FULL: “I” in Team for Managers: How to show up for our teams and ourselves in the new world of work

Presented by: 
Jessica Earle-Meadows and Chantoy Williams
Wednesday, February 1, 2023 - 1:00pm
Zoom Meeting Platform
A 2-part professional development series from AAPS
Focus Areas: Leadership, Change Management, Team Dynamics, Group Productivity

Portraint of facilitator Jessica Earle MeadowsPortrait of facilitator Chantoy Williams


The last few years have been a whirlwind of change asking us to grow and do things differently as leaders, as teams, and as the individuals who make up those teams. The pandemic, EDI (equity, diversity, and inclusion), mental health considerations, and the complexities of hybrid work have all asked us to recalibrate how we show up for our work and for each other in the workplace. We currently have many opportunities for both self and team development and the chance to make a real impact on the future of work.

Over the course of 2 workshops, this series will explore the questions we need to ask and changes we need to make while building capacity to support you in navigating what the new world of work asks of your team while helping you clarify what you as a leader and team member need to show up in this space—without losing yourself in the process.


In this 2-part series we will explore:

  • How we continue to do our work while the world asks new things of our jobs and professional identities
  • How we maintain ourselves and our boundaries while still being a meaningful contributor to the team (or leader of the team)
  • How we can be thoughtful, inclusive, and productive team members without burning out

In part 1 you will:

  • Explore workplace themes identified by AAPS members, and how they relate to the larger themes of the 2023 North American workplace
  • Discuss timely work-based team scenarios with other AAPS members, as a way to identify how to manage the tension between consideration for self, others, the team dynamic, and the work that needs to be done
  • Practice the skills necessary to manage the various tensions being asked of us including distinguishing between feeling discomfort and feeling unsafe
  • Use a “curiosity mindset” towards people with different identities who bring different approaches to their work

In part 2 you will:

  • Experience and identify how the concept of pattern recognition in EDI literacy, along with team dynamics theory and practice, can support you in navigating the personal and professional aspects of the new world of work
  • Experience and identify how Harvard Psychologist Robert Kegans theory of Adult Development (and its subject-object shift) can generate healthy shifts for your team and for your own experience of the workplace


  • Zoom meeting platform
  • Personal analysis of yourself and your team
  • Meaning-making conversations and responsive listening in small break-outs
  • Large group discussion
  • Individual reflection


This is designed for AAPS members who are managers, team leads, and senior managers with direct staff reports who have institutional authority and are ready to start integrating change and inclusion into your work and leadership practice. Not sure if this session is right for you? Please contact sarah.muff@ubc.ca. If you do not have direct staff reports, we are offering a session for professionals.


  • You will participate in both part 1 and part 2 of this series
  • Keep confidentiality of what your colleagues choose to share
  • Be present to the participation asked of you during the workshop series
  • Speak your truth in consideration that others may have a different truth
  • Expect a lack of closure and be willing to “hang out in uncertainty” and not rush to quick solutions
  • That this is a step in your process of change and inclusion and your conversations will be ongoing
  • That solutions may not be certain for issues and topics and that iterations will be needed as we learn together
  • Video and your active participation are needed during the sessions
  • Active participation in small group conversations in breakout rooms
  • We will have auto-captions, or a live captioner can be available on request
  • If you have accessibility questions or needs, please let us know well in advance by emailing sarah.muff@ubc.ca
  • The Zoom sessions will not be recorded, but a recording will be made available to all registered participants


This change work takes time and attention to be successful. Before registering, please consider your availability to be there for two full sessions, your willingness to accept potentially challenging material that may create discomfort, and your interest and your ability to actively participate in change-making conversations.

Technical issues arise, but not communicating during the session creates confusion and impacts other group members. If you prefer to just listen, please do not register for the live Zoom sessions. Please register for the recording—it’s why we are making it.

You will be sent a confirmation with the meeting link in a Zoom confirmation email. If you do not receive this email within a couple of days, please email aaps.pd@ubc.ca.

If things come up and you are no longer able to participate in the sessions, simply cancel using the cancellation link in your Zoom confirmation email. If you need to make alternative arrangements for times, please contact sarah.muff@ubc.ca for assistance.

Live, participatory sessions on Zoom (please select one as it is the same session repeated):

  1. The "I" in Team for Managers: Option 1: Wednesday, February 1 and 8, 2023: 1pm-3pm
  2. The "I” in Team for Managers: Option 2: Thursday, February 2 and 9, 2023: 10am-12pm



Jessica Earle-Meadows is Owner + Principal Consultant of a boutique firm specializing in leadership development, team development, and organizational change.

Jessica knows firsthand the challenges that people face in large institutions, start-up cultures, and not-for-profits. She’s worked with 3 major Canadian universities, and knows the realities of the higher education context well.

Jessica holds an MA in Human Systems Intervention, a holistic degree in organizational development and group dynamics, and is a Certified Integral Professional Coach™ with Integral Coaching Canada. She’s been the Director of a not-for-profit, as well as Manager of Process Design and Facilitation at UBC’s Centre for Teaching, Learning, and Technology (CTLT).

Over the past 15+ years, she has grappled with how to integrate EDI issues into her work - prior to its explicit focus and naming in the past few years. Over the past several years, she has learned first-hand the complexity of integrating EDI considerations into wider-spread culture change initiatives within organizations - and, in particular, how to integrate these considerations (along with those of flexible work arrangements and mental health) into the executive teams that lead the change.

Chantoy Williams is the Equity, Diversity and Inclusion (EDI) Strategic Advisor for Médecins sans frontières (MSF)/ Doctors Without Borders Canada, where she works to help MSF progress towards refining and implementing an MSF Canada EDI vision that fosters a safe workplace-community in which all individuals are valued, empowered to use their voice for its social mission, and where they can develop a strong sense of belonging.

Prior to her work in the non-profit EDI space, she worked for the Ontario Public Service in the Ministry of Children, Community and Social Services, where she worked as a Senior Policy Analyst in the Advocate for Community Opportunities Secretariat, as part of the Youth Strategies Branch.  In her policy research and analysis, she worked to uncover issues affecting marginalized communities, and develop recommendations on opportunities for engagement and support. Her work contributed to establishing an advisory group focused on supporting young people, especially those in marginalized communities, to bring solutions to help overcome social and economic barriers, exacerbated by the pandemic. She was a key member in the communication strategies with stakeholders, networks, and community partners for the Black Youth Action Plan, resulting in a significant funding increase.

Chantoy holds an Honours Bachelor of Arts in Law & Society, and Philosophy, and is currently working towards a Canadian Certified Inclusion Professional designation where she plans to use the competencies gained to continue to fulfill her passion of promoting change, advancing diversity and inclusion, encouraging community engagement, and designing inclusive solutions for stakeholders and partners.