On the Radar Volume 6 Number 4


“On the Radar" is an electronic news bulletin for members of the Association of Administrative and Professional Staff at UBC. It is published periodically via email and on our website, under the guidance of the AAPS Communications Committee

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Collective Bargaining Update

by Michael Conlon, AAPS Executive Director

As previously reported, after close to a month of bargaining, AAPS reached a tentative agreement with the University on June 30.  AAPS was the first employee group on campus to come to terms with UBC.  For details of the settlement click here.  Information about how to claim the new Health Spending Account Benefit will be circulated to members in the next month. 

After the tentative agreement was reached, information sessions were held on UBC’s Vancouver and Okanagan campuses and the affiliated teaching hospitals. The ratification vote was held July 26-28 and the results were as follows: 446 YES / 111 NO (a total of 557 votes cast).  The vote was held at the end of July in order to allow time for the Board of Governors to ratify the deal prior to their next meeting. Shortly after our ratification vote, the University’s Board of Governors also approved the deal.  The members of the AAPS 2010 bargaining committee were:

  • Michael Conlon (Chief Negotiator)
  • Isabella Losinger (President)
  • Bernice Urbaniak (Past President)
  • Daryl Stowe (First Vice President)
  • Michael Shepard (AAPS Member)
  • George McLaughlin (AAPS member)
  • Robert Tudhope (Second Vice President - Alternate)

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Voting for the AAPS Board

As per the AGM notice sent last week, the election for the six Member-at-Large positions is currently underway.  If you haven’t already done so please take the time to cast your vote. Click here for the list of Candidates and their statements and click here to access the "now open" online voting system instructions and "vote now" button.  The deadline for voting is Monday October 25th at midnight.

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Attend the AAPS AGM

If you wish to attend the AGM next week (view details here) and you haven’t received a ‘Confirmation of Registration’ email, please click here to send an ‘Attending AGM’ email to help with the lunch catering arrangements and to make the sign-in process quicker.  Only receipt of confirmation email has you registered, new registrants will receive their confirmation email within an hour of sending the email.  Please follow up if you haven’t received it.

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New AAPS Member Services Officer Hired



We are pleased to announce that Luisa Liberatore has been hired as AAPS' new Member Services Officer.  Luisa was hired on Sept. 7th and will focus much of her attention on advocacy issues, collective bargaining and grievance issues.

Luisa brings over ten years of experience in providing counsel and advice on HR issues in both the public and private sectors. Prior to joining us, Luisa worked for the British Columbia Transmission Corporation as an HR Advisor, and for the Canadian Forces Personnel Agency as the HQ HR Manager and National Recruiter. She received her Bachelor of Arts in Economics from Carleton University, is a Certified Human Resources Professional, and a member of the BC Human Resources Management Association.

When she is not at work, Luisa enjoys cooking and spending time with her husband, daughter, basset hound, and two cats.

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UBC Breastfeeding-Friendly Spaces

An initiative from the Equity Office, Human Resources and the Department of Health, Safety and Environment.

Background and Rationale 

UBC acknowledges and supports the right of every mother to breastfeed in public. UBC also recognizes that some mothers may prefer to breastfeed their children in more discreet settings for personal, religious or cultural reasons. Moreover, breastfeeding is a preventative health measure for both mother and baby. As a form of food production, it is crucial to create clean and sanitary spaces for breastfeeding. To support diversity, and as part of the University's effort to create a supportive and healthy environment for all students, staff and faculty, UBC has created a network of semi-private and private breastfeeding-friendly spaces across campus.

Most private spaces are open to anyone attending to a child’s needs, but some of the semi-private spaces are restricted to women only due to the nature of the space (eg. a women’s only lounge). See the HR memo re: breastfeeding spaces on campus.

