On-going Remote Work Arrangement Conversations for AAPS Members

AAPS Advocacy Remote Work Conversations


UBC released information regarding ongoing remote work arrangements for the 2021-2022 academic year.

Many of you may be starting conversations with your departments/units around ongoing remote work arrangements, should you choose to continue working remotely. UBC has noted that no members will be able to work 100% remotely and that all members should be located in the province of British Columbia unless their role was previously designated out-of-province.

Members may be looking forward to returning to your physical worksites (or arriving for the first time), other members may strongly prefer to continue working from home. A number of members may have health-related concerns around returning to the physical workspace. You all have different roles and responsibilities as well as different personal circumstances. There is no one-size-fits-all approach to returning to increased in-person activities at UBC’s various worksites.

We hope that you will all be able to come to an arrangement that will be safe for you as an individual employee, supportive of your productivity and mental wellbeing, and appropriately serves the needs of the specific role rather than a leadership/personal preference.

AAPS will be supporting members on an individual basis on matters regarding ongoing remote work arrangements. Should you be preparing for a conversation with your manager regarding your personal ongoing remote work arrangements, you are invited to make an appointment with the AAPS Office to prepare for that conversation in advance.

Your conversations with AAPS are confidential. One of the Member Services Officers can discuss possible potential next steps with you about your specific situation.

Two common scenarios may be a hybrid work arrangement or a workplace accommodation. In the hybrid scenario, you and your manager will determine a specific arrangement for working from home and working from your worksite. AAPS can help you prepare for this conversation. We appreciate that not all members may be satisfied with the nature of these arrangements or the number of days they are able to work from home.

In the workplace accommodations scenario, you may have a specific health situation that requires a physical or time accommodation. You can work with the AAPS team in conjunction with the Stay at Work/Return/ to Work/UBCO WRAP teams in UBC HR to ensure that you are reasonably accommodated.

We know that not all members may feel comfortable with the accommodations process. Both AAPS and the UBC specialists have a lot of experience in this area, and this is the process that is available to us. Your conversations with AAPS are confidential. You can speak with us first about your specific situation, and we can advise you on the accommodations process as well as required medical documentation.

Finally, members have written to ask us if we have been involved in conversations with UBC regarding their return to worksite plans. We had a number of high-level conversations with UBC HR around the overall framework of the plan. In addition, bargaining is coming up in 2022/2023. You are welcome to provide feedback on 10.3 Workplace Options of your Collective Agreement through the bargaining feedback form.