Call for AAPS Board of Directors Nominations—2016

Here is your opportunity to help make UBC an outstanding work environment.

Join the AAPS Board of Directors and apply your leadership and professional skills to improving the workplace experience for all AAPS members.  

We would like to encourage members from all locations to strongly consider running for the Board. If you have questions about the time commitment or the distance, please contact your Executive Director Joey Hansen. AAPS is committed to working with members coming from a distance to ensure they are able to fully participate in Board activities.

AAPS Board members gain valuable institutional knowledge, strategic leadership experience, and grow their professional networks. They engage with members and issues across UBC’s campuses and hospital sites.

Nominations for the AAPS 2016/2017 Board of Directors are now open. The deadline for nominations is 4:00pm on Wednesday, September 28, 2016.

If you wish to be a candidate for the AAPS Board of Directors please follow these two steps:

  1. Submit the following information to Denise Lauritano, AAPS Electoral Officer
  • Full Name
  • UBC email address
  • UBC phone number
  • AAPS Board position you are running for
  • Term Length
  1. Ask an AAPS colleague to second your nomination by sending an email to the AAPS Electoral Officer

When the Office has received both the nomination and the seconder, you will receive a confirmation of your nomination to the Board.

Please be advised that both the nomination and the seconder must be received by the AAPS Electoral Officer by 4:00pm on Wednesday, September 28, 2016. Your seconder must be a current member of AAPS.

Nominees are being sought for the following positions and terms:

Two-year terms

  • President
  • 1st Vice President
  • Secretary
  • Member at Large (3 positions)

One- year term

  • Member at Large (1 position)

Why Run?

Joining the AAPS Board of Directors provides an opportunity to get more involved in your workplace and connect with fellow members. Whether you are a senior member of the AAPS community able to share your leadership skills and institutional knowledge or a newer member looking to gain strategic planning skills, the AAPS Board of Directors offers a rewarding experience.

Time Commitment

The time commitment for the AAPS Board of Directors is two business meetings per month. Board meetings are the 1st and 3rd Wednesday of every month from 11am-1pm (Lunch is provided). Board members will also be required to attend a day-long board retreat. Typically Board members also participate as representatives on committees or work on particular issues as time and interest permits. 

We know that commuting from other sites to the Point Grey Campus can present challenges. We will work with members coming from a distance to ensure they are fully able to participate in Board activities.


All AAPS members in good standing are eligible to run for the AAPS Board of Directors. Please note that you may not nominate nor second more than one candidate for any given position. (Article IV)


  • If you have questions about the nomination process, please email the AAPS Office for clarification
  • If you would like more information about the board and board positions, we invite you to connect with your Executive Director Joey Hansen

The elections for the AAPS Board of Directors will be held online from October 4, 2016 to October 25, 2016. All eligible AAPS members will be emailed a voting notice on Tuesday, October 4.

The 2016/2017 AAPS Board of Directors will be introduced at the Annual General Meeting on Thursday, October 27, 2016 at Robert H. Lee Alumni Centre—Jack Poole Hall at 12:00pm. We will also be hosting webcast meetings for members at other locations.