Register Now: Okanagan Office Hours

Thursday, September 1, 2016

Joey Hansen, AAPS Executive Director, and Ashkon Hashemi, Member Services Officer, will be at UBC Okanagan for AAPS Office Hours.

If you have a question about the Collective Agreement, are experiencing an issue in the workplace, or have more complex advocacy issues you would like to discuss, please email to make an appointment.

AAPS Office Hours is a new initiative designed to give members an opportunity to conveniently meet with AAPS staff to talk over any workplace challenges—No question is too small!

AAPS is your professional association, and we are here to provide confidential, professional, strategic labour relations advice that is solely in your interest. We should be your first call if you have a workplace question or concern on a variety of issues such as:

·         A situation in the workplace

·         Questions about the Collective Agreement

·         Review of a termination, appointment, or disciplinary letter

·         Concerns regarding workload / hours of work

·         Applying for a leave of absence

·         Advice regarding performance reviews, reclassification, and pay

·         Clarification and support around bullying and harassment

·         Representation throughout the investigatory process


Advocacy is the core service that AAPS provides to members. UBC is one of the largest and most complex employers in the province. Member Services Officers answer queries and provide professional counsel on the employment relationship with the University to over 600 members each year. AAPS always advocates for your best interests and supports you through the advocacy process until the matter is settled. AAPS represents over 4,000 members in collective bargaining and dispute resolution with The University. AAPS supports you in resolving workplace issues and strives to improve your work experience at UBC.