Key Features of Breastfeeding-Friendly Spaces

  • Quiet, clean and sanitary spaces identified by common signage (signs coming soon)
  • Comfortable seating, electrical outlets, and change table in room or a nearby washroom
  • Sanitization and educational information for families

The degree of privacy in designated spaces varies from private to semi-private. Signage outside of these spaces will signify if the space is private or semi-private:

Private Spaces

Private Breastfeeding-Friendly Spaces are clean, sanitary and quiet single-user rooms, with a chair, outlet and garbage can available. While the rooms provide a high degree of privacy, they can be a multi-purpose room (eg. an infrequently used meeting room). There is a change table installed in these spaces or in a nearby washroom.

Semi-Private Spaces

Semi-Private Breastfeeding-Friendly Spaces are clean, sanitary and quiet rooms that are only available to women, which have a chair, outlet and garbage can available. While the rooms provide a reasonable degree of privacy, they are spaces shared by other women (such as a women's only lounge) and are not available as a single-user space.

Interested in Establishing a Breastfeeding-Friendly Space in your Building?

Please contact Suzanne Jolly, HSE Coordinator (Health Promotion Programs) at 604-822-8762 or Terri Kennedy, Equity Advisor at 604-822-4538.

Be sure to check out the Guidelines for Private and Semi-Private Breastfeeding-Friendly Spaces [pdf] for more information.

For further information on available spaces including availability and restrictions,click here.

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Advocacy Issues Report

The Advocacy Committee and the AAPS Member Services Officers are available to support and assist the Membership in advocacy issues.  If you have concerns and/or questions contact us and you will be assigned a representative to assist you with your situation.  All information is treated confidentially. Questions that are brought forward raise AAPS' awareness of what is happening on the University's campuses, and ensure that the Agreement on Conditions and Terms of Employment (ACTE) is being appropriately applied.  The following report identifies the Category of Issues as well as the number of specific issues handled by AAPS within each category.

Advocacy Issues
(Reporting Period July 1, 2010 to September 30, 2010)

Category of Issue Category DescriptionYTD
# Issues Handled
# of Issues Resolved
# of Issues Remaining
Hours of WorkTime of day / day of week3 3
Workload OvertimeOver work/overtime pay   
Terminations CauseCulpable firings   
Terminations Without CauseLayoff/ Reorg/Lack of $/Unsuitability17152
Terminations ProbationSuitability/Fit1 1
Resignation/ RetirementQuit of own accord11 
Term Appointment EndsDate Moved/ Notice/$11 
Classification & ReclassFamily/Grade   
Bargaining UnitAAPS/CUPE/ FACUlTY   
ExclusionsWho is in/out   
Discrimination - 13 GroundsHuman Rights Code   
Harassment - PersonalBullying1 1
Work Environment - PhysicalSafety   
Work Environment - CultureToxic Environment211
ReorganizationDept or UBC changes   
Long Term DisabilityExtend sick leave   
Sick LeavePay, duration, qualifying for523
Leaves of AbsenceVacation & other leaves321
Return-to-WorkAccommodation1 1
PensionsAmount, entitlement, etc.   
Evaluation Post -Prob'nPerformance   
Evaluation ProbationPerformance312
AppointmentsSearch/Selection/ Offer Letters22 
ServiceTotal Length of   
AttendanceAbsenteeism & Attendance Mgmt   
Professional DevelopmentTuition Waivers/PD Fund/Study Leave22 
Interpretations GeneralAnything not listed above35305
TOTAL 886523

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AAPS Professional Development Events

Bookmark the AAPS PD Blog to keep up to date on Professional Development Events organized by AAPS. If you have an idea for a professional development event, please contact Jasmin Deol at jasmin.harry@ubc.ca.

Upcoming Events: VGH

Speak Up: Speak Out - Personal Power & Respect in the Workplace 

Erica Pinsky


Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Presented by Erica Pinsky

This event will be catered.





Program Summary:

Over 95% of all workplace disputes can be resolved within the first 3 to 5 days of occurrence...if someone speaks up.

You Will Learn:

  • What holds you back
  • How you can be your own advocate
  • The relationship between behavior and culture
  • How to engage and empower others through respectful dialogue

Presenter Bio:

Erica Pinsky is a dynamic speaker, author and consultant whose passion is promoting respectful workplace cultures. Her highly acclaimed book, "Road to Respect: Path to Profit" offers engaging stories, powerful insights and concrete strategies to inspire leaders and those they lead to walk the talk of respect at work.

