BC Government Announces the Economic Stability Dividend for 2018

AAPS members will receive an additional general wage increase in 2018 in the form of the Economic Stability Dividend. According to the recent UBC HR memo, it will be 0.4% on May 1. Please note that the Economic Stability Dividend is in addition to the already negotiated General Wage Increase of 1%.

The BC Government announced that Statistics Canada confirmed that British Columbia’s economy grew by 3.5% in 2016. Since the forecast was 2.7%, this higher-than-expected economic growth triggers the Economic Stability Dividend, Letter of Agreement #5 in your Collective Agreement.

You can read Province’s the news release here.

Please remember that the GWI, Economic Stability Dividend, or compensation review implementation, should not replace or negatively impact your performance-based pay increases. If you have any concerns about your pay, please review Letter of Agreement #1 and contact the AAPS Office.

Think the Economic Stability Dividend is a good way to determine general way increases? Let us know what your bargaining priorities are for 2019.