Get Out and Vote!

Tuesday May 9, 2017 is the General Election is BC.

Polls are open from 8am-8pm.

AAPS strongly encourages members to vote in the upcoming provincial election.

For those that are not eligible to vote, there are still opportunities to participate. We hope you will all make your voices heard in this election.

How to Vote

From the Elections BC website:

“Voters are entitled to four consecutive hours free from work to vote on General Voting Day. Voting hours on General Voting Day are 8 a.m. to 8 p.m., Pacific time.

This does not necessarily mean four hours off work. It means that there must be a four hour period, free from work, during voting hours. Time off may be at the beginning or end of an employee’s shift, or unnecessary if normal working hours already provide enough time free from work to vote. For example, if a shift ends at 4 p.m., or does not begin until noon, the employee is not entitled to any time off. Employers can decide when their employees can take time off to vote.

It is an offence if your employer deducts your pay or penalizes you for taking time off to vote. You are entitled to your regular compensation for any hours not worked during this time.”

UBC HR sent a memo regarding providing employees time to vote.


  • You do not need to register in advance to vote
  • You can vote if you are a Canadian Citizen, 18 years or older, and a resident of BC for the past six months
  • Please review this list of acceptable Voter IDs
  • New to voting? Here is a New Voters Guide
  • All voters can use any voting place in BC
  • Where to Vote (map and pdfs)

Get Involved

Canadian company New/Mode is making there non-partisan civic engagement platform available for free during the BC Election. Email, tweet, or call your candidate and let them know what’s important to you in this election. You can also use this tool to send letters to local newspapers. Check it out at You can use this tool even if you are not eligible to vote.

You can also test out which of the major BC parties shares your values with 2017 BC Vote Compass.

Watch the April 20thradio debate.

Watch the April 26thtelevised leaders debate.

Follow  election projections with the 2017 Poll Tracker (CBC).

Party Platforms

BC Green Party

BC Liberal Party

BC New Democratic Party

We also encourage you to research the candidates that are running for election in your electoral district. There may be independents or candidates representing parties not listed here.


We hope that you will all be able to make the time to participate in the BC General Election.