On the Radar Volume 10 Number 1

April, 2014

On the Radar is a newsletter for members of the Association of Administrative and Professional Staff at UBC. It is published under the guidance of the AAPS Communications Committee

In this issue









Attend the AAPS Spring General Meeting

The AAPS Spring General Meeting will take place on Wednesday April 30, 2014 from 12:00pm–2:00pm at Point Grey Campus and will also be available live via Webcast. Meeting highlights include preparations for the 2014 round of collective bargaining, a presentation from Ipsos Reid on the 2014 Workplace Engagement Survey for AAPS Members, and approval of the 2014/2015 budget.  Please click here for the meeting agenda.

If you wish to attend the Spring General meeting in person, please register in advance and include any dietary restrictions.

Event Details

AAPS 2014 Spring General Meeting
Wednesday April 30, 2014|
Point Grey Campus
Student Union Building, 6138 Student Union Blvd.[MAP]
Party Room (2nd Floor)

2014 Workplace Engagement Survey for AAPS Members

The 2014 Workplace Engagement Survey for AAPS Members was the first of its kind for AAPS and comparable university staff associations across Canada. The AAPS Board contracted Ipsos Reid Vancouver to conduct the survey and analyze the results. The survey was available online to members from February 19–March 7, 2014 Ipsos sent invitations to AAPS members via email as well as two reminders to members who had not filled out the survey.

The AAPS Board was very pleased to receive a 45% response rate from the AAPS membership as well as representations from all locations.

Representatives from Ipsos Reid will be joining us at the 2014 Spring General Meeting to present the survey highlights.

The winners of the three gift cards were:

Blake Dobie, Point Grey Campus
Chris Weiz, Point Grey Campus
Nikki Reiter, Okanagan Campus

The Board thanks all the members who made the time to complete this survey.

AAPS Welcomes UBC’s New President

The AAPS Board of Directors welcomes UBC’s new President and Vice Chancellor, Dr. Arvind Gupta. Dr. Gupta will be the 13th President and Vice Chancellor of The University of British Columbia and will begin his five-year term on July 1, 2014.

 “AAPS congratulates Dr. Gupta on his new role at UBC,” said AAPS Acting President Adam McCluskey. “We look forward to a constructive dialogue with UBC’s incoming president.”

Dr. Gupta is currently the CEO and Scientific Director of Mitacs as well as a UBC professor of computer science. He will retain his position at UBC as professor of computer science during his term as president.

To learn more about Dr. Arvind Gupta, please click here.

M&P Staff Professional Development Fund Update

The new funding year of the M&P Staff PD Fund runs April 1, 2014–March 31, 2015. The fund is open and accepting completed PD expense claims.

A friendly reminder that all receipts must be submitted within 60 days of the original purchase date.

For information regarding reimbursement guidelines and deadlines, please click here.

If you have questions regarding the reimbursement process or guidelines, please contact PD Funds Manager Susanna Mulligan at susanna.mulligan@ubc.ca or 604.822.9273.

AAPS considers an adequately funded M&P Staff Professional Development Fund to be a priority and will work towards increasing the available funds during this round of collective bargaining.


2014 Collective Bargaining Update #1

Preparations are already well underway for the 2014 round of collective bargaining expected to begin in late May. AAPS is the legal bargaining agent for management and professional staff at UBC and the current Collective Agreement between AAPS and UBC expires June 30, 2014. The Collective Agreement between AAPS and UBC sets the terms and conditions of employment for management and professional staff at UBC. The Collective Agreement determines wage levels, severance obligations, sick leave, and a variety of other non-monetary rights and responsibilities. 

Bargaining Roundtables were held at Point Grey, VGH and UBC Okanagan and each of the sessions was well attended by a diverse cross section of the membership. Though there were a variety of perspectives expressed, several core themes emerged from the sessions:

  1. Concern about job security and UBC’s move to a more private sector model of HR management.
  2. An increasing frustration that UBC refuses to contribute any funds to the M&P Staff PD Fund—all of the current funding comes from the provincial government and UBC has never contributed any operating funds to the program.
  3. A wage increase that will at least keep pace with inflation and honour UBC’s commitment to pay our members at the 50th percentile.

