Merit and Article 6

On June 18, 2012, Kathleen Cheng, UBC Manager Compensation, confirmed via memo that Merit pay was approved for M&P staff for 2012.

The UBC Merit Pay Program is performance based and “recognizes and rewards meritorious performance.” Participation in the program is not optional and is designed to recognize employees who have demonstrated above average performance and who are above the midpoint within their salary range. The maximum amount of the merit increase for 2012 is 3%. Details on eligibility and administration can be found on the UBC HR website.

UBC is committed to providing its staff performance reviews and regular feedback. Performance development reviews provide an excellent opportunity to discuss past performance and to set goals, including development needs, for the upcoming year. Article 6 of the AAPS Agreement recognizes “that all employees have a right to fair and equitable treatment, including feedback on their work performance and effectiveness.” Specifically Articles 6.2 and 6.3 identify the performance problem resolution process and ensure “that employees have a platform to discuss performance problems with a view to satisfactory resolution at the unit level.” Should performance reviews “contain detrimental comments regarding conduct or competence which the employee believes to be unjustified,” while not subject to the grievance procedure, the employee can follow the internal steps as outlined in Article 6.3 to resolve the issue. Additionally, an employee may be accompanied by an AAPS representative at any of these steps.

The AAPS office is always available to answer questions on the above or discuss other workplace issues.