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Overcoming Perfectionism: A New Way Forward (encore)

Alex Abdel-Malek
Thursday, December 15, 2016
10:30 AM to 12:30 PM
Diamond Health Care Centre, DHCC 9299 [
2775 Laurel Street, Vancouver General Hospital
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Program Summary

We live in a culture that emphasizes being perfect as a virtue in everything from body image to relationships to career achievements. The problem is that life and being human, in spite of our best efforts, is messier than this. Having high standards is one thing, but taking a perfectionistic approach to life can actually get in the way of your success. Striving for perfect often involves chronically doubting or second guessing yourself, being relentlessly hard on yourself (or others), and never feeling like you quite “make it.” When chronic procrastination shows up in your workplace role, it can mean delays on your deadline completions, the possible strain on peer and supervisory relationships, and carrying around a sense of never feeling like you are “good enough.”

This session will introduce participants to some of the concepts that drive perfectionism so that they may have a better understanding of what is going on as well as provide strategies to manage the challenging parts that arise within us that keep it going.

What You Will Learn

§  Identifying hallmarks of perfectionism as a mindset and how it is different from a “high standards” or success orientation

§  Perfectionistic sub-types

§  Explore the common meanings and origins of the perfectionistic mode of relating to the self or others

§  Strategies for moving from perfectionism to an achievement orientation in your work

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