On the Radar Volume 10 Number 3

On the Radar Volume 10 Number 3

December, 2014

On the Radar is a newsletter for members of the Association of Administrative and Professional Staff at UBC. It is published under the guidance of the AAPS Communications Committee

In this issue








Welcome the 2014/2015 AAPS Board of Directors

We had an outstanding group of 13 candidates in this year’s election. Thank you to all the members who put their names forward to support and govern their professional association and thank you to all the members who took part in the voting process.

Your 2014/2015 AAPS Board:

Isabella Losinger, President
Isabella is the Acting Director of Administration in the Department of Family Practice. She also chairs the Advocacy Committee and the Disability Benefit Plan Governance Committee.



Andrea Han, 1st Vice President
Andrea is the Associate Director of Strategic Curriculum Services in the Centre for Teaching, Learning, and Technology and chairs the Professional Development Committee.


Lia Cosco, 2nd Vice President
Lia is the Administrative Manager for the Department of Language & Literacy Education (LLED).


Paul de Leon, Treasurer
Paul is the Director, Finance and Operations in the Department of Physics and Astronomy. He chairs the Finance Committee and also sits on the Disability Benefit Plan Governance Committee.



Mike Devolin, Secretary
Mike is the Architectural Trades Manager for Building Operations, and this is his first year on the Board.




Aaron Andersen, Member at Large
Aaron is the Director, International Recruitment, Americas, Middle East, and Africa with the International Student Initiative and chairs the Member Engagement Committee.



Miranda Huron, Member at Large
Miranda is a new Board Member and is the Program Manager for Ch’nook Indigenous Business Education at the Sauder School of Business.


Ciprian Jauca, Member at Large
Ciprian is the Manager and Program Coordinator of the Therapeutics Initiative in the Department of Anesthesiology, Pharmacology & Therapeutics as well as the Managing Editor of the Cochrane Hypertension Review Group.


Margaret Leathley, Member at Large
Margaret is the Pension Administrator for the UBC Staff Pension Plan in the Department of Human Resources. She is a member of the Disability Benefit Plan Governance Committee and the Member Engagement Committee.


Nancy Vered, Member at Large
Nancy is the Director of Administration, Finance and Operations in the Department of Chemistry. She sits on the Provost's Advisory Committee on Diversity and Equity and the University Health and Safety Committee.


Minghui Yu, Member at Large
Minghui is serving his first year on the Board and is a Programmer Analyst (Web Services) in Central IT.



Jacqueline Smit, Past President (on leave)
Jacqueline is a Research Officer with SPARC under the Vice-President Research & International portfolio.



Take a Sneak Peek at AAPS’ New Look

The AAPS Board and Communications Committee have been working with Signals Communications to revamp the AAPS brand and visual identity. In the coming year you will begin to see changes to our communications materials, but we wanted to offer you a sneak peek at our new look:



Questions? Please contact Member Services Officer for Communication Sarah Muff sarah.muff@ubc.ca

If you would like to see the visual identity presentation at the AGM, please click here to view the AGM webcast. Jump to the Communications Report, slide 24.

Farewell to Executive Director Michael Conlon

AAPS bid farewell to Executive Director Michael Conlon at the beginning of December. Michael is pursuing an exciting career opportunity with the Confederation of University Faculty Associations of British Columbia (CUFA/BC). The Board wishes to thank Michael for his stalwart stewardship of our organization since 2009. The AAPS Board will shortly begin work on a transition plan for a new Executive Director. In the meantime, AAPS members can direct any queries to the AAPS Office at aaps.office@ubc.ca or 604.822.9025, and will be put in contact with the appropriate Staff or Board Member. 

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AAPS Member Dues Holiday—January 2015


The AAPS Board has approved a dues holiday for the month of January 2015. Happy New Year!



Disability Benefit Plan Premium Holiday & 2015 Rate

Disability Benefit Plan Premium Holiday
Plan members will receive a Disability Benefit Plan (DBP) premium holiday for the month of December 2014.

New Disability Benefit Plan Premium Rate for 2015
DBP contribution rate will be 1.049% of an individual’s earnings for the 2015 calendar year. The new rate is a reduction from the 2014 rate of 1.310%. The new premium rate will be in effect starting with the January 1–15, 2015 pay period.

On an annual basis, DBP Governance Committee will continue to review the disability plan to ensure that it meets the needs of our members, and remains financially competitive. For detailed information about the DBP Plan please click here. If you have any questions, please contact UBC HR Benefits Analyst Stephanie Mah at 604-822-6823 or stephanie.mah@ubc.ca.

