New Member Information Session Registration

Congratulations on your new role at UBC!  The Association of Administrative and Professional Staff is pleased to welcome you to the UBC community and your new professional association on campus.

Being hired into a Management & Professional (M&P) position at UBC means that you are automatically enrolled as a member of the Association of Administrative and Professional Staff at UBC (AAPS)

Your rights as an employee are governed by the Collective Agreement (your employment contract with UBC) and you have a variety of member services available to you as part of your membership.  These include:

  • Advocacy:  Representation, support, and advice on workplace issues
  • Professional Development:  Educational and networking opportunities through our professional development and engagement programs
  • Negotiations:  Ongoing negotiations and protection of your rights under the your Collective Agreement

We would like to invite you to attend a New Member Information Session as part of your onboarding process at UBC.  At the session you will have the opportunity to meet fellow new hires, understand key elements of the Collective Agreement, and learn about the member services AAPS provides for M&P staff.