AAPS Scholarships and Bursaries



The Association of Administrative and Professional Staff at the University of British Columbia has established two scholarships of $4,500 for students beginning or continuing full-time studies at this university.

Applicants should be either children of AAPS members, spouses of AAPS members or AAPS members who, in the past several years, have credit courses equivalent to a full course load and are proceeding to a year of full-time studies. In the event that there are no qualified applicants in the preceding categories, the award is made to a qualified student in any program. No candidate may receive the scholarship for more than two years.


In 2002, the Association also established bursaries totalling $4,500 for students in any year or faculty who are in need of financial assistance.

How to Apply

The selection of the successful candidate(s) is coordinated through the Enrolment Services office. 

The scholarship and bursaries are administered by Enrolment Services. For more information check out https://students.ubc.ca/enrolment/finances/awards-scholarships-bursaries/affiliation-scholarships/descriptions-affiliation-scholarships - AWARD #4796

For more information on how to apply, please see the affliation scholarship section of the UBC Student Services website. Please note you will only be able to apply between August 15 and September 15 2018.

For more information on how to apply for a UBC Bursary, please visit the bursary section of the UBC Student Services website.