On the Radar Volume 9 Number 2

April, 2013

“On the Radar" is an electronic news bulletin for members of the Association of Administrative and Professional Staff at UBC. It is published under the guidance of AAPS and the AAPS Communications Committee. We publish 4-5 issues per year. Please send comments and suggestions to aaps.pd@ubc.ca.


In this issue

AAPS Announcements


AAPS Professional Development Program

Member Engagement

Community Announcements


Attend the Spring General Meeting

Date: Wednesday April 24, 2013
Time: 12:00pm – 2:00pm

Locations: Student Union Building – Party Room, 2nd floor (Point Grey Campus) & via Webcast

Notice of Meeting

As per the email notice sent on April 10, 2013, the Spring General Meeting will be held on Wednesday, April 24, 2013 from 12:00 pm to 2:00 pm in the Party Room on the 2nd floor of the Student Union Building at the Point Grey Campus. Click here for location map. Just a reminder that, as a condition of your employment, it is your right to attend the full meeting from 12:00 pm to 2:00 pm. The meeting will also be available as an on demand webcast beginning at 12:00 pm. The webcast will enable AAPS members to observe and participate on their computer from anywhere in the world. Please email the AAPS Office at aaps.office@ubc.ca to request instructions and a link to the webcast.

Meeting Registration

This meeting is open to AAPS members only. If you plan to attend, please send an email to aaps.office@ubc.ca as soon as possible to help with catering arrangements and to ease the registration processing. An email will be sent to confirm registration. Thank you for your cooperation.

Meeting Agenda

1. Call to Order
2. Approval of the Agenda
3. Approval of the Minutes of the Spring GM 2012 (PDF)
4. President’s Report - Review of the Year to Date
5. Executive Director’s Report
6. Financial Report: 
     a. Proposed Budget 2013/2014 (PDF)
     b. Motion to Approve the 2013/2014 Budget (see below)
     c. Motion for Appointment of Auditor for 2012/2013 (see below)
7. Professional Development Program Review & Survey Results
8. Question and Answer Session
9. Motion to Adjourn


Motion to approve the 2013/2014 AAPS Budget:  
“Be it resolved that the 2013/2014 AAPS budget prepared by the AAPS Finance Committee and endorsed by the Board be approved as presented.”   

Motion for Appointment of Auditor for 2012/2013:
“Be it resolved to appoint the firm of De Visser Gray LLP Chartered Accountants as the Association's auditors for the 2012/2013 fiscal year ending June 30, 2013.”  

To Register

Please contact aaps.office@ubc.ca to register for the Spring General Meeting or request instructions and a link to the 2013 Spring General Meeting Webcast.

M&P Professional Development Fund 2013 – 2014

April 1, 2013 marked the opening of a new funding period for the M&P Professional Development Fund and the start of a new fiscal year. The overall budget for the M&P Professional Development Fund has increased to $480K for 2013 – 2014 as negotiated in the most recent round of collective bargaining. The funds will be divided evenly over four periods minus the cost of administration, which is charged back to the fund. The individual funding maximum for the 2013 – 2014 fiscal year is $750.00.

This table shows the periods for activity start dates and the corresponding submission periods.(Please check UBC HR's website for the most up to date information)

Quarterly Allocation

For courses, conferences, workshops, membership renewals, subscriptions with a START DATE* of:

Applications will be accepted as of:

Application Submission

Deadline Date:

Period 1

April 1 – June 30

April 1

June 30

Period 2

July 1 – Sept 30

July 1

Sept 30

Period 3

Oct 1 – Dec 31

Oct 1

Dec  31

Period 4

Jan 1 – March 31


March 31

"* PD Activity START DATE refers to the start (i.e. first day) of a course, conference, workshop, membership start/ renewal, subscription start /renewal. In the case of a PD activity without a defined start date, such as a book purchase or self paced course enrollment, it refers to the purchase (i.e. receipt) date.