Erica’s work history includes the public, private and non-profit sectors in both federal and provincial jurisdictions.  Erica’s experience includes policy development, training and presenting, complaint investigation, mediation, organizational audits, conflict management systems and one-on-one skills development. She has a Bachelor of Arts in Political Sociology from the University of Toronto, a Master’s of Science in Industrial Relations from the Université de Montreal and a Conflict Resolution Certificate from the Justice Institute of British Columbia.  Erica has received her Certified Human Resources Professional (CHRP) designation through the British Columbia Human Resources Management Association.

Who Should Attend?

This workshop is open to all AAPS members.

To Register:

Simply send an email to aaps.pd@ubc.ca with the event name in the subject line.

Program Information:

Tuesday, December 7, 2010 
12:00pm to 1:00 pm

Diamond Health Centre
2775 Laurel St. (view location map)
9th floor, Rm. DHCC9299


Upcoming Events Point Grey Campus

Leading from the Middle-Administrators and Staffers Need to Create New Kinds of Conversations for a Hacked World


Presented by Bill Jensen and Josh Klein

Free Seminar, Please RSVP

Friday, October 22, 2010  (Point Grey Campus)
Program Summary:
Leadership knows no bounds. Especially during times of great change, each of us has a responsibility to lead from wherever we are, no matter what our sphere of influence may be.

In this highly interactive session, Bill and Josh will discuss how to lead from the middle in a hacked world. For their latest book, Hacking Work, they met with an underground army of hackers who are saving business from itself, one bad act at a time.

This session is a call for each of us to help our teammates and institution continuously learn and grow through change. That is “leadership” by any definition!

You Will Learn How To:

  • Provide “air cover” for those who benevolently hack
  • Do Soft Hacks: bending rules through your relationships
  • Gain support of an entire department
  • Support change just by sharing data
  • …and more

Presenter Bios:

THE CV OF A Simpleton

Harvard Business Review, CNBC and Fast Company have called Bill Jensentoday’s foremost expert on work complexity and cutting through clutter to what really matters.  He has spent the past two decades studying how work gets done.  (Much of what he’s found horrifies him.)  He is an internationally-acclaimed author and speaker who is known for provocative ideas, extremely useful content, and his passion for making it easier for everyone to work smarter.

His first book, Simplicity, was the Number 5 Leadership/Management book on Amazon in 2000.

His next best-seller is Simplicity Survival Handbook: 32 Ways to Do Less and Accomplish More.  His current book, Hacking Work: Breaking Stupid Rules for Smart Results reveals an underground army of benevolent hackers — breaking all sorts of rules so everyone can do great work.  Bill is CEO of The Jensen Group, whose mission is:  To make it easier to get stuff done.  Among the Jensen Group’s clients are Bank of America, GE, NASA, the US Navy SEALS, British Petroleum, American Express, Chevron, the government of Ontario, Pfizer, Merck, L’Oréal Italia, Johnson&Johnson, Guangzhou China Development District, and the Swedish Post Office.  Bill’s personal life fantasy is to bicycle around the globe via breweries.


Josh Klein is the quintessential hacker — someone who takes his greatest joy from combining the unexpected and seeing the result work in new and better ways.”  Josh has practiced and was trained, both formally and informally, in hacking — social systems, computer networks, animal behavior, the publishing industry, and most recently, corporate culture.  He is an internationally-acclaimed author and speaker with a reputation for provocative ideas, crystal-clear communication across disciplines, and a passion for finding hidden opportunities for technology innovation.

 Josh is CEO of H4X Industries; delivering insight on technology innovation strategy. Most of his time is spent consulting to companies and organizations both large and small, such as: Microsoft, Oracle, Frog Design, Best Buy, the MoMa, Gizmodo, Nokia, Johns Hopkins, Bankinter, The FBI, CIA, and others.  He also spends a significant amount of time speaking at conferences, such as Gadgetoff, TED, SICS, LA-IP, BIF, and Serious Play, and writing for publications such as The Guardian, Make Magazine, Harvard Business Review, and others. He has appeared on the Sundance Channel, Discovery, Nova, NPR, and similar programs.

