COVID-19 Update: UBC's Mask Policy

A number of you have contacted the AAPS Office with additional questions about the new UBC mask policy.

We have written the University and received a response from UBC HR regarding common general questions that we have received. We wish to note that UBC HR responded to our request very quickly and, given the importance of this issue for those of you who must report to campus from time-to-time, we are appreciative of their responsiveness to our questions.

After reading this memo, if you still have questions or concerns about your specific situation, please contact the AAPS Office for a confidential conversation.

Do I need to wear a mask at my desk?

Updates to the UBC COVID-19 Campus Rules document clarifies that you do not need to wear a mask if you are:

  1. The sole occupant of an enclosed room
  2. Under one of the exceptions outlined in Attachment “A” (last page)

In addition, guidance around when and where you are required to wear a mask may vary based on your department/units’ COVID-19 Safety Plan.

If an approved COVID-19 Safety Plan is in place for the building(s) that you will be occupying, you will follow that plan with regards to wearing masks indoors.

If you are returning to your physical workplace, please ensure you have a conversation with your manager so that you clearly understand where and when you are required to wear a mask when you are working indoors at a UBC location.

Please also be aware that plans may be revised in accordance with new government health directives. Ensure you know where to find an up-to-date copy of your department’s plan and how you will be alerted regarding changes. 

What Happens if I am not able to Wear a Mask?

If you fall under one of the exceptions outlined in Attachment “A” and have concerns about speaking with your manager, your privacy, or organizing appropriate accommodations that will support you in the workplace, please contact AAPS for a confidential conversation. We can support and advise you through this process.

Additionally, if you are immune-compromised and have concerns or require an accommodation to be able to return to work safely, please contact us as well.

We want to remind all members that not all your circumstances will be the same regarding when and how you will return to the workplace or conduct work on a day-to-day basis. You will all have different needs for what constitutes a safe and supportive work environment. We ask that you act with empathy towards each other and respect one another’s privacy.

If I am required to come to campus, do I need to supply my own mask? 

The University will supply masks to those who must be on campus and are required to wear a mask.  We understand that a number of departments and units have a mask supply for staff who need to be on campus.

Again if you have any questions about this or other COVID-19 related matters, please contact us for the confidential conversation.