In the event that a PD activity does not have a start date (ie book purchase or self paced course with flexible start date) then purchase date replaces “start date” for determining the applicable submission quarter." — UBC HR

  • For detailed information on eligible expenses and how to submit a claim, please visit the M&P Professional Development Fund page at UBC HR
  • The Fund is administered by UBC HR and administrative questions regarding the fund can be directed to Susanna Mulligan susanna.mulligan@ubc.ca or 604.822.9273604.822.9273
  • If you have any additional questions or concerns about the Fund, please contact one of the AAPS Member Services Officers at 604.822.9025604.822.9025 or online

PD Survey and iPad Mini Winner

Thanks to all the AAPS members who responded to our Professional Development Survey. We had a response rate of 29% of the membership. The survey will help the AAPS Executive Board 

as they undertake a review of the AAPS Professional Development Program.

The results of the survey will be presented at the Spring General Meeting on Wednesday, April 24, 2013.

Congratulations to Lawron Leung, Executive Coordinator, Department of Psychology, who won the draw for the iPad Mini.


The AAPS Member Services Officers support and assist the membership in advocacy issues. If you have any concerns and/or questions, please contact us and you will be assigned a representative to assist you with your situation. All information is treated confidentially. Questions brought forward raise AAPS' awareness of activities on the University's campuses, and ensure the Collective Agreement is being appropriately applied.

Event: Organizational Change and How the AAPS Collective Agreement Applies

AAPS Members Service Officers Luisa Liberatore and Sharon Cory will be bringing back their popular Advocacy Education Event on May 9, 2013 at Point Grey Campus.

Are you being affected by a departmental change? Unsure what this may mean or what you can do? Do you want to learn more about how this may affect you as an AAPS member? If the answer is yes to any of these questions, you are encouraged to attend this information session.

Please follow the link below for more information and to register:

Organizational Change and How the AAPS Collective Agreement Applies

Understanding Your Collective Agreement


Every edition, AAPS Member Services Officers review select terms or conditions of employment from the AAPS Collective Agreement.

Luisa Liberatore and Sharon Cory are Member Service Officers at AAPS and are available to assist members with advocacy related concerns. Make an Advocacy Appointment today.

Signing Termination Without Cause Letters (Article 9)

AAPS’ position as it relates to signing Termination Without Cause letters is that members do not need to sign them to receive notice as set out in Article 9 of the Collective Agreement.

The termination letter's use of the word "offer" is misleading given that in the vast majority of cases the letter simply restates the University’s legal obligations under the Collective Agreement. In some instances there are waiver and confidentiality provisions not contained in the Collective Agreement inserted into the letter. There have been cases where members inadvertently signed letters under the mistaken impression that they needed to do so in order to receive notice under the Collective Agreement. Unless our members are receiving further notice in exchange for such waivers we strenuously advise members not to sign in those cases.

As for the election of salary continuance versus the 75% lump sum payout, an initial beside the option they have chosen is sufficient to process the member’s selection.

If you receive a termination letter (with or without cause) you are encouraged to contact the AAPS Office to better understand your rights and obligations.

Terminations — Duty to Mitigate (Article 9.1.8)

Eligibility for Payment of Pay in Lieu of Notice in Employee Terminations

As a terminated employee who has been given notice their employment will be ending, you have a “Duty to Mitigate” as noted in Article 9.1.8 of the Collective Agreement. 

Upon receiving a termination notice you will begin the process of seeking other employment. The notice you receive in your termination letter will reflect the duration you will continue to be paid by the University. The duration of the notice period is calculated on your length of service with the University.

On January 31, 2013, AAPS received a decision stemming from an arbitration settlement between the parties, AAPS and the University RE: Payment of Pay in Lieu of Notice. This case addressed the situation where a terminated M&P staff member secured a new position outside the University and not within those organizations governed by the Public Sector Employers' Council mandate. As the individual had not exhausted their notice period the expectation was they would receive 50% of the remaining notice in the form of a payout.

