On the Radar Volume 1 Number 2

“On the Radar” is an electronic bulletin for members of the Association of Administrative and Professional Staff at UBC. It is issued on a periodic basis throughout the year.

Spring General Meeting

AAPS’ Spring General Meeting will be held in the SUB Theatre at the Main Campus from 1200 to 1330 on Tuesday, April 26th. The Spring GM provides an opportunity for members to keep abreast of the business of the Association and to provide input to the Executive Board. Here is this year’s agenda. AAPS members are working in a variety of locations around BC which can preclude their attending General Meetings. We are arranging to videotape this spring GM. Members will be able to borrow the tape from the AAPS office if they were unable to attend the meeting. We will be looking into other technologies in future.

Compensation Grievance Update

In our last edition we advised that UBC and AAPS had agreed to Don Monroe as a “Mediator/Arbitrator”. Mr. Monroe will be holding a first meeting on Tuesday, May 3 rd. He will be meeting separately with UBC in the morning and AAPS in the afternoon. The intention of this first session is to identify the issues and plan how the subsequent mediation sessions later in the month will work. Should mediation prove unsuccessful in resolving the issue, Mr. Monroe will become an arbitrator with full authority to render a legally binding decision in the matter. Members are reminded that AAPS is not a trade union and therefore arbitration does not proceed under the Labour Code but rather under the Commercial Arbitration Act [Framework Agreement Section 7.7.7].

Meet Your Executive Board

We intend to make this a regular feature of future editions so that AAPS members get to know the people who have volunteered to serve on the Executive Board.

Wendy MaWendy Ma has been with the University for the past eight years in a variety of capacities. She currently works as the Director of MBA Admissions & Student Recruitment at the Sauder School of Business. Wendy holds degrees from UBC and Queen's University. This is her first year as an Executive Board member of AAPS.

604-822-9267• wendy.ma@sauder.ubc.ca


Executive Board News

Acting Co-Presidents Barbara Crocker and Susanne Schmiesing together with Executive Director, David Harvey held a first “Information Sharing and Informal Problem Solving” (ISIPS) meeting with Linda McKnight and Lindi Frost from Human Resources. ISIPS meetings are mandated under section 7.8 of our Framework Agreement with UBC. These meetings address issues of common concern in an informal setting and with a view to achieving mutually satisfactory resolutions. Our next meeting will be early in June.

Damian Duffy has left the Executive Board so he can focus his full energies on his new job at the University. We wish Damian well and his wise counsel will be missed by all of us.

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Collective Agreement Negotiations 2005: Member “Town hall” Meetings

Our collective agreement expires at midnight June 30, 2005.

Board members, staff and volunteer committees are working hard to prepare for our upcoming negotiations.

AAPS is scheduling a number of informal “Town Hall” meetings to acquire member input on the issues that are of importance to you in this round of bargaining. This is one more way that your voice can be heard. Please plan to attend one of the sessions and provide us with your input. The schedule for the meetings is as follows:

UBC Downtown

May 4th/05


Robson Square
Room C.215 (lower level)

800 Robson Street

Main Campus

May 4th/05


Student Union Bldg
Council Chambers (2nd fl)

6138 Student Union Blvd

Main Campus

May 5th/05


(please bring your own lunch)

Student Union Bldg.
Council Chambers (2nd fl)

6138 Student Union Blvd.

Oak Street Hospitals

May 5th/05


BC Research Institute
Seminar Room 2108

950 West 28th

Another way you can contribute is by sending issues to us via e-mail. Please forward them to the AAPS office via e-mail at: aaps@interchange.ubc.ca.

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Advocacy Issues

Your Advocacy Committee, with the assistance of Executive Director David Harvey supports members with issues arising under the collective agreement and with problems in the workplace. This column seeks to keep members abreast of issues that arise under the collective agreement.

The topic for this edition is termination “waivers”. When UBC terminates a member’s employment because of “re-organization”, “lack of fit” or “unsuitability” it normally seeks to have the dismissed employee sign a waiver. The waiver is a legal document which is intended to form a binding contract between the employee and the university that survives after the termination. The nominal intent of this waiver is to limit the future liability of UBC by preventing the dismissed employee (or their “heirs and assigns”) from making a claim against the University for anything that may have happened during the employment relationship. The secondary purpose of the waiver is to enforce a “non-disclosure” or secrecy clause preventing the dismissed employee from releasing the terms of the severance agreement to other parties. A third purpose of the waiver (in some cases) is to limit the ability of the dismissed employee to work for competitors or release information that might compromise UBC’s competitive position.

AAPS has been discussing the use of these waivers with UBC’s HR department. We hope to come to an agreement on how such waivers will be used in future. Our concern has been that we have seen cases where terminated employees were required to sign the waiver on very tight time lines (as few as 3 days after the termination). This could prevent the employee from having the time to collect their thoughts and meet with AAPS to review their rights and options.

Members are cautioned not to sign a waiver at termination until they have obtained advice from AAPS. Once a dismissed employee signs the waiver it creates a hurdle for AAPS to assist them with their situation. If you or a colleague are dismissed and asked to sign a waiver, please contact AAPS at 604-822-9025 before signing anything.

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Member Communications

Michael St. Claire is on a temporary appointment from Staff Finders in the AAPS offices helping update our database and website. He is currently archiving outdated material on the site and inserting current information. We are interested in knowing what improvements you feel are required on this website.

Volunteers Needed

AAPS has a very small staff which helps keep our dues low. However, that means we rely on member assistance for a variety of activities. Currently we need a few people to help with:

Communications Committee: do you have a flair for marketing and communications? This group would provide advice and oversight into how we can improve the quality and relevance of our communication to members. The time requirement is probably 2 to 4 hours per month, partly in committee and partly via e-mail.

Advocacy Committee: do you want to facilitate resolution of problems? Members of this group help AAPS members with workplace issues. Training and orientation to the collective agreement and applicable laws is provided. Time requirement varies. It includes one 2-hour meeting and 2 to 10 hours per month working with individual members on their issues.

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