The Bargaining Committee has begun meeting regularly to winnow down the feedback into proposals to present to UBC. In addition to these core areas the committee will examine ways to make the agreement work more efficiently for both parties. From AAPS’ perspective, the relationship between AAPS and UBC was damaged in the last round of bargaining by UBC’s decision to engage in bad faith bargaining. The two parties have been working to rebuild trust and to renew the relationship. We are hopeful that this round of bargaining will be more productive for both AAPS and UBC.

As noted, bargaining with UBC is expected to begin in late May and the membership will be updated periodically with any significant developments. Once a deal is reached member information sessions will be scheduled and all members will have the opportunity to vote on any deal reached with UBC.


The AAPS Bargaining Team for the 2014 round of bargaining is:

Michael Conlon, Chief Negotiator, AAPS Executive Director

Lia Cosco, AAPS Member-at-Large, Administrative Manager Department of Language & Literacy Education (LLED),

Faculty of Education

Paul de Leon, AAPS Treasurer, Director Finance and Operations, Department of Physics and Astronomy

Andrea Han, AAPS Second Vice President, Associate Director, Centre for Teaching, Learning, and Technology

Isabella Losinger, AAPS Past President, Manager Division of Midwifery

Adam McCluskey, AAPS Acting President, Manager of Fleet and Inventory, Building Operations


The UBC Bargaining Team for 2014 is:

George Athans, Senior Manager, Employee Relations UBC—Okanagan

Lisa Colby, Managing Director, UBC Staff and Faculty Housing

Linda Fischer, Senior HR Manager

Lindi Frost, Chief Negotiator, Associate Director Employee Relations

Andrew Parr, Managing Director, Student Housing and Hospitality Services


About Advocacy Services

Your Member Services Officers are here to support you with issues in the workplace. Luisa Liberatore and Sharon Cory are both CHRP certified senior human resources professionals and labour relations specialists. They can provide confidential, professional, strategic labour relations advice that is solely in your interest.

We should be your first call if you have a workplace question or concern on a variety of issues including:

  • Conflict in the workplace.
  • Preparing for a difficult conversation with a supervisor or colleague.
  • Questions about the Collective Agreement.
  • A termination, appointment, or disciplinary letter.

Please remember that all information is treated confidentially and we provide you with analysis and strategic advice that is solely in your interest.

Questions brought forward raise AAPS' awareness of activities on the University's campuses and ensure the Collective Agreement is being appropriately applied.

AAPS counsels hundreds of members each year—no question is too small. Make an appointment or query by phone at 604.822.9025 or online.

Understanding Your Collective Agreement

In every edition, AAPS Member Services Officers review select terms or conditions of employment from the AAPS Collective Agreement.

Dependent Care

Article 12.3.2 of the Collective Agreement provides for paid leave time for members dealing with illness or injury of dependents. An employee who has dependent children, spouse, common-law spouse, and/or parents may use in any calendar year up to a maximum of five days of their sick leave. If an employee is on probation, the time will be taken from the accrued sick leave time.

Should an employee require a longer leave to fulfill familial obligations, including matters related to the care, health, or education of dependent children or immediate family members, the employee may request an unpaid leave of absence as per Article 12.8. The employee will be responsible for paying 100% of the premiums to maintain benefits, including the portion the University would normally pay. A request for unpaid leave time should not be unreasonably withheld.

If you have any questions regarding Dependent Care, please make an advocacy appointment with one of our Member Services Officers or contact the AAPS Office at 604.822.9025.

Term Appointments and Notice

A term employee has a definitive end date which is articulated on their appointment letter. It is normal for term appointments to be renewed or extended. Provided it is the same job and the employee has successfully completed the initial probationary period, renewed or an extended term appointments are not subject to a new probationary period. For a term appointment that is less than 12 months and is renewed, the time served in the job is typically recognized for the purposes of the probationary period and is normally identified in the renewal or extension letter.