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M&P Staff Professional Development Fund Status

The balance of the UBC M&P Staff PD Fund was $88,000 as of December 15, 2014. The fund is open to all AAPS members on a first-come-first-served basis, up to a total of $550 per fiscal year.

You may use the PD Fund for such activities as:

  • Courses, workshops, MOST program
  • Web-based learning
  • Conferences
  • Travel to attend professional development out-of-town
  • Purchase books, professional journals
  • Professional membership fees that are not required by job description
  • Coaching sessions (ICF certified coaches)

For information regarding reimbursement guidelines and deadlines, please click here.

If you have questions regarding the reimbursement process or guidelines, please contact UBC HR PD Funds Manager Susanna Mulligan at susanna.mulligan@ubc.ca or 604.822.9273.

The AAPS Board considers adequate PD funding for members to be a strategic priority. Significant gains were made in this round of collective bargaining to increase the fund over the next five years.

Read the 2013/2014 Annual Report

We are pleased to share with you the 2013/2014 AAPS Annual Report “Growing With Our Community.”

Inside you’ll find:

  • Detailed review of our Advocacy Activities for 2013/2014
  • Expanded Member Stats section
  • Overview of the 2014 Workplace Engagement Survey for AAPS Members

If you would like a paper copy, please email your campus mail address to aaps.office@ubc.ca.



AAPS Office Holiday Closure

The AAPS Office will close at 12:30pm on Wednesday, December 24, 2014. We will reopen again for regular business hours on January 2, 2014. Happy Holidays!


Ratification of the 2014 Collective Agreement and Details of the Deal

The 2014 Collective Agreement has been ratified by AAPS members and the UBC Board of Governors. The Agreement is in effect for the period of July 1, 2014, to June 30, 2019.

Several hundred members attended information sessions about the new Agreement at Point Grey, Okanagan, and VGH or asked questions via email. A total of 1081 votes were cast by AAPS members on the ratification, 920 in favour and 161 opposed.

Details of the negotiated changes to the 2014 Collective Agreement can be reviewed by:

We encourage all members to update themselves on both the changes to the language as well as the monetary compensation. Should you have any questions about the 2014 Collective Agreement, please contact the AAPS Office. Remember, no question is too small.

The AAPS Executive Board and Bargaining Committee would like to thank members for their active participation in all stages of the bargaining process and for their messages of support.


About AAPS’ Advocacy Services

Your Member Services Officers are here to support you with issues in the workplace. Luisa Liberatore and Sharon Cory are both CHRP certified senior human resources professionals and labour relations specialists. They provide confidential, professional, strategic labour relations advice that is in your best interest.

We should be your first call if you have a workplace question or concern on a variety of issues including:

  • Conflict in the workplace
  • Preparing for a difficult conversation with a supervisor or colleague
  • Questions about the Collective Agreement
  • Disciplinary meetings
  • Leaves of absence
  • A termination, appointment, or disciplinary letter

AAPS counsels hundreds of members each year. Make an appointment or query by phone at 604.822.9025 or online. Questions brought forward raise AAPS' awareness of activities on the University's campuses and ensure the Collective Agreement is being appropriately applied.

Historic Victory for AAPS in Grievance Settlement with UBC

In October 2014, AAPS settled a complex grievance with UBC that began in April 2013. This historical settlement was a clear victory for AAPS’ members. Here is a broad outline of the terms of the grievance settlement:

  • UBC agrees in writing that there will no longer be any more deals for “fresh consideration” (i.e. no more $5 deals).
  • Article 1.2.2 of the ACTE states:

The parties agree that employees are entitled, at a minimum, to the standard set out in this Agreement.  Individual agreements providing different terms and conditions than in this Agreement shall be provided to AAPS prior to being finalized.

UBC agrees in writing that the phrase “…different terms and conditions…,” can only mean terms and conditions that are the same or greater than those set out in the ACTE and not less.

  • UBC agrees in writing to contact AAPS and ensure the member is aware of their right to representation and consultation with a representative of AAPS, prior to any “substantive negotiations” taking place for potentially different terms and conditions.
  • AAPS and UBC have agreed to an expedited arbitration process where there is a disagreement between them as to whether the different terms and conditions UBC are offering, are the same or greater than, or less than those set out in the ACTE. The process is designed to find a resolution quickly and efficiently within specific timeframes.

If you are ever approached by UBC HR to enter into terms and conditions different than those set out in the Collective Agreement, please do not hesitate to contact the AAPS Office immediately to schedule an appointment so that we may advise you of your rights.

For background information on the grievance, please click here.

