On the Radar Volume 3 Number 4

On the Radar is an electronic news bulletin for members of the Association of Administrative and Professional Staff at UBC. It is published via email (text version) and on our website on a periodic basis throughout the year, under the guidance of the AAPS Communications Committee (Chaired by Wendy Ma). Writing and editing by Karin Wills and David Harvey. Layout and design by Petra Ormsby. Web design and graphics are by Michael St. Claire. Other contributors to this issue include: Sharon Cory (AAPS), Davinder Horthi (Human Resources), Jackie Amsden & Jenna Whitehead (MOST Program). Members wishing to make submissions please contact Karin Wills at karin.wills@ubc.ca.

In This Issue

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Annual General Meeting

The Annual General Meeting was held on October 16, 2007. The archived video is now available.

The member acclimations/elections took place during this meeting and the following people were appointed to the Executive Board:

New AAPS Executive Board for 2007/08

Welcome to new members, Jess Roebuck, Dave Rowlands and Justin Bonzo.

President:Bernice Urbaniak
Past PresidentBarbara Crocker
1st Vice PresidentIsabella Losinger
2nd Vice PresidentGeorge McLaughlin
SecretaryJason Congdon
TreasurerEdward Hung
Members-At-Large:Justin Bonzo
 Anne-Marie Fenger
 Anne-Marie Hague
 Jess Roebuck
 Dave Rowlands
 Daryl Stowe


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Spring General Meeting

The Spring General Meeting will be held April 17, 2008 in the SUB Auditorium. UBC President Stephen Toope will speak on “The Next Decade at UBC”.

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Meet your Executive Board Member: Jess Roebuck

Jess Roebuck is one of the newly elected Members-at-Large on the Executive Board of AAPS.

Jess joined UBC Okanagan in June 2006.  In addition to being a Member-at-Large, Jess is currently an Advocacy Representative.  Jess brings to the table over twelve years of experience at the post secondary arena.

In his UBC role, Jess is the Coordinator of the Disability Resource Centre on the Okanagan campus. In his private life, he plays accessible sledge hockey, is a dedicated father, an avid reader and X-box player.

jess roebuk


 “My reason to join the AAPS Executive Board is clear.  To ensure that the issues of AAPS members on the Okanagan campus are heard and are recognized by the players on the Vancouver campus as a vital and relevant group of the UBC 'family'."

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New “MyUBC” Site

http://my.ubc.ca/ open link in new window (or tab)

The “My UBC” web site has been newly redesigned and includes several helpful tabs. You will find News, Events, and be able to view your UBC Web Mail from any computer. Other tabs of interest are Info Finder, E-Learning, and the Management Systems Portal with your personal benefits and payroll information. There is also a Classifieds section where you can buy and sell items, find or rent out accommodations, and post rides offered and wanted. You need to enter your Campus Wide Login (CWL) to access MyUBC.

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Focus on People Plan: 
Workplace Practices at UBC

The deadline for submissions regarding the Focus on People Plan has been extended to November 30, 2007. Check out the plan at:

http://www.hr.ubc.ca/peopleplan/ open link in new window (or tab)

Discuss the contents with your colleagues, and submit your thoughts via the feedback form on the website. Please copy AAPS ataaps@interchange.ubc.ca with any feedback you submit to the plan.

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Member Professional Development

AAPS Events

  • On December 05, 2007 there will be a session on “Bullying in the Workplace” facilitated by Anne-Marie Long of the Equity Office. (Email has already gone out)
  • The “Personal Financial Planning” seminar will be offered at the Vancouver General Hospital on January 16, 2008. (Details will be out in the first week of January)

The “Wills & Estate Planning”, event on November 15, 2007 registered 185 people and from the feedback collated to date it looks like the presentation was considered very valuable to most of those in attendance. The “Personal Financial Planning” seminar held on October 11th received very positive reviews also. Several more of the free noon time learning sessions are in the planning process.

There are also keynote speakers planned and where possible these will be offered at two different times on the same day to provide more access. Each session will be announced by e-mail within a few weeks of the actual date and you will have the opportunity to RSVP via email at that time.

If you have any questions regarding these sessions or ideas for future seminars please contact Karin Wills via email karin.wills@ubc.ca or phone (604) 822-1935.

Campus Wide Events

Other interesting Professional Development opportunities that are available campus wide are listed on the following websites:

Speaker Opportunities

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Roundtable Invitation To Training and Learning Professionals

Member, Deidre Maultsaid, is the Project Manager CIHR Online Infection Control Education at Vancouver General Hospital, helping to evaluate an online infection control learning module for healthcare workers. Deidre invites people in similar roles to form a roundtable. If you are involved in any of the following: online learning, course evaluation, health education, education program planning and evaluation, course accreditation, qualitative research, practice education, learning management systems, workplace training, interprofessional education, safety training, occupational health, infection control or patient safety and would like to join this roundtable, please contact Deidre at Deirdre.Maultsaid@vch.ca

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Advocacy Update

The Advocacy Committee with the assistance of staff David Harvey, Sharon Cory and Karin Wills ensures that members concerns are promptly addressed. The Committee members have invested a great deal of their own time in training to serve the needs of their fellow members.

The Advocacy Committee Reps and the staff (Advocacy) have been involved in a variety of issues over the last one and half months. Constant involvement in member cases along with living knowledge gives Advocacy the opportunity to ensure consistent and current practices are available to the membership. We are pleased to have the UBCO Advocacy team join the Committee meetings. They bring the issues and concerns of the Kelowna campus forward.

The statistical data distributed in the last issue of the Radar will be available quarterly and will continue to identify those concerns which are affecting the membership.