The University’s position noted the individual secured a new position within the first three months of receiving the termination notice and therefore was not eligible to receive the remaining 50% payout to the expiry of the notice period. AAPS argued that a terminated employee receives notice and continues to receive wages to assist them while looking for other employment and upon securing other employment the terminated employee would be eligible to receive the 50% payment for remaining notice. The Arbitrator, Colin Taylor, determined the Grievor would not be eligible to receive the 50% payout as they secured a position within the first three months of the notice period.

To ensure you understand your rights and obligations please contact the AAPS Office upon receiving a Termination Notice to ensure you have a complete understanding of the options noted within your termination letter.

Transition (Relocation) Counselling Changes (Article 9.1.10)

The recent round of collective bargaining saw a change and enhancement to Article 9.1.10. "Relocation Counselling" was changed to "Transition Counselling" to better reflect the support services offered for those released from the University.

Employees with less than five years’ service, if released under Article 9, are entitled to a job search workshop from a service provider at the University’s discretion.

Employees with five or more years of continuous service, are entitled to a minimum of three months of transition counselling from a University appointed service provider. Newly added is the alternative to receive three months of career transition coaching from a certified coach in lieu of the transition services. This still requires approval from Human Resources. Given that the average years of service for members released with notice from 2006 to 2012 was just over six years, AAPS saw this as a positive enhancement afforded to members in the University exercising its rights and obligations under Article 9.

If members wish to discuss this or other recent changes to the Collective Agreement, they are encouraged to contact the AAPS Office to book an appointment.

Pre-Adoptive Leave (Article

During the last round of collective bargaining the leave benefit for adoptive parents was changed from a post-adoption benefit to a pre-adoption leave.

Members who are not involved in a direct adoption are eligible for pre-adoptive leave with pay for up to 20 days per adoption.

Pre-adoptive leave is for the purposes of:

  1. Pre-requisite adoption courses
  2. Adoption suitability evaluations including pre-placement visit with prospective adoptive child(ren)
  3. Completion of legal process in child’s or children’s country, including travel, for an international adoption while employee is in the country

This leave does not have to be taken as one consecutive amount but can be used intermittently to a maximum of 20 days and can be shared between adoptive parents who both work for the University. Leave under this provision will end with the placement of the adoptive child(ren). It should be noted that adoptive parents involved with a direct adoption are not eligible for the leave. This provision is similar in nature to one that BC Public Servants enjoy.

Adoptive parents are still eligible for the unpaid parental leave of 37 weeks and may begin within 52 weeks after the child is placed with the parent.

Should you have questions regarding this or other kinds of leaves, please contact the AAPS Office to book an appointment.

Advocacy Report

This itemized report provides a year-to-date snapshot of Advocacy work that the Member Services Officers are engaged in.

  • Queries typically comprise of information sharing or situational support related to the Advocacy FAQs on the AAPS website
  • Advocacy Issues statistics represent the complex support, action and/or follow-up by a Member Services Officer
  • The Total YTD Grievance statistics are matters which will be resolved in the formalized process identified in the Framework Agreement
  • The Total YTD Terminations Without Cause statistics represent the number of letters received by the AAPS Office, in accordance with Article 9 of the Collective Agreement

