2017 End of Year Checklist

Here are some helpful reminders of relevant articles in your Collective Agreement and deadlines to consider as the new year approaches.

If you have any questions about the Collective Agreement or concerns about issues in your workplace, please contact the AAPS Office at aaps.office@ubc.ca or 604.822.9025.


The AAPS Office will close at 4:30pm on Friday December 22nd and reopen on Tuesday, January 2nd, 2018. A staff member will be monitoring the office voicemail. If you have a time-sensitive issue arise when the office is closed, please leave a message at 604.822.9025. A Member Services Officer will return your call.


If then end of the calendar year offers you the opportunity for reflection, please take a moment to consider what is important to you as an employee in the workplace and send us your priorities for bargaining.

At this stage, we are looking for all ideas, both general and specific. If you have been involved in either UBC’s Strategic Planning process or the UBC Workplace Engagement Survey, you likely have a lot of good ideas that are top of mind. Why not send them in?

PAID LEAVE (December 27,28,29)

Read articles 12.10 and 10.4 in full

Articles 10.4 and 12.10 of the Collective Agreement provide M&P staff paid time off for the three days between Boxing Day and New Year’s Day. This paid time off is typically granted to M&P in recognition of additional hours of work above the usual job requirements. But as UBC HR notes “it may also be provided as a form of recognition for other contributions of these staff members.”

You are encouraged to have a conversation with your supervisor in advance to ensure this paid leave

Remember Boxing Day has been negotiated as a statutory holiday.

If you are denied paid leave, please contact the AAPS Office for further advice and support.


Read article 11.2.1 in full

If you have unused vacation for the 2017 calendar year that you intend to carry-over for 2018, please contact your supervisor to get the carry-over approved.

The vacation carry-over outlined in the Collective Agreement is 10 working days. Approval for vacation carry-over should not unreasonably be withheld.

If you have any questions or concerns about carrying-over vacation days, please contact the AAPS Office.


Read article 11.2 in full

A reminder that vacation runs on a calendar year, and is calculated based on your years of service as a UBC employee.

M&P Staff are entitled to vacation according to the following:

Calendar Year of Employment  

Weeks of Vacation


1 day and 2/3rd for each full month worked

2 through 5                         

4 (20 working days)

6 through 8

5 (25 working days)

9 or more                                 

6 (30 working days)

A part-time employee’s vacation entitlement will be pro-rated based on the foregoing and their percentage of appointment. A term employee’s vacation entitlement will be pro-rated based on the foregoing and their term of appointment.

If you have any concerns about your vacation entitlement, please contact the AAPS Office.


Read Letter of Agreement #5 in full

The Provincial Government announced that public service employees who signed onto the Economic Stability Dividend will be receiving an additional general wage increase this year. The wage increase will be 0.4%. M&P Staff will receive the Economic Stability Dividend in addition to your already scheduled General Wage Increase effective May 1, 2018.

Read the news release from the government

Read the memo from UBC HR

Please note that the Economic Stability Dividend is in addition to the already negotiated general wage increases for 2018. The Economic Stability Dividend, general wage increase or compensation review implementation should not impact your performance-based pay increases. If you have any questions or concerns about how your pay increases are being calculated, please contact the AAPS Office.



If you haven’t planned your professional development activities for the year, now is the time. The M&P Staff PD Fund is for self-directed professional development activities related to your job and career.

The M&P PD Fund (LOA #3) makes up to $550 per AAPS members available on a first come-first served basis each fiscal year.

While AAPS has made significant gains during bargaining to increase the fund, it typically runs out in February. As of December 12, there was still approximately $140,000 left in the fund.

Funds may be used for professional development activities such as:

  • courses
  • workshops
  • conferences (registration fee, travel, accommodation)
  • memberships to professional associations that are not required for your job
  • books

Regardless of the fiscal or calendar year your professional development activities take place; receipts must be submitted within 60 days of purchase to be reimbursed.

UBC HR oversees the administration of the M&P Staff PD Fund and can answer your questions on qualifying activities and the reimbursement process. If you would like to see the level of the fund or how much you have used, you can log into your UBC management system portal.



Remember that the Health Spending Account carry-over is one year. If you haven’t used your 2016 HSA, you’ll need to do so.

Not sure what the HSA is or how to claim it? Visit the UBC Benefits website for more information.

For your 2017/2018 HSA credit amounts, please review this memo.


UBC HR has sent a series of notices regarding benefit claim deadlines and premium changes.
Here they some of the recent notices:


We encourage you to subscribe to the UBC Benefits FYI Newsletter to receive benefits updates.


Read Articles 12.3 and 12.3.2 in full

It’s still cold and flu season, so it’s helpful to review the sick leave and dependent care articles in your Collective Agreement.

Once you have passed your initial probationary period you are eligible for up to six months of sick leave per illness or injury. Remember, you do not bank sick time, you do not earn sick time, and you can’t cash sick time out. UBC may ask for a medical note if you have been or will be absent for more than five days.

If you are asked for a medical note, please review the criteria in the Collective Agreement and let the AAPS Office know if you have any questions, concerns, or have a complicated illness.

Leave for dependent care comes out of sick time and you have up to five days.

Please note if you are in your first year as an M&P Staff member, you are accumulating sick time a day and ¼ per month. Your dependent care leave also comes out of your accumulated sick time.


You have a number of mental health resources available to support you and your family during the holiday season.

  • Under your UBC extended health plan, you can access a registered psychologist, clinical counsellor, or social worker. You do not need a referral and your visits are 100% covered up to $2500 per benefits year. Learn more about paramedical services on the UBC benefits website
  • 24/7/365 counselling services are available for you and your family from your EFAP provider Shepell  1-800-387-4765 or workhealthlife.com. Counselling in person, over the phone, and online. They offer many other services such as stress & health help, legal/finance help, and resources to support elders and children
  • Travelling this season? Review your benefits while travelling
  • UBC HR has a list of contacts over the holidays should you need HR assistance