Additional General Wage Increase Announced: Memo to Members


Dear AAPS Members,

Today the provincial government announced an additional 0.45% General Wage Increase for all public sector employees as a result of the Economic Stability Dividend, negotiated on your behalf as part of your 2014–2019 Collective Agreement. 

You can read the government’s media release here.

Please note that this increase is in addition to your already scheduled provincially funded GWIs as outlined in your Collective Agreement.

Letter of Agreement #5: Economic Stability Dividend states that:

“The Economic Stability Dividend shares the benefits of economic growth between employees in the public sector and the Province contingent on growth in BC's real GDP. Employees will receive a general wage increase (GWI) equal to one-half (1/2) of any percentage gain in real GDP above the forecast of the Economic Forecast Council for the relevant calendar year. For greater clarity and as an example only, if real GDP were one percent (1%) above forecast real GDP then employees would be entitled to a GWI of one-half of one percent (0.5%).”

We encourage you to read Letter of Agreement #5 in full as it explains the process for calculation and implementation, as well as provides examples of timelines.

AAPS is solely focused on the issues facing you at UBC. As your legal bargaining agent, we dedicate our resources to ensuring you are treated with professional respect. While the Collective Agreement is the core document that AAPS negotiates on your behalf, we also have ongoing conversations with the University related to the employment relationship.

If you have any questions about this recently announced GWI or the Economic Stability Dividend, please feel free to contact me at or 604 822 8230.

On behalf of the AAPS Board, please enjoy your well-deserved General Wage Increase.


Joey Hansen
AAPS Executive Director     604 822 8230


The Association of Administrative and Professional Staff of The University of British Columbia (AAPS) is the professional association for the Management and Professional Staff group at UBC. AAPS represents its nearly 4,000 members in collective bargaining and dispute resolution with the University. AAPS supports members in resolving workplace issues and strives to improve their work experience at UBC. The Association also creates a connected community of members through networking and professional development opportunities. Management and Professional Staff play critical roles in every function of the University. Their leadership and professional expertise are essential to creating a world-class institution of learning, research, and community engagement.