THRIVE: Take Care of Your Mental Health

There are a number of benefits provided as part of your UBC benefits plan as well as articles in your Collective Agreement to help support your mental health.

UBC Extended Benefits

M&P Staff have an excellent mental health benefit that allows for up to $2500 per year for visits to a psychologist, registered clinical counsellor, or social worker. Your visits are covered at 100%, and you do not need a doctor’s note. For more information, please review the Paramedical section of the UBC Benefits website. You also have access to a Health Spending Account that gives you an additional annual amount to put towards eligible health care expenses.

Employee and Family Assistance Program

As part of your UBC Benefits, you have free access to confidential crisis counselling 24/7/365 online, over the phone, and in-person for you and your family. EFAP also provides a variety of programs for preventative care and stress management. Visit EFAP service provider Shepell’s website. If you are in a crisis, please call 1 800 387 4765.

Sick Leave

Article 12.3 of your Collective Agreement outlines your sick leave entitlement. M&P staff who have passed their probationary period may be eligible for up to 6 months of sick leave. The Collective Agreement also outlines the required documentation for such leaves. If you are taking sick leave for mental health reasons, we strongly encourage you to check in with the AAPS Office regarding your application. If you are going to be off from work for more than 6 months, you can apply for long-term disability benefits.

If you require workplace accommodations when returning from a sick leave or due to a mental health issue, such as reduced workdays, limiting the scope of work, modifying duties or specific technical support, there is a Return to Work/Remain at Work program available through UBC HR. Please contact the AAPS Office and make sure you a have an AAPS Member Services Officer supporting you through the process.

Personal Leave

Article 12.8 outlines unpaid leaves of absence. They may be taken for up to 12 months on approval of your supervisor. You should not unreasonably be denied an unpaid leave of absence from the workplace. We encourage you to speak with an AAPS Member Services Officer before submitting your request.

Other Kinds of Leaves

12.1                           Professional Development
12.3.2                        Illness or Injury of Dependents (Dependent Care)
12.4                           Compassionate Leave
12.5                           Pre-Placement Adoption Leave
12.6                           Maternity, Parental and Adoption Leave

12.7                           Court Duties
12.8                           Leave of Absence
12.9                           Deferred Salary Leave
12.10                         Paid Leave (Christmas)

Understanding your Collective Agreement and using your benefits and leaves can help you to thrive in the workplace.