Who Should Attend:
All AAPS Members are welcome

Program Information:

Friday, October 22, 2010 
11:30 am to 1:00 pm

Student Union Building
6138 Student Union Boulevard (view location map)

To Register: 
Simply send an email to aaps.pd@ubc.ca with the event name in the subject line. 

Overcoming Obstacles and Opening Doors- An Olympic Journey



Presented by Alexa Loo
Free Seminar

November 16, 2010 (Point Grey Campus)

Registration Deadline: November 10, 2010

Please register before this date to ensure event is not canceled



Program Summary:

Are you a professional who is interested in being inspired and motivated to take control of your career? Here is Alexa Loo’s story: She dreamed big and never lost sight of her Olympic dreams.

You Will Learn:

  • Techniques to get motivated and stay focused.
  • How to not only overcome obstacles but turn the obstacles into opportunities and open doors for your career.

Presenter Bio:

Alexa Loo is a seven time national champion and two time Olympian in the snowboard parallel giant slalom event.  She represented Canada in Torino, Italy, making history as the first Canadian woman to compete in the event for Canada.  She then went on to compete at home in the Vancouver 2010 games where she placed 12th. 

As an 11 year veteran of the national snowboard team, Alexa was a pioneer in the sport, being the first Canadian woman to make a worldcup final and the first to reach a World Cup podium.  She has 3 world cup podiums (one silver and 2 bronze), 11 Continental Cup wins and 22 Continental Cup podiums.

Alexa recently retired from competitive snowboarding ranked 1st in Canada and tied for 9th in the World!  Alexa is a chartered accountant, working at Entrust CAs  in Richmond.  She continues to be give back to sport by serving on the Audit and Finance Committees for the Canadian Olympic Committee, coaching entry level track and field with the Richmond Kajaks and motivating and inspiring others to aim high, work hard and give back by speaking at schools and community events.

Who Should Attend:

This workshop is open to all AAPS members

Program Information:

November 16, 2010 
12:00pm to 1:00 pm

Student Union Building
6138 Student Union Boulevard (view location map)

To Register:

Simply send an email to aaps.pd@ubc.ca with the event name in the subject line.  


Tips and Tricks for Succeeding at Challenging Conversations




Presented by Diane A. Ross

Free Seminar, Please RSVP

December 8, 2010 (Point Grey Campus)
Registration Deadline: December 1, 2010

Please register before this date to ensure event is not cancelled.


Program Summary:

Most of us feel anxious and uncomfortable when we think about: having to deal with a non-performing team member; delivering difficult news; confronting disrespectful behaviour; or saying “No” to a client, colleague or boss, yet we are faced with having these kinds of challenging conversations on a regular basis. Our ability to handle these conversations well is one of the most important competencies we need to be effective, and to build trust and respect in our organizations.  In this session, you will learn some tools and skills and be given a framework to prepare for and manage your most challenging conversations.

You Will Learn:

  • To evaluate what is at “stake” and whether you need to engage in a particular conversation 

  • To identify what doesn’t work and why when it comes to challenging conversations

  •  A framework to prepare for Challenging Conversations

  • Skills to navigate Challenging Conversations

  • How to manage strong emotional reactions to keep conversations on track

Presenter Bio:

Diane is an experienced speaker, facilitator and executive coach. She also trained as a mediator at Harvard Law School. Diane works with leaders, managers and professionals helping them to succeed in their challenging conversations and negotiations. She provides keynote presentations, customized workshops, team building sessions, and executive coaching. Diane has a no-nonsense style that allows her to truly engage with clients and to challenge assumptions and foster personal growth. Diane made the transition from litigation lawyer to consultant in 2004.