Year to Date Totals for the Period: July 1, 2012 to March 31, 2013





Advocacy Issues


Open Grievances


Terminations Without Cause



Advocacy Issues Detail



Issues Handled









Warning / Suspension




Terminations Cause

Gross Misconduct / Theft / Assault / Other




Terminations Without Cause

Unsuitability / Position Elimination / Reorganization / Budget cuts




Terminations Probation

Suitability / Fit





Voluntary termination




Term Appointments

Date Moved / Notice / Pay




Classification & Reclassification

Job family / Grade



Workload Overtime






Personal / Bullying / Sexual / Gender





Department or UBC Changes



Sick Leave

Pay / Duration / Qualifying for





Accrual / Entitlement



Disability Benefits





Maternity/Parental Leave





Leaves of Absence

Unpaid leave




Performance Review

Probation / Ongoing





Search / Selection / Offer Letters



Secondment / Temporary Promotion

Other positions







Other General Interpretations











Terminations Without Cause Detail

 Terminations Without Cause by Month

 Reasons for Termination Without Cause

  • July: 9
  • August: 9
  • September: 10
  • October: 11
  • November: 18
  • December: 0
  • January: 13
  • February: 13
  • March: 16
  • Reorganization
  • Lack of Funding
  • Lack of Suitability
  • Probationary
  • Budgetary Restraint


Upcoming PD Events

Our spring AAPS Professional Development Program offers you many ways to improve your communications and interpersonal relations in the workplace. Whether you are a manager or professional, approaching "difficult conversations" can be stressful. Let our experts share their best practices with you.

We have started to include a more detailed description of the target audience for each AAPS professional development session where appropriate. Not sure if a PD event is the right fit for you? Contact us aaps.pd@ubc.ca.

Keep an eye on the Events Calendar for program updates.

Rituals of High Performance in the Workplace

April 22, 2013, Okanagan Campus

There is a yearning in the workplace for something more. Yes, we want to be productive. But we want MORE than to-do lists – we want to go deeper. We want enlightened productivity. In this highly impactful program, Productivity Expert Rhonda Victoor will teach the 3 rituals of high performance needed to achieve that optimal state that combines wild productivity with deep satisfaction.


How to Make a Difference as Managers and Leaders in your Organization

May 7, 2013, Point Grey Campus

In this highly interactive session facilitated by Daniel Skarlicki, managers and leaders with direct staff reports will explore how to make a difference in their departments or units amid uncertainty and change.



Strategies for Building Your Negotiating Power

May 14, 2013, Point Grey Campus

May 15, 2013, VGH & Area

We negotiate constantly. Negotiating when there is a power imbalance can make these situations seem daunting.  Many of us feel anxious and uncomfortable when we think about negotiating with our managers or our coworkers. This session, facilitated by Diane A. Ross,will focus on giving you the strategies, skills and practice to successfully negotiate a variety of workplace situations.

New Paradigms of Retirement

May 24, 2013, Point Grey Campus

Tracy Theemes returns to deliver her popular workshop on retirement planning. You don't need to be at the end of your career to start thinking about how and when you would like to retire. Tracy will review the four key phases of retirement and their financial impact.


Conquer Conflict — Step Into Your Power and Resolve with Respect

May 29, 2013 — Okanagan Campus

June 10, 2013 — VGH & Area

June 13, 2013 — Point Grey Campus

Over 95% of all workplace disputes can be resolved within the first three to five days of occurrence...if someone speaks up. Join Respectful Workplace solutions expert Erica Pinsky and learn how to speak up respectfully and effectively.

Different Forms of Professional Development

By Luisa Liberatore

When we typically think of professional development, we envision attending a course or workshop to further enhance our knowledge today so that we may apply it tomorrow. While courses and sessions are the traditional venues for professional development, when compiling a development plan it helps to think outside the box.

Here are some other options to consider:

Self-directed Learning

  • Many adult learners gain insight through self-learning, so compiling a reading list on a proposed subject matter is one option. To demonstrate your understanding, you may want to do a presentation for your manager and peers. This will enable you to showcase your understanding and professional knowledge. It is also an excellent opportunity to demonstrate communication and speaking skills.

Find a Mentor

  • In trades and other technical professions the master and the apprentice still exist as a way to development skills and ability. You may also adopt a similar mindset by approaching a senior manager and asking if they would act as your professional mentor/guru. This is a great way to tap into that human capital and to recognize those who bring experience and knowledge to a profession. There are many benefits to having a mentor: a mentor can act as a sounding board for testing ideas and plans; they can provide insight into the pros and cons of a course of action; they can expand your personal network; and they can provide constructive feedback in a safe environment.

