Complete the AAPS Bargaining Questionnaire



Dear AAPS Members,

In preparation for the next round of collective bargaining with the University, we are asking all members to complete this short bargaining questionnaire.

Your responses will help us in preparing in-person member consultations and bargaining proposals.

Please follow this link to complete the bargaining questionnaire:

The questionnaire is short, and if you like, you can enter your name for a draw of one of four $50.00 gift cards. The questionnaire will be open until June 22, 2018.

If you have already submitted your bargaining priorities or shared your workplace challenges through the bargaining feedback form, a PD feedback survey, or the bargaining postcards that were passed around at the recent AAPS Spring General Meeting, you are still invited to complete this questionnaire

We would like to engage as many of you as possible in the bargaining consultation process, and so we are trying to offer a variety of different ways that you can get involved and consider what is important to you in this upcoming round of contract negotiations. We sincerely thank each member who has provided feedback on bargaining issues so far. 

If you are new to collective bargaining and would like more information on the process and what to expect, we invite you to review our presentation at the recent AAPS Spring General Meeting. You can email the AAPS Office for the link.

We also wanted to take this time to address a few of the comments from the feedback that we have received:

  1. If you are experiencing discrimination or bullying/harassment in the workplace, we strongly encourage you to make an appointment with an AAPS Member Services Officer for a confidential conversation about your specific situation.
  2. Please note that the Province of BC will be eliminating MSP premiums.
  3. We want to remind all members that once you have passed your first probationary period, you do not accumulate sick days. Article 12.3 says that you have up to six months per illness or injury. We appreciate that this can be confusing for those of you who use PAT-type systems. So while you do not have unlimited sick days, you do not accumulate sick days based on your length of service. It is simply up to six months per illness or injury. There were a number of other comments regarding sick leave, but we just wanted to clarify this particular point.
  4. Generally, you should not be required to use vacation days for your medical appointments. If you are being told to use vacations days, please speak with an AAPS Member Services Officer. Please see our memo on flexible work arrangements for more information. Again, we had a number of responses regarding flexible work arrangements, but we wanted to clarify the information around not using vacation days.
  5. If a professional designation or membership is required for your job, your department must pay your fees.
  6. If you are not receiving regular performance reviews, we invite you to make an appointment to speak with an AAPS Member Services Officer for a confidential conversation.

Finally, a reminder that your General Wage Increase and Economic Stability Dividend came into effect on May 1, 2018 and is reflected on your May 15, 2018 paycheque. The new salary scales are here.

The total increase is 1.4%. Please note that GWIs, ESDs, and market adjustments are not negotiable and should not have an impact on your performance-based pay. If you are told that you are not receiving performance-based pay because of these increases, please contact the AAPS Office.

We looking forward to receiving your bargaining questionnaire responses.


Joey Hansen, Executive Director