By way of background Diane has extensive knowledge and training including 14 years working as a litigation lawyer, a certified executive coach designation from Royal Roads University and training at Harvard Law School’s Program of Instruction for Lawyers in Advanced Negotiations: Managing Difficult Conversations and Mediation. Diane graduated from UBC in 1989 with combined B.Comm (honours) and law degrees.

Diane is currently a non-practicing lawyer with the Law Society of British Columbia, a member of the Canadian Bar Association, and a member of the Women’s Executive Network. 
Diane has worked with clients in both the public and the private sector. Her clients include but are not limited to British Columbia Institute of Technology (“BCIT”), B.C. Assessment Authority, School District #68, Best Busy Canada Ltd., College of Licensed Practical Nurses of B.C., The British Columbia Human Resource Management Association (“BCHRMA”), Department of Justice of Canada-B.C. Region, BC Leadership Centre, Yukon Government-Executive Council Office, Certified General Accountants

Association of B.C., Ministry of Attorney General-Criminal Justice Branch,  Amber Education Services Ltd, and North Island Employment Foundations Society, as well as a number of law firms. Diane has also presented at the Local Government Management Association Conference, Western Cities Conference, the Woman Lawyers Forum, and the Canadian Bar Association-Alternate Dispute Resolution Subsection.

Who Should Attend:

This workshop is open to all AAPS members

Program Information:

December 8, 2010

Student Union Building
6138 Student Union Boulevard (view location map)


To Register:

Simply send an email to aaps.pd@ubc.ca with the event name in the subject line.  


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Recent AAPS Events

Transformational Performance Management





A total of 96 AAPS members from Point Grey campus participated in Tranformational Performance Management on August 17, 2010 presented by Shauna Grinkie.


The full day presentation focused on:

  • Your own coaching and feedback strengths and areas for continued development
  • How to apply a model that guides the steps for giving acknowledging and developmental feedback
  • Your own preferences for questioning and active listening , and expand your options for improved effectiveness
  • How to apply coaching techniques in performance discussions, which will enable you to build strong relationships and guide the conversation and goal-setting process.


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Understanding Your Agreement

Letter of Agreement #1 – Salary Administration Plan and Pay Structure

Sharon Cory, AAPS’ Senior Member Services Officer, reviews the term or condition of employment from the AAPS Agreement.



The membership inquiries we receive on Salary Administration and Pay Structure vary, but most focus around: “how does the process work;” “how is my pay affected;” and “when can I expect an increase?” In recent months, a good number of the concerns members call the AAPS Office for are actually related to pay and the process of moving through the Salary Administration Plan.  With the increase in inquiries on this topic we have identified that it would be beneficial for members to review their individual “CWL” accounts to verify their salary placement and years of service as identified in the “Career Progress Increments” of the Salary Administration Plan. 

The ACTE – Agreement on Conditions and Terms of Employment between AAPS and University identifies a “Salary Administration Plan”.  The principles and components of the plan are clearly identified and are a positive employment benefit.  Within the Letter of Agreement #1, I would like to draw your attention to the specific item #4:

“Career Progress Increments:  The University shall ensure that employees are compensated to the midpoint of their salary range by the end of their fourth year in the position, from date of hire, subject to satisfactory performance.”
The Agreement continues with “There shall be up to four (4) increments from the salary at which an employee is hired to the midpoint of the salary range.”  
To verify your information you enter your personal CWL account and then go to “The Management Systems Portal”.  Under the “Compensation History” section is an itemized historical listing of changes to your pay.

A review of your personal salary information should be done periodically – at least every six months.  Upon reviewing your personal data, if you have questions or note discrepancies, please contact the AAPS Office for assistance.  

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Getting to Know Your Committee Members



Each edition of On the Radar will include a Q & A session with an active committee member. This month, AAPS Professional Development Committee Member, Jennifer Harvey is featured.


What is your position at UBC?

Chief Technical Officer with the Human Early Learning Partnership's Early Child Development Mapping Project.  I'm also an office sustainability coordinator and internal coach with UBC coaching services. 

What do you love most about working at UBC?

The energy that comes from people when they're passionate about what they're doing - students, staff and faculty.