EFAP: Free Support Services for All Parts of Your Life

Whether you are dealing with some issues or wish to make a change, as an AAPS member you and your immediate family have access to the Employee and Family Assistance Program (EFAP). EFAP offers a diverse range of confidential and professional services. Members and their families most often use counselling services to deal with a crisis or ongoing issue such as marital, family, anxiety, and depression.

But you don’t need to be in a crisis to use EFAP. They also provides lifestyle and specialty counselling to assist with life balance, health, and career. A member or their immediate family may receive counselling, coaching, and support with childcare, legal, financial, nutrition, smoking cessation, and career planning. 

Please visit homewoodhumansolutions.com (UBC EFAP provider) or click on any of the following services:

Understanding Your Collective Agreement

In every edition, AAPS Member Services Officers review select terms or conditions of employment from the AAPS Collective Agreement.

Paid Leave (Christmas) Articles 10.4 and 12.10

Articles 10.4 and 12.10 of the Collective Agreement provide M&P staff paid time off for the three days between Boxing Day and New Year’s Day. This is typically granted to M&P in recognition of significant hours of work over and above the usual job requirements. UBC HR also notes that “it may also be provided as a form of recognition for other contributions of these staff members.” M&P staff are encouraged to have a conversation with their supervisor in advance to ensure this paid leave. If a reasonable compromise cannot be reached, the AAPS member is encouraged to contact the AAPS Office for further advice and support.

Letter of Agreement #1 and Market Survey

In December 2013, AAPS and UBC negotiated the implementation of the last three phases of the market survey settlement.  December 1, 2014 marks the last phase. To know if your job is affected, please refer to the October 9, 2014, memo from UBC HR.

The market survey remains a priority for the AAPS Executive Board. The recently ratified changes to the 2014-2019 Collective Agreement reflect the Memorandum of Agreement between AAPS and UBC regarding methodology and timeliness. The Board will continue to press the University to ensure all members are paid at the 50th percentile at minimum, as negotiated in the first Collective Agreement. The Board will also work to ensure a fair and transparent process for evaluating and implementing the market survey on an ongoing basis.

Advocacy Report

This report provides a year-to-date snapshot of Advocacy work that the Member Services Officers are engaged in.

Year to Date Totals for the Period: July 1, 2014 to November 30, 2014





Advocacy Issues


Open Grievances


All Terminations Without Cause



All Terminations Without Cause Detail

 Terminations Without Cause by Month

 Reasons for Termination Without Cause

July :  16

  • Reorganization
  • Lack of Funding
  • Lack of Suitability
  • Probationary
  • Budgetary Restraint

August:  9

September: 9

October:  6

November:  24









Advocacy Issues Detail



Issues Handled




Search/Selection/Offer Letters









Classification & Reclassification

Job Family/Grade




Disability Benefits











Personal/Bullying /Sexual/Gender




Hours of Work

Time of Day/Day of Week









Leaves of Absence

Unpaid Leave




Maternity/Parental Leave










Performance Review





Secondment / Temporary Promotion

Other Positions




Sick Leave

Pay/Duration/Qualifying for





Voluntary termination





Department or UBC Changes









Term Appointments

Date Moved/Notice  Pay




Terminations Probation





Terminations With Cause

Gross Misconduct/Theft /Assault /Other




Terminations Without Cause

Unsuitability /Position Elimination /Reorganization /Budget Cuts




Workload Overtime










Other General Interpretations










End of AAPS Advocacy Report


AAPS Professional Development Program: Upcoming Sessions

The AAPS PD Program offers members the opportunity to enhance their workplace experience at no upfront cost through in-person sessions on the topics of Management & Leadership Skills, Workplace Skills, and Work/Life Effectiveness.

Upcoming Sessions:

Productivity and Self-Management (2 part series)

Debt & Savings: Can Opposites Attract? VGH

Debt & Savings: Can Opposites Attract? Point Grey

Personal Tax Update for Your 2014 Tax Return, Children’s and Women’s Hospital

Personal Tax Update for Your 2014 Tax Return, Point Grey Campus

Webcast: Dealing with Difficult Personalities in the Workplace

PD Quick Tips: Influencing Skills

One of the most important workplace skills you can master is how to influence effectively. AAPS has offered a variety of professional development sessions on influencing, presentations skills, negotiation skills, and communications skills. Here are some top tips to improve your ability to persuade.

Know Your Audience
Whether it’s an individual or a panel, learn as much as you can about the people you will be presenting to. While you can learn the basics online, first-hand experience from colleagues is ideal. Don’t be afraid to reach out to AAPS members in other departments for their input. There are a wide variety of personality tools online such as Insights, Myers Briggs, Jung Typology, Social Styles, that will give you advice on how best to adapt your communications style to reach your audience. You should also consider your relationship with your audience. This may impact the style of your pitch and how much lead time you need.

