2012 AGM Highlights

Dear AAPS Members,

We would like to draw your attention to the important developments at the AGM held Oct 31, 2012.

Board Acclamation & Election Results

Please join us in welcoming your new Board:

President: Jaqueline Smit

Past President: Isabella Losinger

1st Vice President: Preeti Gill

2nd Vice President: Robert Tudhope

Secretary: Adam McCluskey

Treasurer: Paul de Leon

Member-at -Large: Aaron Andersen

Member-at -Large: Andrea Han

Member-at -Large: Ciprian Jauca

Member-at -Large: Margaret Leathley

Member-at -Large: Nancy Vered

Member-at -Large: Oliver Zihlmann

Please visit the AAPS Executive Board Page for photos, bios and term durations.

Strike Protocol Q&A

AAPS legal counsel Allan Black made a brief presentation on the recent strike action at UBC. Allan offered an overview of members’ rights and responsibilities during a job action. During the most recent strike action there was some confusion about whether or not AAPS’ members had to do struck work. In some areas of the University volunteers were solicited to cover off building maintenance work, but in other areas managers simply ordered staff to report for duty at assigned times and places.

Allan explained that under the Labour Code the employer cannot force employees to do struck work. However, there is a provision in our collective agreement that allows UBC to use AAPS’ members to do struck work necessary for essential services and the functioning of the campus during a job action. Allan advised to proceed with caution in refusing to do struck work and, where possible, to outline your reasons for not wanting to do struck work with your manager. Allan advised that where a suitable arrangement is not found to contact the AAPS office and advice could be offered on a case by case basis about refusing to do struck work.

Proposed changes to the AAPS By-Laws Defeated

Although there were By-Law changing motions outlined in the Agenda, the Board revisited these motions and determined that changes to the By-Laws were not a requirement, given that there are other committees reporting to the Board (e.g. Communications). As a result, the first motion was defeated rendering the second motion null and void.

Financial Report Update

The 2011/2012 audited financial statements were circulated to the members via an emailed link to the AAPS website prior to the meeting. Additional hard copies were made available at the meeting. The motions to approve the statements and to transfer the year’s surplus into the Reserve Fund were passed unanimously.


For those unable to attend the AGM or watch the webcast live, a link to the recorded presentation was sent via email. If unable to locate the link, please contact the AAPS office.



Jacqueline Smit, President