New Personal Tax Form Update for Work-From-Home Expenses

Update March 9, 2021
UBC Finance has announced that T4s and T2200S forms are available through Workday.
For more information please visit the UBC Finance website: 

Update, January 27, 2021

The University has announced that they will be issuing T2200S forms electronically to all staff members.
Please read the memo. It reviews 2 different methods that the Canadian Revenue Agency has created for claiming work-from-home expenses on your 2020 Personal Income Tax forms due to working from home because of COVID-19.
Please consult your personal tax professional to determine if you are eligible to claim work-from-home expenses and which of the CRA’s method is best for you. 
UBC has said they will release the forms in time for the 2020 tax season but did not provide a specific timeline. If you have specific questions about T2200S forms, please direct them to UBC Finance.
We thank members for providing feedback and comments on this issue. Your feedback back lets us know what is important to you and how the University is responding to your questions and requests.

Memo To Members: Sent December 3, 2020

Dear AAPS Members,

I want to update you about work-from-home expenses as we have received a significant number of inquiries.

AAPS has issued a letter to UBC regarding the T2200 tax form. The Canada Revenue Agency requires this form in order for employees to deduct certain incurred work-from-home expenses from their personal income tax.

The letter states that if the Canada Revenue Agency (CRA) does not change the current rules around T2200 tax forms, we expect UBC to issue T2200 tax forms to all eligible members in time for the 2020 personal tax deadline.

We are also joining other organizations and professional associations in writing the government to ask that they waive this form for this filing year. We encourage UBC to do the same. Please review our letter should you wish to use it as a template when contacting your Member of Parliament.

Please keep in mind that the situation with T2200 tax forms is fluid. The government has not yet communicated a specific new directive. The CRA may not clarify their position on how individuals and organizations should proceed until sometime in 2021. Please be patient. We will update you in the new year as more information becomes available from the CRA.

In the meantime, UBC has a reasonable obligation to cover the direct costs of working from home as they do in the physical workplace.

All members should claim eligible direct work-from-home expenses first through the UBC expense claims process. In the event you are denied reimbursement for any direct work-from-home expense you have incurred, please contact the AAPS office, and one of my colleagues would be happy to assist you.

While we are not providing tax advice, we encourage you to only deduct expenses for which you are not eligible for reimbursement by UBC. This way you are 100% reimbursed for the expense as opposed to only receiving a small percentage of the cost of the expense.

If you have further questions about claiming eligible expenses, please contact UBC Finance.

If you have any further questions about T2200s, please direct them to your personal tax professional.

If you have been denied your claim for direct expenses, please contact the AAPS Office for a confidential conversation.


Joey Hansen, AAPS Executive Director