2006 Spring Annual General Meeting

Monday, April 24th, 2006
12:00pm – 2:00pm
Graduate Student Centre - Ballroom

(6371 Crescent Road)

This meeting was filmed for members who were unable to attend. For your convenience it has been split into 3 segments, with high quality for those with fast connections.

Here are the Streaming Videos of the meeting:

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Items 7 (cont.) - 12 21:29 minutes
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Items 1 - 6 24:58 minutes
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Item 725:12 minutes
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Items 7 (cont.) - 12 21:29 minutes
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Please note that you will need to turn up the volume quite a bit in order to hear member's questions.


Two very important items on the agenda are:

  • A motion to make the interim dues increase permanent.
  • Approval of the budget for 2006-2007.

 In early 2005 AAPS members approved an interim dues increase from 0.3% to 0.54% for a period of two years ending in February 2007.  Since February 2007 is in the middle of our upcoming fiscal year, we must address the issue of dues in order to approve the budget for the coming year.

Making Interim Dues Permanent

In recent times AAPS has moved from being a volunteer operation to having services delivered by professional staff under the policy direction of the Executive Board.  The range and complexity of issues that AAPS now has to deal with require that we have professional staff assisting us.  To this end we now have 2 professionally certified staff (David Harvey and Sharon Cory) and 2 administrative staff.  Although we run a very frugal operation we also engage outside professionals to assist us with legal, compensation and other matters because it would not be prudent to conduct your affairs without such assistance.  If we are to continue to operate AAPS in a professional and competent manner it is necessary that we make the dues increase permanent.

 A final point on the dues:  AAPS has the lowest level of dues of any employee organization of which we are aware other than the UBC Faculty Association.  The AAPS interim dues (0.54%) are exactly the same percentage as the F.A.  Most employee organizations have dues set at anywhere from 1.25% to 2.5%.

On behalf or the Executive Board, I strongly urge you to support the motions below.

Barbara Crocker



  • Motion to make the interim dues increase permanent to be made on behalf of the Executive Board:  “Whereas AAPS has adopted a professional service delivery model and whereas the cost of providing professional service to more than 2200 members exceeds the revenues available at the old member dues level of 0.3% of member salaries; therefore be it resolved that the interim dues increase to 0.54% of member salaries be made permanent effective May 1, 2006.”


  • Motion to approve the 2006-2007 AAPS Budget:  “Be it resolved that the 2006-2007 AAPS budget prepared by the Executive Board be approved as presented”.   


  • Call to Order
  • Approval of the Agenda
  • Approval of the Minutes of the Spring GM 2005  (pdf)
  • President’s Report: Review of the Year & Accomplishments 05-06
    • Organizational Changes
    • Salaries Mediation
    • Negotiations
    • Motion to destroy the ballots of the March 2006 ratification vote.
  • Health Care Spending Account: Overview
  • Executive Director’s Report: Looking Ahead 3-Year Plan 06/09
  • Customer Service Improvements
  • Customer Service Requirements
  • 3-Year Plans: Service, Revenues, Expenses
  • Year-to-date Financial Performance
  • Budget 2006/07 Overview
  • Motion to Make Temporary Dues Increase Permanent (at 0.54%)
  • Motion to Approve 2006/07 Budget
  • Treasurer’s Report:
  • Advocacy Report: Bernice Urbaniak
  • Member Development & Education Update: Wendy Ma
  • Volunteer Recognition & Request for Executive Board Nominees: Susanne Schmiesing
  • Question and Answer Session
  • Motion to Adjourn

Note: Additions to the agenda may be made in writing by any ten members in good standing