Setting and Maintaining Good Boundaries (new)

Presented by: 
Alex Abdel-Malek
Friday, April 8, 2016 - 9:00am
Point Grey Campus
AMS Nest (New Student Union Building), 6133 University, The Egg
Focus Area:Workplace Skills (Part of the Notions of Power Series)

Program Description

What to do when everyone wants something, but there is only so much of you to go around? The modern workplace often means juggling multiple demands on your time and energy. In addition, you may feel pulls from your other roles and responsibilities, such as being parent or family member, additional professional or volunteer work, or being in a relationship. Boundary skills are essential to helping you manage the competing demands on your time and energy.

Setting boundaries is the art and practice of what we let in to our lives and what we say "no" to. Boundaries have an integral connection to the flow of our relational lives at work.

This session, will help you develop your boundary setting skills and help you maintain a healthy balance. The workshop begins with clearly defining what boundaries are and then will move into practical ideas and application of boundary strategies for a healthy life, with a focus on applied experiences in the workplace.

What You Will Learn

  • Definitions of Boundaries
  • The Pyramid to Healthy Boundaries
  • Markers of Healthy Relating Boundaries at Work
  • How to Handle 4 Classic Boundary Scenarios

How You Will Learn

  • Large and small group discussion
  • In-class exercises
  • Theory bursts
  • Self-reflection exercises

Audience / Context

This session is designed for AAPS members who have had challenges managing multiple demands and prefer sessions that are short-format. This session is part of the Notions of Power Series. A series of  five professional development sessions that focus on helping AAPS members better understand their personal power to in the workplace in order to build personal productivity, resilience, and better work relationships. If you have any questions about the series or this particular session, please contact us at

About Your Facilitator

Alex Abdel-Malek, MSW, RCC, is a psychotherapist, critical incident specialist, and professional trainer and speaker. He is devoted to understanding how meaningful choices affect our health and wellbeing. In addition to his own clinical practice, Alex is a sessional instructor at Simon Fraser University. He has developed programs for numerous organizations and trained professionals working in the public sector, including the CBC, Crown Counsel of BC, Thompson Rivers University, and UBC.

Event Details

Setting and Maintaining Good Boundaries (new)
Facilitated by Alex Abdel-Malek
Friday, April 8, 2016
Session A: 9am–11am or
Session B: 12pm–2pm
Building: AMS Nest (New Student Union Building
Address:  6133 University Blvd [MAP]
Room: The Egg (second floor across from 2306/09)

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