Mindfulness Check-In: Helpful Tools and Habits for the Year Ahead - May 5

Presented by: 
Scott Orth
Wednesday, May 5, 2021 - 1:00pm
Zoom Meeting Platform
Focus Area: Self-Management

Program Summary

As we enter year 2 of the global pandemic, hope is on the horizon. But our year ahead will still have uncertainty as well as setbacks. We know that AAPS members have been working hard throughout the pandemic to take care of your work, your families, and your communities.

We offer this “Mindfulness Check-In” professional development session as an opportunity for you to take pause, reflect, assess, and consider some helpful goals or habits for the year ahead. We hope that you will take some time for the important work of your own well-being.

We are pleased to welcome back facilitator Scott Orth, who will be walking us through a series of exercises that are designed (with practice) to help us stay calm, centred, and focused. Scott will also be sharing tools on how to make habit change in our lives and create a sense of ease for the year ahead.

What you will learn:

  • A way to check in on how your mind, body, and heart are doing through these ongoing challenging times
  • A clear and meaningful personal development goal to work on, as we embark on Year 2 of the pandemic
  • The neuroscience behind why most of us will find this challenging
  • How to reset your nervous system back to a more grounded, centered, calm and clear place
  • Why we need a mental ‘map’ of sorts to keep us on course (hint: humans have been doing this for eons)
  • How the ‘Essentialist Mindset’ can be part of that ‘map’ and how it helps us reduce stress and focus on what matters most
  • How the Stoic Philosophy can be part of that ‘map’ and a couple of Stoic principles that will give you clarity, focus and strength to endure (possibly even thrive!) through the ongoing challenges you face
  • Why micro-habits are more important than major shifts in behaviour and a simple model to help you create the micro-habits you desire that move you towards the goals that matter most to you

How you will learn:

  • Zoom meeting platform
  • Breakout rooms 
  • Discussion
  • Self-reflection


This interactive session is designed for any AAPS members who would like to do a mindfulness check-in and learn more about mindfulness. This session will provide general purpose information, tools, and practices.

If you have pressing mental health concerns or are have trouble coping with stress, burnout, and overwhelm, please access EFAP for 24/7 confidential support or contact AAPS to discuss options for taking time away from the workplace. If you do not wish to actively participate in the session, you are invited to request a link to the recording.

About your facilitator

Scott is a mindfulness coach and trainer, who gives busy professionals the tools they need to delete the overwhelm, focus on what matters most and live the life they want.  He gives them strategies to respond to the challenges in their day more mindfully, allowing them to be more focused, productive, and happier.  

He uses these tools every day in his own life and brings a practical, no-nonsense approach to it all.  Scott is happily married to Meghan, is an engaged father of a 14-yr old son (Noah) and 12-year old daughter (Kayla).  He is a constant reader, avid mountain biker, Stoic philosopher, passionate espresso maker, and lover of craft-brewed IPA’s.

Event Details

  • This session will run from 1:00pm - 3:00pm
  • This session will be held on the Zoom Meeting Platform
  • We will be using breakout rooms
  • We will be recording this session for catch-up viewing by registration
  • The shared-screen view of the main room will be shared as a recording. If you are speaking in the main room, your audio will be shared
  • We strongly encourage participants, where possible, to use video and speak your questions. It helps streamline the process and makes it easier for the facilitator to get clarification
  • We encourage the use of the Zoom Raise-Hand feature
  • Captions will be available either by a live-captioner or Zoom auto-captions, depending on requests
  • If you have accessibility questions or technical concerns, please contact AAPS PD


Please follow this link to register for a live session or to view a recording.

You can register for one of three live sessions or the recording. Please note that all three sessions are the same. Please only register for one live session. Multiple registrations may be deleted.

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Please kindly consider your schedule and your ability to participate before you register. It is difficult to fill spaces when there are cancellations a day or two before the event.

Questions about the session, accessibility, registration? Please contact AAPS PD.