National Volunteer Week: AAPS Celebrates our Outstanding Volunteer Award Recipients


At the 2017 Spring General Meeting, AAPS President Andrea Han presented the recipients of the AAPS Outstanding Volunteer Award to the members.

Chris Skipper and Justin Marples were both long-serving AAPS volunteers. Chris was a dedicated New Member Information Session facilitator, guiding new members through their first introduction to AAPS.

Justin Marples played a key role in leading AAPS from a social organization to a formal labour relations organization, serving as president during the negotiations for the Framework Agreement and the first Agreement on the Terms and Conditions of Employment.

We are grateful for their time and commitment.

Chris Skipper

Chris has been a dedicated New Member Information Session facilitator. Chris helped introduce many new UBC hires to the value of AAPS. These are two-hour presentations, with lots of material, but real challenge with the New Member Information Sessions is making them lively and fun. Chris did that through his enduring enthusiasm for his job and UBC.

Beyond his incredible contributions to new members, his bright spirit and joy for his work and colleagues, Chris was also a great AAPS member. We knew that we could always count on Chris to be seconder to the motions at the general meeting!  He participated in a number of professional development events and encouraged his fellow colleagues to get involved.

As one of our new member information session participants said

The presenter was very knowledgeable and engaging. A good person to welcome new employees to UBC. For someone who has been with UBC for a few years, his positive outlook is inspiring - many staff members with that much experience seem very jaded/cynical. But not him! 

As Chris often said, UBC is a great place to work, but it is better with AAPS.


Justin Marples

Justin Marples has been instrumental to the growth of AAPS, helping to take the organization from a social group in the 1980s and evolving it into a labour relations organization in the 1990s.

He served as president of the society during the negotiations for the Framework Agreement and first ACTE. It’s difficult to imagine now what it must have been like for those members who were handed down a Handbook in 1987 without warning, and the courage of conviction it took for them to formally organize themselves. It took a willingness to risk, it took perseverance, and it took political astuteness.

After he stepped off the Board, Justin continued to serve as an advisor and resource to incoming Executive Directors. He provided both a historical background as well as expert knowledge of UBC’s organizational culture. He wrapped up his time at UBC on the AAPS Advocacy Committee.

We applaud the courage of conviction it took this founding group to organize themselves formally as we enter our 40th anniversary year. The familiar Margaret Mead phrase seems appropriate:

“Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world; indeed, it's the only thing that ever has.”