Example: Sally was hired on an eight-month-term. Her department was able to secure additional funding and has renewed her contract for an additional 12 months. Since this is the same job, Sally should only have four months left to complete her probationary period.

At the completion of the probationary period, and with a satisfactory performance review, a term employee is eligible for a salary increase. The guideline is 4% though any increase is at the discretion of the employer.

Article 3.1.3 provides for recognition of service for term employees.

  • If an employee has more than three years of service within a five year period then the employee shall receive the same benefits and entitlements as a regular employee.
  • If an employee has less than three years of service within a five year period with the University, then the term appointment will end on the defined date without additional notice.

Entitlement of notice (Article 9.2) varies depending on the status of the employee, the total length of service, and if the termination is within the timeframe of the term. Take the following examples:

  • If Sally is released during her probationary period, the amount of notice that she is entitled to is defined by the Employment Standards Act. If she has over three months of service and less than one year of service, then she is entitled to one week of notice.
  • If Sally has a term appointment for 24 months and she is released after her probationary period is complete, but within the 24 month term appointment, then she is entitled to one months’ notice. If her contract is not renewed, then it will end on the defined end date.
  • Let’s say Sally has been with the University for six years as a term employee and has successfully served the initial probationary period as a M&P. If Sally was advised that she was being released due to a lack of funding, she would be entitled to six months’ notice as per Article 9.1.7.

Regardless of whether you are term employee or a regular employee, if you have questions about the terms and conditions of your employment, do not hesitate to contact the AAPS Office to speak to a Member Services Officer or make an advocacy appointment online.

Advocacy Report

This itemized report provides a year-to-date snapshot of Advocacy work that the Member Services Officers are engaged in.

Year to Date Totals for the Period: July 1, 2013 to February 28, 2014





Advocacy Issues


Open Grievances


All Terminations Without Cause



All Terminations Without Cause Detail

 Terminations Without Cause by Month

 Reasons for Termination Without Cause

July :  16

  • Reorganization
  • Lack of Funding
  • Lack of Suitability
  • Probationary
  • Budgetary Restraint

August:  8

September:  8

October:  14

November:  19

December:  2

January:  15

February:  10










Advocacy Issues Detail



Issues Handled




Search / Selection / Offer Letters




Classification & Reclassification

Job family / Grade




Disability Benefits











Personal / Bullying / Sexual / Gender




Hours of Work

Time of day/day of week





Warning / Suspension




Leaves of Absence

Unpaid leave




Maternity/Parental Leave









Performance Review

Probation / Ongoing




Secondment / Temporary Promotion

Other positions




Sick Leave

Pay / Duration / Qualifying for




Voluntary termination





Department or UBC Changes








Term Appointments

Date Moved / Notice / Pay



Terminations Probation

Suitability / Fit




Terminations With Cause

Gross Misconduct / Theft / Assault / Other



Terminations Without Cause

Unsuitability / Position Elimination / Reorganization / Budget cuts




Workload Overtime






Accrual / Entitlement









Other General Interpretations











End of AAPS Advocacy Report


Upcoming Sessions in the AAPS PD Program

The AAPS PD Program offers members the opportunity to enhance their workplace experience at no upfront cost through in-person sessions on the topics of Management & Leadership Skills, Workplace Skills, and Work/Life Effectiveness.

Effective Meeting Management

Financial Wellness Series

Handling Conflict in Virtual Environments—Phone

Handling Conflict in Virtual Environments—Text & Email

Collaborative Conflict Resolution—VGH

Assertion—Say What You Mean and Mean What You Say—Okanagan

The Secrets of Powerful Emails—Children's & Women's Hospital (TBD)
In this interactive lunch and learn, participants will be invited to come with examples and situations of email communication. Participants will leave with strategies to improve their ability to connect with others.

Presentation Skills (encore presentation)

PD Quick Tips: Career Development

On March 6th  and 13th , the AAPS PD Program welcomed back Marlene Delange of Career Solutions to present “Career Conversations” to members. While a clear career path may not be laid out for you, there are a number of tips and resources that may help you on your journey.


