AAPS Members are entitled to flexible work arrangements


Dear Members,

AAPS has seen a steady increase in the number of issues around workload and hours of work. Many of you are expected to work in excess of the 35-hour work week without specific tasks, assignments, or concern for increased workloads and added stress.

You have also reported that despite being required to perform significant additional hours of work, you are being denied any reciprocal considerations such as flexible work arrangements and/or time off with pay. 

Some examples are:

  • Being told that you have to use vacation time to attend medical appointments
  • Must work or take vacation time between Boxing Day and New Year’s Day

The Agreement between AAPS and the University stipulates that the standard work week for full-time employees is 35 hours, but that M&P staff may, from time to time, be required to work over and above this. Any such excess work is supposed to be on a cyclical or project basis.

M&P staff cannot be compelled to perform significant additional hours of work on a regular basis without an arrangement to compensate for the additional hours.

These arrangements include (but are not limited to):

  • Time off with pay (such as time in lieu, time off to attend medical and other personal appointments)
  • Three days’ paid leave between Boxing Day and New Year’s Day
  • Honoraria
  • Additional professional development opportunities

While this trade-off is not necessarily hour for hour, it should be reasonable. Please review Article 10 of the Collective Agreement.

If you are working excessive hours on a regular basis and are being denied flexibility in working arrangements, additional compensation and/or enhanced professional development opportunities, please contact the AAPS Office at aaps.office@ubc.ca or 604 822 9025 for a confidential appointment.

In addition, if you are regularly being required to work additional hours of work due to excessive work volume or staffing shortages, again please contact the AAPS Office.

Your well-being is important to us. Working through these issues may take time, and in addition to speaking with AAPS, we recommend seeking resources to support stress management. We recognize that these options are not solutions, but may offer interim relief. Please follow this link for the full list.

AAPS will continue to work with members, managers, and UBC HR to ensure these issues are resolved in an equitable manner. We will strive for the University to have better communications with managers and human resources representatives on these issues.


Joey Hansen
Executive Director, AAPS

604 822 8230   joey.hansen@ubc.ca


About AAPS

The Association of Administrative and Professional Staff of The University of British Columbia
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