Statutory Holidays

We hope everyone enjoyed the long weekend. Here is a friendly reminder about statutory holidays.

Article 11.1 identifies the following statutory holidays:

- New Year’s Day                                                 - Labour Day

- Family Day*                                                       - Good Friday

- Thanksgiving Day                                             - Easter Monday

- Remembrance Day                                          - Victoria Day

- Christmas Day                                                   - Canada Day

- Boxing Day                                                         - B.C. Day

The UBC dates for 2013 can be found here:

As per the Agreement, “if any of these holidays fall on a Saturday or Sunday, another working day (as determined by the University) will be observed as the holiday. A full-time employee is entitled to receive these holidays with pay. A part-time employee who has worked at least 11 days in the preceding calendar month is entitled to statutory holiday pay equal to their usual working hours.”

The AAPS office is available to assist members who may have questions about paid and unpaid leave or other workplace issues.

* added in for the 2012 round of bargaining