M&P Staff PD Fund is Open for 2018/2019


The M&P Staff PD has opened for the 2018/2019 funding year. Make use of this negotiated benefit for your self-directed professional development activities.

The maximum available is $550 per fiscal year on a first-come, first-served basis for your self-directed professional development. If you are not sure how much you have used this year, you can log into your management system portal. Last year the fund lasted until February.

You must submit your receipts within 60 days of purchase for reimbursement. But your PD activity can take place in the next calendar or fiscal year.

M&P Staff PD Fund is administered by UBC HR. Please flow this link to review how to apply for reimbursement and what qualifies for the M&P Staff PD Fund.

The M&P PD Fund does not cover job required professional memberships or training expenses. Please do not submit these expenses for M&P PD Funding support. Please refer to M&P PD Fund Guidelines 2.10.

If a professional designation is required for your job or you have been asked to do specific job training and your department/unit will not cover the cost, please make an appointment to speak with an AAPS Member Services Officer.

The M&P PD Fund is administered through UBC HR but is negotiated as part of your Collective Agreement. Please see Letter of Agreement #3

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