1. How would I like to grow in my career?

Career growth can take on different forms. In her workshops Marlene spoke about the Career “Lattice.” Up is not the only way. You may be very happy with the role and position, but want to gain further mastery in what you already do, or maybe you would like to help more junior staff. You may enjoy the kind of work you do, but would like to try that kind of role in a different department or unit.

2. What am I willing to commit to?

Once you understand how you would like to grow in your career, it is important to know what your lifestyle priorities are at this time. Is staying within your department or at UBC important to you? Or are you willing to move to take on new challenges? You may also consider how much time you have to commit to developing your career right now. This may affect the length of time you give yourself to complete your goal or the strategies you choose to employ.

3. Take a strategy inventory

You may be well on your way to one of your goals, or you may be just starting out. Even so, it’s helpful to think about what you already have in place to help you grow your career. Perhaps you already have a mentor, or an online profile that’s up to date and you can focus on other strategies.

4. Articulate what you need help with and from whom

Once you know where you are at and where you would like to grow, write down what you think you need help with, and who would be the best person to help. Maybe you would like to take on a project to help develop your leadership skills, and you need to have a meeting with your manager. Or perhaps it’s not the right time at work and you can take on a volunteer project to help develop those same skills.

Possible strategies

  • Have a “Career Conversation” with your manager outside of your performance review
  • Talk to your colleagues and direct reports about what your are doing well and how you can improve (Ask: What should I do more of or do differently?”)
  • Develop your network on campus and off campus through networking events and information interviews
  • Work with a mentor
  • Undertake skill advancement training
  • Volunteer to develop your skills and project portfolio
  • Update your accomplishments and on-line presence

Possible Resources


Upcoming Member Engagement Events

Active Networking, April 23, 2014

If you are participating in the Healthy UBC Challenge or just want to try a fun way of networking, join our Active Networking session at UBC Bodyworks on April 23, 2014. For more information and to register, please click here.

Summer Networking Series

Back by popular demand, the AAPS Member Engagement Committee will be bringing back the summer networking series. The series is designed to introduce members to buildings on campus they may not be familiar with, as well as give them the opportunity to network with other members over lunch in a small group setting. Each lunch hour session includes a guided tour and box lunch. Keep an eye on your inbox for your opportunity to register.

Mid-Summer Pub Night & Networking Event

We are planning to host a summer pub night and networking event in July. Invitations will be sent out via email. If you would like to help out, or have any suggestions for the Member Engagement Committee, email aaps.pd@ubc.ca

Past Event: Pub Night & Trivia Answers

We had a fantastic turn out of over 100 members to our second AAPS Member Pub Night and Networking Event at Koerner’s Pub. We really took over the place!

Thanks to everyone who came out and participated in the trivia and networking bingo, especially those who came out to Point Grey from other locations. The AAPS Member Engagement Committee hopes everyone had a good time and was able to make some new connections.

Click here for the trivia questions and answers.


These announcements come from AAPS members like you. Do you have a UBC community event you’d like to share? Email your announcements to aaps.pd@ubc.ca or join the AAPS LinkedIn Group and post your announcement on our discussion board.

Lynda.com Pilot Extended until 2015

The pilot for Lynda.com has now been extended to March 31, 2015 according to the UBC HR website. Get free online access to a range of instructional videos in a variety of areas such as software skills, professional business practices, and new technology tools. Training is free, at your own pace, and when you need it.

For more information and to sign up for access, please register at lynda.ubc.ca.

Secondment Opportunity: UBC United Way Campaign Associate


You or one of your staff members can participate in a truly unique professional development opportunity while giving back to your community as a United Way Campaign Associate (previously known as Loaned Representative). Learn valuable new skills during a fun, action-packed 16-week period in the fall and help United Way raise funds to support over 500 programs and initiatives across the Lower Mainland. Being a Campaign Associate can be life-changing, but what won’t change are the terms of your employment —same pay, benefits, and vacation.

