September Dues Holiday


Just a friendly reminder that there is a dues holiday this September 2016. That means that no AAPS membership dues will be paid during the month of September.


You can view your pay online by accessing the Management Systems Portal.


Upcoming AAPS Dues Holidays for 2016/2017:

October 2016

December 2016


Your current dues rate is 0.45% (or $4.50 per $1000.00) and is evaluated by the AAPS Finance Committee on an annual basis. You can claim your dues on your taxes.


Each fiscal year the AAPS Finance Committee allocates a couple of months of dues holidays (months where no dues are deducted from member's paycheques, usually around holiday time or the summer).


If you have any questions about AAPS membership dues or the dues holiday, please contact the AAPS Office at or 604 822 9025