The M&P Staff PD Fund is Open for 2021/22


Do you have self-directed professional development goals you would like to meet this year? Use your M&P PD Fund

The M&P Staff PD Fund is negotiated by AAPS as part of Letter of Agreement #3 in your Collective Agreement and is administered by UBC Human Resources. AAPS has been successful in the last few round of bargaining in increasing the overall size of the PD Fund in order to better support more members.

Funding can be used for a wide variety of professional development activities for your self-initiated and self-directed job or career growth at UBC. This means that you determine what activity you would like to use the money for, and it does not necessarily need to be in support of your current role or responsibilities. It could be learning a new skill to support your current profession or a job you could potentially do one day at UBC. Your manager or department should not try to direct or scrutinize your chosen activity. 

The fund is now open for the 2021/2022 fiscal year. To review the eligibility guidelines and learn how to submit your receipts for reimbursementplease visit the UBC HR webpage. Be sure you are looking at the Management & Professional Staff Group guidelines.

Some examples for eligible activities include:

  • workshops
  • courses
  • conferences
  • travel to conferences
  • professional memberships and designations (not required for your job)
  • books
  • subscriptions
  • apps
  • coaching

A friendly reminder that all receipts must be submitted within 60 days of the original purchase date in order to qualify for funding.

M&P Staff PD is not concerned with the fiscal or calendar year your event takes place in, just that you submit your receipts within 60 days of purchase for reimbursement. 

M&P Staff PD Fund cannot be used for departmental professional development activities or professional designations and membership that are required as part of your job.

Guidelines on eligibility and how to submit receipts can be found on the UBC HR website. Be sure to read all the guidelines before making your submission. You are able to view the overall size of the fund and how much you have used in the fiscal year through Workday. 

If you have questions about the fund, eligible activities, how to submit a receipt, or the current status of your submission, please contact central UBC HR in Vancouver. They administer the M&P Staff PD Fund.

If your activity has been declined from the fund, your manager won't sign off on the form, or you have other concerns, please contact AAPS.