What is your volunteer position at AAPS?  Explain your duties.

I've just joined the Professional Development Committee - helping steer the kind of PD events AAPS puts on.  It wasn't until I joined the committee that I found out the AAPS events are funded separately from the $750 AAPS PD funds available to individual members administered through the University.

What made you decide to volunteer for AAPS?

I have something to contribute - ideas and energy.

What is your favourite restaurant on UBC campus and why?

The cozy SPROUTS in the SUB – volunteer-run cafe making healthy, sustainably produced, and affordable food accessible on campus. 75 cent coffee, delicious brownies and soup, bulk items, and organic produce - yum!

If you could give a piece of advice to new M&P Staff about his/her career, what would it be?

There are many resources and benefits available to you here at UBC - find out what they are!


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The Coaching Advantage

Reinvent your Job (and Yourself)

by Nancy Hogan, CEC BBA

Nancy Hogan

Nancy Hogan is part of UBC’s award-winning Coaching Services, which offers one-on-one coaching services with a professional coach, team coaching and skill development in coaching. Services are available to all UBC faculty and staff. For more information about UBC Coaching Services, click here.

How do you approach the workweek when you spring (or crawl) out of bed on Monday morning as the alarm clock is ringing?  Are you excited by the week and challenges that lie ahead or do you want to go back to bed and pull the covers over your head?

More and more, I meet with clients who decide to work with a coach because they are bored in their work and feel like it is time to move on, or time for something “new”.  Most tasks have become mechanical and they go on autopilot as they physically “show” up for work each day, although mentally they are no longer engaged.  Even the parts of the job we love best become stale if we don’t research and renew them regularly.

While we entertain the possibility of a new career or position during our coaching conversations, one of the many possibilities that can be explored (at least in the short-term) is how to regularly reinvent your job.  In exploring this issue in their current role, meaningful questions that may be asked are:

  • What are new problems to solve or new issues to be passionate about?
  • What are you already doing that is working well?
  • What are your time wasters and how can you reduce them?
  • How can you work on projects that energize you?
  • What goals can you establish to use your time better?
  • What needs to change to make this happen?

Spending time to examine your job through a different lens can result in new opportunities for growth and development, which can benefit both you and your department.  If the rate at which you are learning is not equal to or greater than the rate of change today, you may soon find you have a gap in your skill set.  Many people who are happy and successful in their careers are constantly researching new ways to get things done and developing new skills to help them grow on the job.  Working with a coach can help to develop and focus your career plan so that you don’t find yourself running from job to job every time you get bored.

How will you continually sharpen your growth edge?


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Aquatic Header

Promoting Fall Aquatics Fitness Programs

Are you looking for the “perfect” exercise?  A form of exercise which is easy on your joints, supports your body weight, assists the body’s circulation, prevents overheating or sweating profusely, works every muscle in the body, burns calories, helps with weight loss, improves muscle tone, strength, core stability, flexibility and the body’s cardio-vascular system and it is FUN at the same time, then try Aquacize (exercises in the water performed to music).  Because Aquacize is low impact, there is a feeling of “weightlessness” which is ideal for all individuals but in particular anyone with mild arthritis, osteoporosis, injuries, joint rehabilitation needs, back problems, fibromyalgia and pre/post natal conditions.  Exercises are simple and alternatives along with progressions are provided.  Shallow, Deep, Senior’s, Pre/Post natal, Mom & Baby, and SwimFit are all the available Aquacize classes at the UBC Aquatic Centre.

In addition, if you are not inclined to get wet during your workout, another great exercise alternative is Pilates and Yoga.  Yoga offers many health benefits through improving relaxation techniques, balance, flexibility, core strength, muscular endurance and breathing techniques.  On the other hand, Pilates strengthens and lengthens muscles while building core strength, stability, proper posture, body alignment, breath control, balance and overall muscular strength.  Modifications are offered to accommodate all levels.  Different class types of Pilates and Yoga are available at the UBC Aquatic Centre.

Whether you are looking to start a new fitness program, cross train by supplementing your existing one, or just try something different on your lunch break or after work, check out the UBC Aquatic Centre website for a detailed listing of class times, days, descriptions and costs.

