2013 Performance-Based Merit Pay Program

A memo regarding the performance-based merit pay program was released by UBC HR on June 28, 2013. To view the memo and additional information regarding the administration of merit pay for 2013, please visit UBC HR Merit Pay Increases.

If you are a manager or professional who is eligible for merit pay, it is important that you review the memo and have a clear understanding of the program for 2013. Eligibility criteria are outlined in the 2013 Performance-Based Merit Pay Program Memo.

Members are also encouraged to review Article 6 Evaluation of the AAPS Collective Agreement. Article 6 recognizes “that all employees have a right to fair and equitable treatment, including feedback on their work performance and effectiveness.”

Specifically, Articles 6.2 and 6.3 identify the performance problem resolution process and ensure “that employees have a platform to discuss performance problems with a view to satisfactory resolution at the unit level.” Should performance reviews “contain detrimental comments regarding conduct or competence which the employee believes to be unjustified,” while not subject to the grievance procedure, the employee can follow the internal steps as outlined in Article 6.3 to resolve the issue. Additionally, an employee may be accompanied by an AAPS representative at any of these steps.

The AAPS office is always available to answer questions on the above or discuss other workplace issues.