Understand What They Want

To get others to buy into your idea, it’s important to understand what they value and how your idea is going to inspire or benefit them. Put that information at the forefront of your presentation. Remember to ask questions and listen to your audience. Making them an active participant is more likely get them on board.

Practise! Practise! Practise!

Performers say you need to rehearse at least seven times before you know something. The key here is not to memorize word-for-word, but to know your material well enough to be able to answer questions and make adjustments on the fly. Practicing also gives you the opportunity to be more concise and gain confidence. Practicing with a person is ideal because it will give you immediate feedback on the effectiveness of your message—but a sympathetic pet or plant will do!


AAPS Wine Education Event

As you can tell from the photograph, wine tasting is serious work!

On December 4, AAPS members joined Dr. David McArthur at the Gerald McGavin Rugby Centre for the first AAPS Wine Education Event. David took the group through a series of exercises to open their senses and gave an engaging introductory presentation to wine, along with frequently asked questions of a wine connoisseur. (And no! Just because the wine is aged, doesn’t mean it’s good.) AAPS Members had the opportunity to network and taste a variety of BC Wines.

If you are looking to try something new for the holiday, check out these wines.

Meet Your New Board Members


Minghui Yu, Member at Large

What is the best thing about working at UBC?
Easy access to UBC Library’s vast collection of books. I enjoy reading books in my break time.

What was your favourite University course and why?
I am a UBC alumnus and have been auditing courses since I was hired into UBC (thanks to tuition waiver). Out of all courses I have taken, my favourite course is Astronomy 101. Why? Because this course reminds me over and over that “the Universe is not only queerer than we suppose, but queerer than we can suppose.” (J. B. S. Haldane).

What’s your favourite thing to do on a rainy day?
If it is a drizzling rain, I would like to have a walk in Nitobe garden. Otherwise, I will go to library to read books.


Miranda Huron, Member at Large

What is the best thing about working at UBC?
I love the access to education and lifestyle at UBC. On any given day I can find a mind-opening talk, go for a swim or find a yoga class at lunch, check out a museum, gallery, or concert, or even just walk down to the beach.

What was your favourite University course and why?
That’s a challenging question. I’ve loved so many of my courses—but I think I would have to answer the Musqueam language course. They were held on the reserve, and I felt like I was learning something truly relevant. It was such a gift to be able to learn how to speak the language of the people who so generously allow us to work and learn on their land.

What’s your favorite thing to do on a rainy day?
Check out the museums and galleries, or go and sit under cover behind MOA and just enjoy the BC weather.


Mike Devolin, Member at Large

What is the best thing about working at UBC?
Aside from the great people that I have the pleasure of working with every day—the beauty of the campus never gets old!

What was your favourite University course and why?
Since coming to UBC, the Managing at UBC program. It introduced me to a lot of different people during the infancy of my tenure at the University.

What’s your favorite thing to do on a rainy day?
Rainy day or not, playing with my 2 year old son. He inspires me every day!

AAPS Committees are Recruiting!

Both the AAPS Communications Committee and the AAPS Professional Development Committee are looking to recruit additional members.

Are you a Communications or Organizational Development & Learning Professional, looking to gain leadership experience? Our committees meet 4-6 times a year and provide strategic advice to the AAPS Board and Staff on new and current initiatives.

Please send your expressions of interest to Member Services Officer Sarah Muff at sarah.muff@ubc.ca or 604.822.1935.


These announcements come from AAPS members like you. Do you have a UBC community event you’d like to share? Email your announcements to aaps.pd@ubc.ca or join the AAPS LinkedIn Group and post your announcement on our discussion board.

Help the UBC United Way Campaign Reach Our Goal

Dear AAPS members,

Thanks to your donations and participation at events, UBC United Way campaign has raised over $442,106. Your donations help fund 196 social programs in the Lower Mainland and support vulnerable young children and seniors. If you haven’t donated, you can still help us reach our goal of $500,000 by end of December. Donating through payroll is easy!

For more information on the UBC United Way campaign, events and how to donate check: www.unitedway.ubc.ca

Start your part-time MBA in January 2015 and receive tuition assistance with your UBC Benefits

The 28-month Part-Time UBC MBA at the Sauder School of Business offers a dynamic learning experience that will help you make a profound impact in your career. Add a postgraduate qualification to your résumé without giving up your day job. The program is approved under the UBC Tuition Fee Benefit and a portion of the program fees will be reimbursed by UBC. Please contact UBC HR or visit UBC professional development to determine your eligibility.

