Spring General Meeting Highlights


A warm thank you to all the members who made time to participate in the AAPS Spring General Meeting, particularly those who gathered together at St. Paul’s, Okanagan, and Vancouver General Hospital.

The Proposed Changes to the By-laws and the Constitution passed with an overwhelming majority. AAPS Acting President Andrea Han took members through the revision process and opened the floor up for questions.

Here are the updated By-laws and Constitution.

Here are the By-law and Constitution Revisions.

If you have any questions about these changes, please contact Joey Hansen or Andrea Han.

As is our annual spring tradition, Treasurer Paul de Leon walked members through the proposed 2016/2017 Budget. AAPS members have had a dues vacation from December 2015- June 2016. Three additional dues vacations are scheduled for the 2016/2017 fiscal year. Through this process, AAPS will be balancing out the Reserve Fund Surplus and bringing it in line with current recommendations. Additional budget increases where approved by the membership to support member involvement initiatives.

You can view the 2016/2017 AAPS Budget here.

If you have any questions, please contact Petra Ormsby or Paul de Leon.

In her President’s report, Andrea Han spoke to the accomplishments from the past year and how the Board will be looking ahead including increasing visibility of AAPS members, continuing to improve engagement and working on the Market Survey.

Information about past Market Surveys

In his Executive Director’s report, Joey Hansen spoke to the increases in advocacy queries and complex cases coming into the office.  He emphasized some concerns around how the University is handling investigations and urged members to contact the Office is they are called to a meeting that may result in discipline as well as the importance of never waiving their right to representation.

Three areas of concern for AAPS are:

AAPS will continue to press the University on these issues and communicate with members in a timely manner on important issues.

If you are experiencing a workplace issue or have concerns about how the Collective Agreement is being applied in your area, please contact the AAPS Office or make an Advocacy Appointment.


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  2. We offers confidential advice that is in your best interest
  3. AAPS members are our sole priority