Congratulations to AAPS Recipients of the UBC Staff Awards


Congratulations to all the AAPS Members who received 2016 President’s Service Awards for Excellence and 2016 President’s Staff Awards.

It's wonderful to see your work being recognized by the UBC Community.

AAPS members who received the President’s Service Awards are:

  • Isabella Losinger, Director of Administration, Family Practice, Faculty of Medicine (AAPS Past President, Advocacy Committee Chair, Disability Benefit Plan Governance Committee Chair)
  • Evelyn Maan, Research Manager, Oak Tree Clinic, BC Women’s Hospital, Faculty of Medicine
  • Carol Naylor, Associate Director, Strategic Initiatives and Special Projects, Student Development & Services
  • Deb Pickman, Marketing and Communications Manager, Arts & Culture District, Faculty of Arts
  • Liska Richer, Manager, UBC SEEDS Program, Campus and Community Planning

AAPS members who received the President’s Staff Awards are:


  • Robert Brackenbury, Program Manager, Years 1 & 2, Dean’s Office, MD Undergraduate Education, Faculty of Medicine

Creativity & Innovation

  • Derek Tan, Digital Media Specialist, Beaty Biodiversity Museum, Faculty of Science
  • Bill Upward, Teaching and Learning Strategist, Family Practice, Faculty of Medicine (AAPS Professional Development Committee Member)
  • Brad Wheeler, Technology Transfer Manager – Life Sciences, Industry Liaison Office

Enhancing the UBC Experience

  • Jacquelyn (Jacqui) Brinkman, Manager, Graduate Pathways to Success Program, Faculty of Graduate and Postdoctoral Studies (AAPS Board Member)

Community Engagement

  • Tamara Baldwin, Associate Director, Office of Regional and International Community Engagement, Faculty of Arts

Emerging Leadership

  • Miranda Massie, Health Promotion Coordinator, Human Resources
  • Kali Wilson, Senior Student Development Coordinator, Faculty of Science

Advancing Diversity & Inclusion

  • Dana-Lyn Mackenzie, Associate Director, First Nations Legal Studies Program, Allard School of Law


Congratulations to all the UBC Staff award winners. Read the full list of recipients here