Time off for Cultural and Religious Observances (LOA #9)


We are coming up to a time of year when many members celebrate cultural events and mark religious observances. We want to remind all members about Letter of Agreement #9 in your Collective Agreement, which outlines arrangements for members wanting to take time away for these occasions.

LOA #9 is a new agreement signed by AAPS and the University in the most recent round of collective bargaining. LOA #9 emphasizes that UBC should be flexible in allowing time off for spiritual, cultural, and religious observances.

We encourage you to give as much notice as possible when requesting the time off. Also, a friendly reminder that Easter Monday is a negotiated stat holiday along with the provincial stat holiday on Good Friday.

If you are experiencing any challenges with arranging time off or you have been denied. Please contact the AAPS Office for a confidential conversation about your specific situation.

LOA #9

Spiritual, Cultural & Religious



Members who require time away from work for religious, spiritual, and cultural observances may request to take the time off as an unpaid leave of absence, vacation, or by re-scheduling their work hours.


Requests to take time away should be made with as much notice as possible. They should be made to your Manager or Administrative Head of Unit. These Managers or Heads will make every reasonable effort to approve any such requests.