUB Theatre on the Point Grey Campus. The agenda is provided below. scroll_down

Audited Financial Statements

Members will be asked to approve our year-end statements at the AGM. Here are the 2005/2006 audited financial statements.  (pdf)

Elections & Candidate Statements

It appears that we might be having elections for the AAPS Executive Board for the first time (rather than acclamations). At the time of writing we have a single candidate for each of the 5 designated Executive positions (President, 1st VP, 2nd VP, Secretary and Treasurer) AND we have 8 interested candidates for the 6 Member-at-Large positions. As of today 6 of those 8 have formally declared their candidacy and had their nominations seconded as required by the Constitution.

Confirmed candidates as of time of sending are as follows:

Name & Board Position Title
Job Title
Barbara Crocker
Stnt Financial Assist & Awards
1874 East Mall
Associate Director - Awards
Susanne Schmiesing
(1st VP)
Faculty of Education
2125 Main Mall
Director of Finance & Administration
George McLaughlin
(2nd VP)
Plant Operations
2210 West Mall
Facilities Manager
Bernice Urbaniak
(Member-at-Large Advocacy Chair)
Human Kinetics
6081 University Blvd.
Administrative Manager
Wendy Ma
(Member-at-Large Cmns Chair)
Sauder School of Business
2053 Main Mall
Director, Admissions
Tina Chiao
Development Office 
6353 NW Marine Drive
Development Officer - Arts
Lisa Dwyer
Ctr. For Clinical Epid. & Evaluation
West 10th Ave.
Research Associate
Edward Hung
University – Industry Liaison & Office of Research Services
6190 Agronomy Road
Senior Finance Manager
Jason Congdon
UBC Press
2029 West Mall
Manager, Promotions and Advertising
Isabella Losinger
Health Care & Epidemiology
5804 Fairview Avenue
MHA Program Manager
Daryl Stowe
Information Technology
6356 Agricultural Rd.
C.I. Project Coordinator
Anne-Marie Hague
UBC-O Enrolment Services
Associate Director
Colin Redfern
Dentistry, Faculty of
2194 Health Sciences Mall
Project Coordinator


Pilot Test of Webcast & Other Campuses Telecast

For the very first time we will be pilot testing webcasting the event. It will be available BOTH on your desktop AND we will ALSO be conducting the meeting by telecast into meeting rooms at UBCO, VGH, St. Paul’s and Children’s & Women’s. AAPS has nearly 500 members in the hospital sites, downtown and at UBCO. In order to enable these members to participate as fully as possible in the AGM we will be setting up rooms at the 4 biggest sites where members can gather to both observe the telecast AND to vote. We will have returning officers in each of those rooms to receive and count ballots during the election of AAPS Executive Board Members. 

While these “satellite” meetings are an improvement in bringing the AGM to all members, they are as yet not fully interactive. We hope to be able to improve on that with time and technology and we ask your forbearance in the interim.

Please Note: The webcast will enable any AAPS member to observe the event on their computer anywhere in the world but you will not be able to vote from your computer. The AAPS constitution currently requires secret ballot voting which webcasting does not provide for. If you wish to vote you must attend at one of the main meeting (SUB Theatre) or one of the 4 other sites. The other rooms are as follows:

Children & Women’s Hospital
Chan Education Centre - Auditorium
950 West 28th
Vancouver, BC
Okanagan Campus
Student Services Centre – Rm SSC115
3333 University Way,
Kelowna, BC
Point Grey Campus
Student Union Bldg.– Auditorium
(SUB - Theatre)
6138 Student Union Blvd.
Vancouver, BC
St. Paul’s Hospital
Vancouver General Hospital & Area
Old Heather Pavilion – Lecture Hall B
2733 Heather Street Entrance is on the Heather halfway between 10th and 11th. Watch for huge stairwell.

AAPS Members please RSVP to aaps@interchange.ubc.ca with the location you will be attending. 

Proposed Changes to Reserve Fund Policy

There are two policy motions under the Financial section of the agenda (items 3.a & 3.b). Both concern AAPS’ Reserve Fund Policy.