During the period September 2007 to mid November 2007, member issues fall into three main categories: terminations & benefit issues inclusive of pay, classification & evaluation matters, and health concerns.

We continue to be contacted by members who have been terminated under Article 9.1.1 (“Termination of Employment without Cause”). The Staff and Advocacy Committee deal with situations where an employee complains that they have been terminated “without cause” but was not given an opportunity to rectify any problems that may exist. UBC takes the position that it may terminate a member at any time for any reason and without due process providing it pays severance monies to the individual. AAPS disputes this both as a contravention of our collective agreement and because it is inconsistent with the manner in which UBC says it will treat employees (for example in the Trek 2010 and People Focus reports). UBC and AAPS are currently arguing this matter in front of an arbitrator in a situation where a 15 year employee was terminated by her new director without cause, without notice and without any investigation into the situation by the department or by Human Resources.

Pay issues arise as a member moves from the probationary period to continued employment status which affects both Term and Permanent employees. Upon the completion of a twelve-month probationary period and completion of two performance evaluations, an employee who is performing at a status of “meets requirements or above” should be receiving a probationary increase. The standard increase is to a maximum of 4% and is not associated with any other compensation dollars.

A number of members have been contacting AAPS regarding health issues. We are seeing an increase of concerns identified by the members that they are being pressured with increased work volume, increased hours and changes of expectations all combined to a level where the member becomes ill. In most circumstances, the member has tried to discuss these concerns with the appropriate individuals without a resolution and, then finally reaches a point of ill health. Advocacy is continuing to provide health support and contractual support in these challenging types of issues.


Salary Administration and Pay Structure

The Letter of Agreement #1 in the ACTE deals with the Salary Administration Plan and Pay Structure. As we have lately experienced a rise in queries related to how or when increases should occur, we are providing the following overview of salary administration provisions to assist members in understanding the issues involved.

The position you are hired into is classified in one of the 41 different Job Families. Each position within a job family is rated by the University under the classification system which thereby aligns it with one of the 15 pay grades i.e. at the grade appropriate for that level of job. You can find the classification job standards for each family on the HR website at:http://www.hr.ubc.ca/comp/job_evaluation/families/mp.htmlopen link in new window (or tab) Within each pay grade there exists an identified Minimum/Mid-point/Maximum dollar value.

As a new hire, IF you joined the University at the Minimum salary level or at any point below the mid-point you will receive annual increases on your anniversary date until you reach the mid-point. Upon satisfactory completion of your probationary period you should receive a probationary increase (the normal post-probationary increase is 4% of annual salary). If your salary is still below the mid-point you are entitled to annual increases until you reach the mid-point. Your salary must get to the mid-point within 4 years of starting in the position. Please note that subject to the 4-year maximum the amount of annual increases prior to reaching the mid-point is at the discretion of the department. The department also retains the discretion to advance you to mid-point at any time and many members are either hired at the mid-point or do advance to it in less than4 years.

Subsequent to reaching the mid-point employee salaries then advance beyond the mid-point through the allocation of annual merit increases.

In addition to your personal annual increase there is also a General Wage Increase (GWI) which is applied each July 1. Currently this increase has been established at 2% for the remaining life of the current collective agreement. Please note the GWI is in addition to and cannot cancel out or be used to replace your personal annual increase.

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UBC Board of Governor Elections

UBC Board of Governor elections are on now to November 26, 2007. The staff representative will be elected at this time. We extend our thank you to AAPS Member, Belle Dale-Wills who is stepping down after serving on the Board of Governors as the Staff Representative. We encourage all members to take the time to vote as the Staff Representative is your voice directly on the Board of the employer. Four of the five individuals running for election are fellow AAPS members. They are:

  • Anne-Marie Fenger
  • Cyprien Lomas
  • Suzanne Poohkay
  • Julie Wagemakers

For information on the role of the Board, follow the link.

http://www.bog.ubc.ca/ open link in new window (or tab)

For a list of staff representatives running, and to vote, please follow the link below:

http://www.students.ubc.ca/facultystaff/elections.cfm?page=bog&view=staff open link in new window (or tab)

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Community Announcements

These announcements are provided to UBC-related organizations where the content may be of interest to AAPS members or their departments.

UBC’s Annual General Meeting

UBC’s Annual General Meeting will be held this year in Kelowna on Monday, Nov. 26, 2007 from 12-1:00 p.m. This event will mark the release of the 2006-07 UBC Annual Report, which celebrates the past year’s accomplishments and, with the theme of "Foresight", anticipates our celebration of the centenary of the University Act of 1908.

The meeting will be held at the Kelowna Rotary Centre for the Arts, with a live webcast that will be available on all our campuses. Okanagan staff wishing to attend in person can RSVP at 1-800-727-7997 

The online Annual Report will be available to view on Nov. 21 athttp://www.publicaffairs.ubc.ca/about/publications/annual-reports/ open link in new window (or tab)

For information on the live webcast or locations to view at the Vancouver and Kelowna campuses, please visit: www.ubc.ca open link in new window (or tab)

University Wide Orientation

Organizational Development and Learning invites new (and curious) faculty and staff to Cecil Green Park House on November 29, 9am - 12:30 pm to hear a welcoming address from Lisa Castle, AVP Human Resources, and to learn about all the services available to the UBC community. Please contact Jackie or Jenna at mostreg@hr.ubc.ca to register for these or any MOST workshops.  

New Lunch and Learn Series

The MOST Program is currently offering a series of FREE lunch hour workshops in partnership with this year's UBC Health Symposium.   Check out their website for current dates and topics:  http://prod.hr.ubc.ca/odl/open link in new window (or tab) Please contact Jackie or Jenna at mostreg@hr.ubc.ca to register for these or any MOST workshops. 

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