Reminder to Members with Term Appointments: Please Review the New Language in the Collective Agreement

The 2019-2022 Collective Agreement defined new language for what can constitute a Term Appointment and its duration.

We are kindly asking that all members with a Term Appointment review the language regarding Term Appointments and let us know if you have any questions or think changes should be made to your appointment type or length to reflect the new language.

You can reach out directly to Heidi Taylor at

If you are not sure if the new language impacts you or not, please reach out to Heidi anyway. They will be able to review your appointment and let you know if you potentially fit the criteria for changes.

We appreciate that some of you may already be in conversation with your department/unit regarding these changes, and that’s good. If the result of your department’s evaluation isn’t what you expect, please contact us.

Finally, we know that some of you may be nervous about your appointment type being changed and how that can impact your job. We would still encourage you to have an initial conversation with Heidi about your specific situation and potential next steps. Your conversations with AAPS are confidential. We would at least like you to be informed about your rights under the Collective Agreement.

If you have already contacted us about your appointment, we appreciate your diligence on this matter. Otherwise, we hope to hear from you soon.