Resources for Stress Management

AAPS has seen a steady increase in the number of issues around workload and work hours. Many of you are being expected to work in excess of the 35-hour work week without specific tasks, assignments, or concern for increased workloads and added stress. You have also reported that despite being required to perform significant additional hours of work, many of you are being denied any reciprocal considerations such as flexible work arrangements and/or time off with pay.

While you are working with AAPS to find a solution to Hours of Work and Workload issues, here are some additional resources that may support you in managing your stress.

Your Extended Health Benefits

  • 100% for licensed psychologists, social workers or registered clinical counsellors (up to a maximum of $2,500 for each person per benefit year)
  • No doctor's note is required for this service
  • See all extended health benefits

UBC Workplace Health

Employee and Family Assistance Program

  • Visit Shepell to see the full list of services and way to access Shepell
  • This is a free, confidential service available to you and your family
  • Short-term counselling is available in-person, online and over the phone
  • Stress Coach Connect Online Program
  • Online Articles

Mindfulness Training

Coaching@UBC courses

UBC’s Healthy Resources

As UBC says “Our commitment to employee health is part of the larger university goal to create an outstanding work environment as outlined in the UBC Strategic Plan, as well as the UBC Focus on People strategy to develop a sustainable, healthy workplace.”

Personal Time Tracking /Organizational Tools