Job Shadowing

  • You have colleagues in your workplace who are great at what they do. Asking if you can job shadow one for a particular period of time or for a project is another option. Often times the business culture or "the way things are done" conflicts with our professional technical knowledge and background. Job shadowing a colleague is a great way to learn from your colleagues, to gain a better appreciation of what they do, to know how they support the organization and to understand how departments work. You should consider this option if you are new to a department or hoping to transition into a new role.

Committee Participation

  • Joining a committee is another great way to learn about an organization. It is also a great forum for people with different backgrounds and experiences to work together towards a common goal. This develops project management, leadership, communication, and negotiation skills.


  • Taking on a new project that challenges you professionally can be a form of development. With this hands-on learning you will not only gain more knowledge and understanding of the subject matter, but will also further develop skills in communication, research, and time management. A portfolio of completed projects can clearly demonstrate your accomplishments to prospective employers and current managers.

Professional Networks

  • Participating in a professional network not only broadens your professional knowledge, it is also an excellent way to expand your network. Professional network groups and/or events bring together people with different backgrounds and experiences with similar fields of interest. Professional networks help you to understand trends, compliance issues and new technology, and to strengthen your expertise.

Consider trying some of these activities to take a more organic approach to professional development. Only you can truly chart your course.

In the next issue, we will compile a list of professional development resources at UBC.


Join the AAPS Sports Day Team

Frickets & Bolo anyone?

UBC’s Annual Staff and Faculty Sports Day is on May 3, 2013 from 11:30am – 1:00pm and we’d love to have you as a member of the AAPS team.

Teams will compete in both physical and mental challenges. Prizes will be awarded to the team with the most spirit as well as winning team.

New Member Information Sessions

We will be starting a new round of New Member Information Sessions at the end of April. If you have not yet attended one of our sessions, please sign up at aaps.office@ubc.ca. If you have a colleague or a direct report who is a new AAPS member, please encourage them to attend. Coffee, tea, juice and muffins will be provided.

The session will:

  • Introduce you to AAPS and our member services
  • Give an overview of your collective agreement
  • Outline your UBC benefits as they relate to the collective agreement
  • Explain your rights and responsibilities as an employee of UBC
  • Give you an opportunity to see the AAPS office and meet the AAPS staff
  • Give you an opportunity to network with fellow new employees and ask questions

If you are a new member, please fill out our New Member Information Form and join our LinkedIn Group.

AAPS Member Engagement Networking Event


The AAPS Member Engagement Committee held their first networking event in March, a Pub Night, at Point Grey Campus. Thanks to all the members who came out, we hope you had a great time.

If you enjoy trivia try these AAPS & UBC Trivia questions (answers are at the bottom).

If you would like to help with future pub nights or have a great idea for a member engagement event you’d like to organize, contact the Member Engagement Committee at aaps.pd@ubc.ca. We are looking for new members to join the committee and for members who have a member activity they’d like to coordinate.



These announcements come from AAPS members like you. Do you have a UBC community event you’d like to share? Email your announcements to aaps.pd@ubc.ca or join the AAPS LinkedIn Group and post your announcement on our discussion board.

UBC Okanagan Staff & Faculty Sports Day

Okangan Campus

Fri, May 3, 2013 11:00 AM - 1:30 PM UBC Okanagan campus. On Friday, May 3, 2013, join WRAP and Campus Rec as they host the first ever UBC Okanagan Staff & Faculty Sports Day. This fun and free event for all staff and faculty is a great opportunity for team-building through physical and mental challenges. The UBC Okanagan Staff & Faculty Sports Day runs from 11:00 am - 1:30 pm with activities, barbeque and prizes.