  1. The first concerns creating a single “Contingency Reserve Fund”. In the past AAPS has maintained separate reserve funds one for advocacy and arbitration issues and another in case we needed to purchase furnishings. The furnishings reserve has not been necessary for a number of years and therefore the Executive Board proposes to consolidate these two into a single “Contingency Reserve Fund” which will serve both purposes. At the same time we are updating the policy to fully provide for any kind of legal assistance in resolution of advocacy issues since not all of these resolve in arbitrations. It is possible for arbitrations to be resolved after engaging lawyers but prior to actual hearing or for appeals to end up in court and we also have occasion to represent members in other venues such as Human Rights Tribunal hearings etc. Consequently the changes suggested to the Reserve Fund Policy also include broadening the definitions of what can be addressed within the amalgamated “Contingency Reserve Fund”. Following the same reasoning, broadening of the “equipment” types of purposes of the fund is being suggested to include the costs we might incur should AAPS need to move to new premises. (Our existing lease expires in the coming year.) The first suggested motion is as follows:

    “Be it resolved to amend the Reserve Fund Policy by consolidating the Legal Reserve Fund and the Equipment Reserve Funds into a single new Contingency Reserve Fund which will be available to cover the cost of: fees for legal processes, arbitration and negotiation; purchase of office equipment, costs of moving premises and tenant improvements and other unpredictable or non-cyclical expenses.”

  2. The second motion concerns the “AAPS Dissolution Fund” which is in place should the Association cease operation. This Fund has stood at $50,000.00 for many years. Since the fund’s inception AAPS has acquired both lease obligations and professional staff. On review the Executive Board considers it prudent to set the target for this fund at $250,000 which should be enough in the event that operations cease to address both salary and lease obligations. The second suggested motion is as follows:

“Be it resolved to amend the Reserve Fund Policy to increase the target amount of the Dissolution Fund to at least $250,000 in order to provide for at least 6 months of salary, lease and other operating obligations.”

If these changes are approved the Executive Board will amend the Reserve Fund Policy as shown on the AAPS website at: Reserve Fund Policy Amended 2006.  (pdf)



The video from the webcast has been split into 5 sections as below:

AAPS Webcast

This video covers Agenda items 1 to 4.

(click on picture to view or download the video)

11.2 MB
9:09 Minutes

1. Call to order at 12:05

2. Acceptance of the Agenda.

3. Acceptance of the Minutes of October 25, 2005  (pdf)

4. President’s Report

a. Pilot Project Web-casting the AGM

b. Recognition of Outgoing Executive Board Members

  1. Norman Hodges
  2. Richard Moore
  3. Michael Shepard
  4. Shawn Swallow

c. Volunteer Recognition

d. Priorities for the Year:

  1. Salaries Arbitration
  2. IRP Governance & Tax Issues
  3. 1% Fund and Benefits
  4. Lease for AAPS Offices

e. Appointment of Permanent Executive Director

AAPS webcast

Executive Director's Report.

(click on picture to view or download the video)

9.40 MB
8:33 Minutes

5. Executive Director’s Report

  1. Year in review
  2. Salaries Arbitration Update
  3.  IRP & Governance Update
  4. 1% Benefits Fund Update

AAPS webcast

Financial Issues.

(click on picture to view or download the video)

14.6 MB
12:43 Minutes

6. Financial Issues

  1. Amalgamate Legal & Equipment Fund as “Contingency Reserve”.
  2. Change Dissolution Fund objective from $50,000 to reflect 6 months of current salaries, lease and operating costs or about $250,000.
  3. Approval of Financial Statements as of June 30, 2006 year end.
  4. Motion to transfer surplus into Reserve Funds.
  5. Appointment of the Auditor

AAPS webcast

Committee Reports.

(click on picture to view or download the video)

18.5 MB
14:00 Minutes

7. Committee Reports

  1. Advocacy
  2. Member Professional Development
  3. Communications

AAPS webcast

This video covers Agenda items 8 and 9.

(click on picture to view or download the video)

47.3 MB
27:23 Minutes

8. Election of Officers

9. Adjournment