UBC's New Strategic Plan: Your Input is Needed



Dear AAPS Members,

On January 10th, AAPS President Andrea Han and I had our first meeting with President Ono. We discussed a number of topics, most prominently the development of UBC’s new strategic plan.

President Ono shared with us how valuable the priorities and aspirations of AAPS members are and how much your viewpoints are needed in the development of the new strategic plan. He is hoping to hear from as many staff as possible regardless of your location, role, or years of service. Everyone’s ideas are meaningful.

We appreciated his interest in understanding the unique perspective of M&P staff and for making the time to meet with us. We are looking forward to working with President Ono in the years to come.

I encourage each of you take up the call and send in your thoughts and priorities on UBC’s New Strategic Plan to the Office of the President.

It is important that AAPS members make a strong contribution to the strategic planning process and that senior leaders at UBC hear M&P experiences and opinions on how to move the University from excellence to eminence.

This is your opportunity to help shape the future of the University at the highest level. Don’t be afraid to think big.

Please respond to President Ono’s request for your input by January 20, 2017. Contribute to UBC’s new strategic plan by:

You may also want to share what’s already working to make UBC eminent and should be applied across the organization.

If you would like to give your input anonymously, please send it to aaps.office@ubc.ca, and we will submit it on your behalf.

Thank you all for making the time to participate in this important process.



Joey Hansen
AAPS Executive Director
joey.hansen@ubc.ca   604 822 8230