For a list of activities, rules and information please visit the UBC Okanagan Staff & Faculty Website

Team Registration

Individual Registration

Registration Deadline: Wednesday, May 1st - 5:00 pm

Volunteers will be required to make this event a success, please register and let us know what time you are available and what you would be able to help with - Volunteer Sign Up

Have questions? More Info

Free Summer Yoga

Okanagan Campus
Mon, May 6, 2013, no cost

When: Every Monday from 12:05pm –12:55pm
Location: CCS144 (formerly called FIN).
Mats will be provided if you do not have one of your own.

In partnership with Campus Rec and WRAP

For more info please contact Deb Deorksen debbie.deorksen@ubc.ca or call ext 78861.

Creating Connections Conference

Point Grey Campus

Creating Connections - Working Together to Transform Our World on May 10 & 11, 2013

Presented by Westcoast Women in Engineering, Science & Technology / NSERC Chair for Women in Science and Engineering. For more information, visit our website, http://www.wwest.ca/cc, or contact us by email at creating.connections@ubc.ca.

Creating Connections is a conference to support and enable a meaningful dialogue about the role of women in science, engineering, and technology, and to build capacity for individuals and organizations to engage in transformational and long-lasting change. The conference will bring together over 250 people for a full day of personal and professional development, networking, and inspiration. It is for everyone who wants to be part of the discussion, inclusive of all genders, backgrounds, and professions.

Highlights of the conference include networking receptions, personal and professional development sessions, opportunities for structured discussions and dialogue, and four keynotes:

* Friday Public Keynote: "The Role of Gender in Science Communication" panel discussion, moderated by Dr. Jennifer Gardy (BC Centre for Disease Control and recurring guest host for Daily Planet on the Discovery Channel) and featuring Bob McDonald (Host of CBC Radio One's Quirks and Quarks), Carin Bondar (freelance science communicator and blogger for Scientific American), and Cam Cronin (HR MacMillan Space Centre).
* Saturday Opening Keynote: Dr. Roberta Bondar (the world's first neurologist in space and Canada's first female astronaut).
* Saturday Lunch Keynote: Anna Tudela (Vice-President of Regulatory Affairs and Corporate Secretary, Goldcorp Inc.).
* Saturday Closing Keynote: Amiee Chan (CEO, President, and Director of Norsat International Inc.)


Point Grey Campus

UBC faculty, staff and alumni are invited to be a part of the movement: a movement to help make UBC healthier.

Register on-line to receive your free t-shirt: www.movingminds.hkin.educ.ubc.ca

MovingMinds is a free event designed to help you take a break and improve your health.  Learn tips and tricks on how to stay healthy, grab a snack, win prizes and walk or run for as little or as long as you’d like with friends and colleagues.

May 16th from 12 – 2pm, Main Mall- between University Blvd and Stores Rd

MovingMinds is an event coordinated by UBC BodyWorks Fitness Centre and the School of Kinesiology, with support from UBC Human Resources and Kinesiology Undergraduate Society.

UBC Continuing Studies

Downtown Campus

EQ for Smart Leadership

Larry Gregg, CHRP, CPCC

Friday, May 31, 2013, 9am-4pm, UBC Robson Square

Using Emotional Intelligence as a basis, this course focuses on your success as a leader based on corporate fit, values and awareness. Gain tools to know yourself better in the areas of integrity, decision making, collaboration, empathy and self-control. Find out how you can be  more enlightened in your role as leader so that you can  make better decisions for yourself and identify corporate cultural issues before they become unmanageable.

Leaders at all levels benefit from this practical course, particularly those facing new challenges in their careers and those who are seeking fresh approaches to stay on top of their game.

15% discount when two or more individuals from the same organization register at the same time. Please call to register with discount. 604.822.8585604.822.8585.




Thank you for reading On the Radar. Please send comments and suggestions to aaps.pd@ubc.ca