Because we recognize that each individual has different career goals, such as transitioning to a different job or industry, or growing within your current field, your professional development can be tailored towards your specific situation. In fact, 76% of 2014 Part-Time MBA Class enhanced their career through promotion and 18% through radical career change (change of industry or function).

We are accepting applications for the January 2015 class intake on a case by case basis. Email jennifer.chen@sauder.ubc.ca for more information and to receive a preliminary review of your application.

Career Assessments, Peer Counselling and Organizational Coaching

Are you looking to make a significant change in your life or career? UBC Continuing Studies Life and Career Programs help you take charge of your career and personal success, and gain the knowledge and skills you need to embark on a new path.

(A)   Use your tuition waiver benefit to assess your interests, skills, personality traits and values to discover more about your personal and career goals. Learn more about personalized and individual one-on-one career development and testing.

(B) Start the new year ready to make a powerful impact in your workplace. 

Peer Counselling Certificate Program (Starts March or October 2015), Sign up for an information session and pursue the opportunity to practice basic counselling, problem solving, decision making skills, and learn to assist others to develop their personal potential for growth and change.

Organizational Coaching, Start immediately by enrolling in your choice of elective courses and apply to become a UBC Certified Coach before the part-time, September 2015 cohort is sold out!

For more information, check out Life and Career Programs or call 604.822.8585.

Tom Burrows Opens at the Belkin Art Gallery

January 9-April 12, 2015
All welcome. Admission is free.

Opening Reception:
Thursday, January 8, 8-10 pm

Artist's Talk:
Saturday, January 10, 1:30 pm

The exhibition by Vancouver/Hornby Island artist Tom Burrows presents work by the artist from his early career to the present. The exhibition is a timely refocusing of attention on an artist who has made an immense contribution to the development of art in Vancouver, not only as an artist but as an educator and activist as well—in 1975 he received a United Nations commission to document squatters communities in Europe, Africa and Asia, a work that is now in the Belkin's collection. Burrows first rose to prominence in the late-1960s and was included in several exhibitions at the UBC Fine Arts Library, an institution that was seminal in encouraging Vancouver's growing and now vibrant art community. Burrows' work, which demonstrates an interest in process and new materials, has encompassed a number of disciplines including sculpture, early performance art, video, painting and iconic hand-built houses on the Maplewood Mudflats and Hornby Island.

Read more about Gallery Programs

Okanagan: 13th Annual Art on the Line Gala and Fundraiser

UBC Okanagan’s Department of Creative Studies, and the Visual Arts Course Union is excited to present its 13th annual “Art on the Line” Fundraiser & Gala this coming Saturday, February 7th, 2015. This popular annual event brings together the local arts community to celebrate the work of our students, faculty, alumni, as well as artists practicing in the community in the spirit of raising funds.

Please follow this link for more information

Davis Cup and Powerhouse Tennis Series Come to UBC

The Davis Cup by BNP Paribas is coming back to Vancouver! Team Canada is
returning to the magic of the Doug Mitchell Thunderbird Sports Centre at UBC
for the first round of the 2015 World Group competition. Come out and cheer on
the Canadian team as they take on new rivals Japan from March 6th-8th!

Powershares Series Tennis

For the first time ever, the Powershares Series tennis circuit is coming to
Vancouver. On May 2nd 2015, don’t miss the action between tennis legends Pete
Sampras, John McEnroe, Michael Chang and Mark Philippoussis. Cheer them on as
they play for the series championship title at the Doug Mitchell Thunderbird
Sports Centre at UBC!


Mood FX Interactive Mobile Website

MoodFx is an interactive mobile website designed by the UBC eHealth office to help people with depression and low mood feel better—a helpful tool to assist you in overcoming depression. Screen and track symptoms, print, email, or show your results to your doctor and receive helpful tips for managing depression, anxiety, and difficulties with cognition and work stress. Click here for more information

Health eApps reviewed by the UBC eHealth Strategy Office

Improve your health in a mobile minute – Click here for a series of video clips where selected health and wellness apps are reviewed by Dr. Kendall Ho, Director of the eHealth Strategy Office. Examples of apps reviewed are:

  • Instant Heart Rate
  • Azumio Sleep Time
  • Mood Panda
  • MyFitnessPal Calorie Counter & Diet Tracker
  • MindShift
  • Take a Break!

Free Online Professional Development with Lynda.com


The pilot for Lynda.com has now been extended to March 31, 2015 according to the UBC HR website. Get free online access to a range of instructional videos in a variety of areas such as software skills, professional business practices, and new technology tools. Training is free, at your own pace, and when you need it.

For more information and to sign up for access, please register at lynda.ubc.ca





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