Memo to Members: Professional Development Reminders, Run for the AAPS Board of Directors, Bargaining Feedback


Dear AAPS Members,

We want to provide you with a few reminders and updates.


The Association supports two scholarships for students beginning or continuing full-time studies at UBC. If you or your spouse or child will be a full-time student at UBC this fall, apply for an AAPS Scholarship [#4796]. The application period is between August 15 and September 15, 2018.

AAPS has also established bursaries totaling $4,500 for any student in need of financial assistance.


The M&P Staff PD Fund is open for the 2018/2019 fiscal year. The fund is now doubled since the last round of collective bargaining.

You have access to up to $550 on a first-come-first-served basis to put towards your self-directed professional development. Activities typically include workshops, courses, conferences, travel and accommodation to conferences, professional membership or designations, and books. If your manager is unwilling to sign-off on your self-directed professional development activity or UBC HR won’t approve your application, please contact the office for a confidential conversation.

Please note that professional development activities, upgrading, and training that are assigned by your manager or required for your job or professional memberships and designations required for your job are not eligible for the PD Fund. These need to be paid for by your department/unit. You also need to be given work time to complete them.

If you are being asked to pay for required professional development or certifications out of your PD Fund or your own pocket, please contact the AAPS Office.


Are you looking for a new leadership challenge? Would you like to become more involved in your professional association? Consider running for the AAPS Board of Directors. Nominations will open on Thursday, September 13, but we wanted to give you time to consider this opportunity. If you have questions about joining the AAPS Board of Directors, please contact your Executive Director Joey Hansen at

Positions for election in 2018:

  • President
  • 1st Vice-President
  • Secretary
  • Member at Large ( 3 positions)

Why join the AAPS Board?

Join the AAPS Board of Directors and apply your professional, leadership, and community building skills to improving the workplace experience for all AAPS members.

AAPS Board members gain valuable institutional knowledge, strategic leadership experience, and grow their professional networks. They engage with members and issues across UBC’s campuses and hospital sites. They influence senior leadership at UBC and work towards making substantive changes for AAPS members. We would like to encourage members from all locations to consider running for the Board.

All Board terms are two years in length. The time commitment is two business meetings per month. Board meetings are held on the first and third Wednesday of the month from 11am-1pm at the AAPS Office.

Nominations will open September 13, 2018 and close on October 1. Online voting for the AAPS Board of Directors will run from October 4 through October 25, 2018. We encourage all AAPS members to vote for their Board of Directors.


A big thank you to all members who participated in the in-person bargaining consultations. We appreciate all the questions that you asked, and hearing about your experiences in the workplace and with the collective agreement.

We will be hosting two more general information sessions in late August. One at Robson Square on August 27 and one at the Point Grey Campus on August 28. We will hold these sessions over lunch. You can register here.

We will also be hosting Article and cohort-specific roundtables starting mid-September. The topics, dates, and locations will be emailed to you. If you have specific ideas for roundtable topics, please email with your thoughts.

Don’t Wait Until Bargaining to Deal with Your Workplace Issue!

We had a number of good conversations with members who were looking to collective bargaining to address their specific workplace issue. We want to remind all members: Please do not wait for collective bargaining to resolve a current workplace issue. Make an appointment with the office. We can help you address your personal question or issue.

It could be:

  • You are not sure that you are being paid correctly
  • You have been denied performance-based pay increases
  • You don’t think your job is classified correctly
  • You are experiencing bullying in the workplace
  • Your human rights have been violated
  • You have been denied or discouraged from using a leave negotiated in your collective agreement
  • You are afraid to have a conversation with your manager or access a negotiated benefit for fear of losing your job
  • You are working a lot of extra hours and not being reasonably compensated for them
  • You have been denied a medical benefit that you were previously eligible for

AAPS is here to support you, give you confidential and professional advice that is in your best interest, and answer your questions. Please contact us. You can still provide us with feedback regarding your bargaining priorities or challenges with the collective agreement. Please fill out the bargaining feedback form here.

Happy Pride Week. Please enjoy the long weekend and the rest of your summer. And for those of you monitoring the forest fires in the interior, our thoughts are with you.



 Joey Hansen
AAPS Executive Director