UBC Presidential Search Committee Update

Dear AAPS Members,

As you have likely heard President Toope is stepping down in June 30, 2014.  The process to fill the selection committee for his successor has begun. The search committee will be comprised of 22 members from various constituencies. As per procedures approved by the Senate and the Board of Governors the representative for management and professional staff is identified as follows:


The process for nominating and electing committee members is managed by UBC, full details on the search process can be found here:


As the largest bargaining unit on campus, the AAPS Board was disappointed that we were not allocated a dedicated seat on the committee, as the M&P representative is inclusive of non-AAPS positions (e.g. excluded, service unit directors etc.). We will be expressing our discontent to the Chancellor in the hopes of influencing future search committees.

However, given the current rules that are in effect for this search process, the AAPS Board has met and decided to nominate a candidate for the search committee. After discussion and deliberation the Board has decided to nominate Jacqueline Smit, current President of AAPS. Details on Jacqueline’s background and biography will be sent out to members during the voting period.

While the AAPS Board has chosen to nominate a candidate, the Board wants to convey to members that we encourage any AAPS member who is interested in participating on this committee to submit a nomination, per the processes identified in the links above.

We urge AAPS members to familiarise themselves with all of the candidates and to vote when the election is called, so that an AAPS member can secure a position on the committee. It is important that the interests and concerns of AAPS members are appropriately represented in this presidential search. More details will be forthcoming on the voting process which will occur May 17 – 24, 2013.

Please feel free to contact me if you have any questions.


Michael Conlon | Executive Director      
The Association of Administrative and Professional Staff at UBC