AAPS members ratify the 2019 Collective Agreement with 98% in favour


Dear AAPS Members,

We are pleased to report the results of the 2019 Tentative Agreement Ratification Vote.

1,646 AAPS members voted in favour, and 28 voted against. With 98% of participating members voting in favour, the ratification passes.

32% of the AAPS membership participated in the vote. The AAPS Board of Directors appreciates this strong level of support.

The Board and bargaining team are pleased that, in addition to annual 2% general wage increases, the new Collective Agreement:

  1. Includes significant new investment by the University to the M&P Staff PD Fund
  2. Provides up to 10 weeks of SEB top-up for parental leave, to be used by both birth and non-birth parents (in addition to the SEB top up already available for maternity leave)
  3. Provides clarity regarding the nature and duration of term appointments and will, for many term employees, result in longer employment terms


You are still following the 2014-2019 Collective Agreement.

Once the University informs us in writing that they have ratified the 2019-2022 Tentative Collective Agreement, the new Collective Agreement will go into effect. We understand from the University that they anticipate ratifying on July 27, 2020 at the latest.

We will inform you by email when UBC ratifies the Collective Agreement.

A warm thank you to all the members who made the time to participate in the collective bargaining process and the ratification vote.

We would also like to thank the University for the constructive dialogue during this unusual round of bargaining.

We appreciate that UBC worked with us to overcome these challenging circumstances. We hope the new Collective Agreement provides more operational clarity for the University.

If you have specific questions as to how this new Collective Agreement may impact your role at UBC, please contact the AAPS Office for a confidential conversation.

In the coming months, we will have more information regarding how the new Collective Agreement will be implemented, particularly for members who currently have term appointments with UBC. We will email members with updates as they become available.

If you missed the Tentative Agreement webinars and would like to listen to one of the recordings, please contact the AAPS Office. You can also read the summary of changes to the Collective Agreement.

Thank you again, and please enjoy the rest of your summer.


Andrea Han, AAPS President