Call for Volunteers — Big Brothers of Greater Vancouver

Big Brothers of Greater Vancouver is a non-profit organization that matches at-risk children in the community with mentors that serve as role models who teach by example the importance of giving & giving back, staying in school and having respect for family, peers, and community. Our main goal is to make a difference in the life of a child who lacks a strong positive role model in their life. We have a variety of friendship-based mentoring programs for which we offer volunteer opportunities:

  • In the Big Brother Program, mentors spend 2–4 hours a week with their Little Brothers participating in fun activities like biking, kicking a soccer ball around, and doing arts and crafts.
  • The In-School Mentoring Program matches men and women volunteers with an elementary student and they spend one hour a week on school grounds during school time doing fun activities like playing sports and games or doing arts and crafts. 
  • Employee Volunteer Program involves organizations partnering with local businesses where employees take part in our In-School Mentoring program during working hours.  It is ideal for those companies seeking to embrace volunteerism and to make it a part of their corporate culture. 
  • The Game On program is an eight-week group-based mentoring program that provides boys with information and support to make informed choices about healthy lifestyle practices. 

If anyone has any referrals regarding volunteers or children in the community that would benefit from our programs, we look forward to hearing from you. 

For further information please contact Jessica Davies, Marketing Assistant, 604.876.2447 x303 or register to volunteer online or find out if mentoring is right you.

UBC Health and Wellness: FREE 2 week Open House at the YWCA

FREE 2 week Open House for UBC and Non-UBC Hospital Staff from April 21 – May 2 2014

YWCA Health + Fitness Centre

535 Hornby Street Vancouver, BC V6C 2E8

Bring your employee ID card/ recent pay slip to avail of this offer

Visit: http://www.hr.ubc.ca/health or call 6048273047 for more information

All inclusive UBC employee Membership$58/month

Spring Festival at UBC Okanagan

A Month-long celebration featuring student work, performances, and professional shows.

Call it a cornucopia of culture, an abundance of art, a digital discourse, a litany of literature and a profusion of performance.

UBC’s Faculty of Creative and Critical Studies is launching its first-ever Spring Festival, an ambitious month-long celebration of the visual, performing, literary and digital arts—all open to the public and much of it free.

Running from March 21 to April 26, there are 14 events covering the spectrum of artistic endeavors by students and faculty members. There are guest performances and student work in original stage plays, urban dance, and ballet. As well, there are exhibitions of creative writing, drawing, painting, sculpture, photography, short films and public arts. Events take place at UBC's Okanagan Campus, the Alternator Centre for Contemporary Art, Rotary Centre for the Arts, Hillcrest Farmers Market, and Royal Anne Hotel.

Schedule of Events: http://www.ubc.ca/okanagan/fccs/news-events/ongoing/spring-festival.html

Networking Opportunity: Hot Lunch

Hot Lunch is a cross-campus networking initiative, sponsored by Human Resources and St. John’s College, which brings UBC staff together over lunch to meet new people and to discuss different topics that impact the University. Developed in part to meet the challenge in creating widespread conversations and connections between staff from across the institution, Hot Lunch is non-exclusive—ALL staff members are invited and welcome!


UBC Staff & Faculty Sports Day—Okanagan Campus

This will be the 2nd annual UBC Okanagan Staff & Faculty Sports Day hosted by UBC Okanagan Human Resources, WRAP and UBC Okanagan Active Rec. The event is free for all UBC Staff & Faculty members. It is a great way to get physically active and a good opportunity to do team building through physical and mental activities. As a bonus, a free lunch for participants will be served from 12:00 to 1:00 pm. Activities will take place from 12:30 to 3:30 pm.

Click here for more information, to volunteer, or to register

UBC Staff & Faculty Sports Day—Point Grey Campus

Date: Friday, May 2
Time: 11:30am–1:00pm 
Location: SRC Gymnasium

UBC Recreation and UBC Human Resources invite you to the 4th annual UBC Staff & Faculty Sports Day. It is a FREE event for all UBC staff and faculty, and a great opportunity for team-building through physical and mental challenges. For a glimpse of the fun from previous events, check out our photo gallery.

The UBC Staff & Faculty Sports Day is designed to accommodate all skill levels and abilities, so spread the word and start getting your team together.