Any questions about this program can be sent to Leslie Grundy, Program Coordinator, UBC Aquatic Centre legrundy@interchange.ubc.ca.


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Positive Space Campaign

Registration for the fall workshops for the Positive Space Campaign is now open. As you likely know, Positive Space is an initiative intended to help make UBC more receptive to and welcoming of its lesbian, gay, bisexual, queer, questioning, transgender, transsexual, gender variant, two-spirit and intersex (LGBQTTI) population and issues of sexual and gender diversity on campus. Please help us spread the word to your UBC department, colleagues and friends. Students, staff and faculty are most welcome to attend.

The training sessions this fall are:

  • Friday, October 15, 2010 from 12:30pm-4:00pm
  • Wednesday, October 27, 2010 from 12:30pm-4:00pm
  • Wednesday, November 10, 2010 from 9:30am-1:00pm
  • Thursday, November 18, 2010 from 9:30am-1:00pm

Workshops tend to fill up really quickly and we always have a wait list so sign up soon to avoid disappointment. Preregistration is required. To register online, please see http://positivespace.ubc.ca/workshops/.

The workshops are 3.5 hours in length, informative, interactive and a lot of fun. They attract a diverse mix of people from across the campus, including those with a lot of experience and those to whom these issues are relatively new. There's something for everyone here.

After the initial workshop, you may decide to become a Resource Person with the campaign, in which case you will be given a poster and button to advertise your participation. The time commitment for those who choose to become Resource Persons is minimal.

Please note that all workshops cover the same material so you need only attend one. All locations TBA. To preregister, please follow the above link or email me or call (contact info below) with your name, department, phone number, email address and preferred training date.

The Positive Space Campaign is coordinated by UBC's Equity Office. For more information about the Campaign, to sign up for the workshop, to see Professor Toope’s statement of support or to find out who are among the hundreds of trained Resource People on campus, please see www.positivespace.ubc.ca. If you have any  questions or want further information, you’re also welcome to contact me directly.

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Exploring the Contract Research Organization (CRO) & Investigative Site Interface: A Canadian Perspective

A PhD Research Study

The Study: This study aims to explore the relationship between CROs and both academic and community based investigative sites involved with clinical drug trials, and to gain a better understanding of key challenges that arise in each context.

Participants: To fully understand this complex relationship, it is important to canvass a wide range of perspectives.  If you are a researcher, research worker, research administrator, monitor, project manager or otherwise have experience working with CROs and/or investigative sites in the context of contract clinical trials, your participation in this study would be greatly appreciated.

What Does Participation Involve?  Participants in this study will be asked to participate in one individual interview lasting approximately 45-90 minutes. The interview will be scheduled at a time and place that is convenient for the participant.

Why is this important? An important objective of this study is to produce information that facilitates effective interactions between CROs and investigative sites. For example, increased awareness of the hurdles that impede communication between CROs and sites can help improve overall timeliness of site recruitment and start up procedures.  Moreover, clarifying how needs and expectations differ between academic and community based investigative sites may help further expedite CRO-site negotiations. 

Contact: If you are interested in participating in this study, or would like more information please contact:

Nina Preto, LL.B., MSc (Bioethics)
PhD Candidate
University of British Columbia
W.M.Young Centre for Applied Ethics
Phone: 604.827.5253
Fax: 604.822.8627
Email: cpreto@interchange.ubc.ca


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Have You Experienced Depression in the Past?
Would You Like to Learn a New Approach to Prevent Relapse?

We are now recruiting adults who have experienced 3 or more episodes of depression to participate in a randomized-controlled trial evaluating therapy-based treatments for depressive relapse.

For more information please contact Amanda: 604.306.1364 orayu4@bcmhs.bc.ca

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The Art of Effective Presentations

Learn to balance content design and delivery skills with an authentic and engaging personal style. With award-winning Trainer, Coach and Author, Bruna Martinuzzi. Sat, Nov 27, 9am-4:30pm.


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