Got your team together already? In that case, get everyone signed-up online. Registration closes Friday, April 25.   

Questions? Email the UBC Staff & Faculty Sports Day Organizing Committee at sportsday@rec.ubc.ca

Béla Fleck and Abigail Washburn at the Chan Centre

Sat., May 10, 2014 at 8:00 pm

Chan Shun Concert Hall

Use the Staff Promotion Code “UBCSTAFF”for a 10% discount!

Two of America’s finest banjo players start a bold new chapter, as the husband and wife team tour together for the first time. The duo will present music developed together, featuring an eclectic mix of traditional and original compositions.

Fleck is internationally renowned for his endless innovation; in his last performance at the Chan Centre in 2009 he shared the stage with tabla master Zakir Hussain and virtuoso bassist Edgar Meyer. Through unconventional cross-genre collaborations, Fleck has fostered widespread appreciation and new understanding for his chosen instrument.

Washburn is an enormously celebrated singer, songwriter, and clawhammer banjo player. Fascinated and well-versed in Chinese culture, she has revolutionized the ‘old-time’ genre through a sophisticated integration of Chinese musical traditions.

- See more at: http://www.chancentre.com/whats-on/bela-fleck-abigail-washburn


Fourth Annual Moving Minds Non-Competitive Walk/Run

UBC Moving Minds is an annual free event promoting the use of breaks from work to support one’s health and wellbeing. This walk/run offers education as well as a community atmosphere to enable UBC community members to create healthy habits that promote vitality.

This non-competitive, free event is an outreach program of the School of Kinesiology.  We welcome UBC staff, faculty, graduate students, KIN alumni and the general public to participate in the fourth annual Moving Minds on May 15, 2014.

You have all become a part of the movement on campus: a movement for university faculty and staff members to maintain their health and wellbeing. Moving Minds is a free event designed by the School of Kinesiology to help create a culture at UBC to better enable staff, faculty, alumni, graduate students and their families to choose and access health resources.

This event specifically focuses on incorporating incremental physical activity into your day, in order to help to maintain your wellbeing. Participants are encouraged to choose their own challenge: from one lap to several of a half kilometer route in the middle of UBC’s Point Grey Campus. The route is designed to be short enough to fulfill a portion of your daily physical activity requirement, in an attempt to show how easy it can be to meet the needs of your body for movement each day.

Career Flow: A Career Navigation Tool for Professionals

UBC Summer Institute: Career Flow: A Career Navigation Tool for Professionals

Fri, May 30 (8:30am–5pm) & Sat, May 31 (8:30am–3pm)

UBC Robson Square

Earlybird deadline fast approaching! Save $70 through Apr 15, 2014

Join internationally renowned career experts Dr. Norm Amundson and Dr. Spencer Niles for this two-day workshop. Learn about a hope-centered career navigation model from the authors who created it. As an added bonus, participants will also be able to apply the accompanying assessment tool for a limited time with clients or staff.

This program is designed for those who coach or counsel others to actively navigate the challenges and opportunities of their individual career paths.

Dr. Amundson and Dr. Niles have developed a five-stage model that supports a proactive attitude to self-guided career exploration. Hope is the critical factor that enhances focus and meaningful action. The accompanying assessment tool, the Hope-Centered Career Inventory (HCCI), provides a measure to identify particular issues within each stage. This allows you to focus attention and offer interventions that effectively move people forward.

This course is an eligible elective in the UBC Certificate in Organizational Coaching. Visit the website or join our free information session for more details – Mon, Mar 31, 6–7pm.

Don’t Miss Out on the Action: Volleyball World League 2014 Tickets Now Available!

On June 13 and 14, Team Canada’s men’s volleyball team takes on Team Belgium in World League action at the Doug Mitchell Thunderbird Sports Centre. UBC staff can access tickets at a special rate! Use the promo code “FIVBUBC” to access GA tickets starting at $13.60 and reserved seating starting at $22.95.  Weekend packages also available.

Event Link: http://www.ticketmaster.ca/Doug-Mitchell-Thunderbird-Sports-Centre-tickets-Vancouver/venue/140176



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